Stay updated with Toyota PH’s latest via chat app

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has just launch two new chat channels so customers have more ways to connect with the brand online. Starting today, Toyota customers can join the brand’s official Viber Community and its enhanced Facebook Messenger chat.

Anticipating the need of more people to use online touchpoints to send send inquiries or request information, TMP is providing customers with more efficient, convenient, and safer ways to engage and transact. With social distancing requirements and quarantine guidelines in place, Toyota is giving customers easy options to communicate without leaving the safety of their homes.

Toyota PH, the official Viber Community for all Filipino Toyota owners, future customers, and aficionados can be accessed by searching for the verified Toyota PH community on Viber or by visiting via mobile or desktop internet browsers.

Upon joining the Toyota PH community, members will start receiving the latest news and updates straight from TMP. These include car care tips, special deals and promos, exclusive content, and more. Soon, members will also get to use the 2020 edition of the official Toyota PH Viber sticker set for free.

Meanwhile, Facebook users can start using TMP’s enhanced Facebook Messenger chat to send inquiries and be connected with the official Facebook Messenger chat of their preferred Toyota dealer. To start, user can go to or search the verified Toyota Motor Philippines account (with the blue check mark) on Facebook ( and tap on the Messenger icon or link.

A Messenger chat bubble is also available while browsing TMP’s official website so that users can immediately fire up the chat box while reading vehicle information.

The enhanced Messenger chat allows users to select their preferred vehicles and dealers with just a few taps. Dealer representatives will then contact the customer to assist them to make their car purchase process quick and seamless.

Automatically connecting the customer to the Facebook Messenger account of official dealers also lessens the chances of communicating with unauthorized accounts, protecting them from fraudulent transactions.

Aside from these chat apps, TMP has also launched its virtual showroom ( where customers can explore 360-degree exterior and interior views of Toyota vehicles, calculate payments, and send their online inquiries. Existing Toyota customers can also conveniently book after-sales services like periodic maintenance online through

TMP will soon launch more digital solutions to continuously help its customers enjoy the best possible car purchase and ownership experience as they navigate the new normal.

Globe’s 0917 National G Day Festivities happening on September 17

It’s National G Day and Globe is giving back to their loyal customers for years of support through the 0917 National G Day Festivities.

On September 17 or 0917, which is also Globe’s iconic and original prefix, the country’s top mobile service and network provider is kicking off its annual celebration that recognizes and gives back to its loyal customers through exciting rewards and surprises.

Given the challenging times, Globe seeks to make this year’s National G Day a way to empower and enable its customers as they face the new normal. By providing unique experiences and rewards, customers will be able to regain control of their lives and recreate better days not just for themselves but for others as well.

“More than our annual tradition, it is our way of recognizing our customers for their loyalty and support” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu. “This year’s unusual circumstance does not stop us from making our 0917 celebration more meaningful. Let us come together to create better days with National G Day, packed with rewards and surprises for all our customers.”

This year, the digital celebration comes in many forms, each focusing on making customers more productive, entertained and delighted.

The most awaited G Chance the Raffle

Globe’s biggest raffle of the year will  begin on September 17. Globe customers will get their raffle codes from the Globe Rewards or Globe at Home apps. They may also use their reward points to turn them into more raffle codes.  

At the G Chance the raffle, customers have the chance to win prizes that they can use to work, learn, and play at home. These exciting prizes include 5G smartphones, gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Segway Ninebot, Samsung products, Xiaomi Mi Box, Globe Rewards points, GCash credits, and so much more!

Customers can also use their Globe Rewards points to get 917 lifestyle essentials, shoor experiences and discount codes for Konsulta MD, Puregold, Health Now, Healthway Clinics, Zalora, Grab, Lazada, Shopee and other partners.

G Music Fest, A Music Festival Right at Home

A treat for all music-lovers, come together and feel the electric energy and unbridled fun by being part of Globe’s online music festival.  

The G Music Fest lines-up international band LANY and favorite local acts namely The Juans, Massiah, Kiana Valenciano, UDD, SB19, Ben & Ben, and December Avenue.

Globe customers can stream the music fest for free on September 26, 4PM through GlobePH, Globe’s Facebook page.

Globe’s Biggest Amateur Mobile Legends Cup

Gather your friends, sharpen your skills, and be one of 1,000 teams that will compete at the G Legends Cup! With a prize pool of P600,000, this is the biggest amateur Mobile Legends tournament for Globe customers. Interested teams must redeem their tournament codes via Globe Rewards app. Once they receive a tournament code, they need to go to and enter that code on the team registration form.

The list of participating teams will be announced on September 17 with the best of the best battling out for the top spot at the G Legends Cup finals on September 24. The emerging top 64 teams will also be rewarded with cash prizes that they will receive through their GCash accounts. 

Usapang diskarte for your business with G Summit

For this year’s National G Day, Globe myBusiness has also something in store for entrepreneurs. On September 23, Globe myBusiness will host the first-ever G Summit 2020 – Usapang Diskarte: Pivot your Business to Success. 

Business owners will hear from local and international experts like Josh Linkner, #1 most booked innovation speaker, new york times bestselling author and business leaders from Google, Taxumo, and CIA Bootleg Manila. Attendees will learn about business opportunities in the new normal, running a business amidst uncertainty and how innovation and digital transformation can help you turn a challenge into a business opportunity. 

G Summit aims to bring Filipino businesses together into fulfilling the vision of transforming the Philippines into a digitally empowered nation. 

“The National G Day is a celebration we look forward to each year because it is our opportunity to give back and say thank you to our customers and partners who have been with us throughout the years,” said Globe Marketing Services Hub Head Jenny Echevarria. “We at Globe will continue to recreate our products, services, rewards and experiences so it remains relevant, unique especially in these extraordinary times.”

Know more about this year’s National G Day by downloading the Globe Rewards app and Globe At Home app.

Get Unilever personal care products at half the price on Shopee’s 9.9 Sale

The 9.9 sale season is here and I’m so excited to check out all the items already added to my virtual shopping cart.

What I love most about the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day are the exclusive discounts and deals that help me save a lot, especially when it comes to essentials.

I try to take advantage of the discounts on personal care products, which take up a significant portion of my monthly budget.

This season, Unilever is offering up to 50% off on its products, including those from brands like Lifebuoy and Dove.

Since we’re all out here fighting viruses, germs, and bacteria, now would be a great time to stock up on Lifebuoy’s Total 10 Antibacterial Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer.

For only P149, get 450ml of Lifebuoy’s bestselling antibacterial liquid soap that fights 99.9% of bacteria and viruses to give you and your family overall germ protection.

You may also get the six-pack 5oml Hand Sanitizer for only P319. This way you can keep your hands clean all the time even when you’re out there running errands and exposing yourself to potential harm.

Lifebuoy was first produced in England over 100 years ago to help combat cholera in the Victorian Era. Since then, the brand has continuously developed products that help make cleanliness an integral part of every household and help families stay healthy and safe from infection.

Also available on Shopee right now is the Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash 1L and 650ml Refill Set. This special bundle gives you and your family more product for the price of less.

See more Unilever products on sale on its official Shopee store. To start shopping, download the Shopee app on your mobile device today.

BTS and self-care: Why BTS is good for physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Last week, August 15, 2020, I joined a panel on Rhizome Connect to talk about my personal experience on how I was able to channel my BTS fangirling into a more significant form.

Rhizome Connect is a virtual event hosted by the Rhizomatic Revolution Review to connect with ARMYs around the world at a time when we cannot gather together physically. The Rhizomatic Revolution Review is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the impact of BTS on people and the world. 

I was invited by a friend and fellow ARMY, Ampy Corpus, who moderated the panel. Ampy is a strategic communications expert based in Singapore and she is passionate about lifelong learning, mindfulness, pop culture, film, history and trends.

Also part of the panel are fellow ARMYs and Titas of BTS members Dette Rome Dette, a seasoned communications professional and financial planner; Nicole Mangondato, an outsourcing professional who helps individuals get their dream jobs; and Chin Ann Obiedo, a fashion, beauty, and features writer.

Our panel, titled “BTS and self-care,” centered around the topic of why BTS is good for physical, mental and emotional well-being. Especially now that we are going through very difficult times, mainly because of the ongoing pandemic, people tend to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and unsettled.

To the best of our abilities, we all try to find ways to cope and survive. Now more than ever, we realize the importance of self-care in order for us to stay sane and focused.

Self-care comes in many different forms. Some found their peace and calm through hobbies like baking, crafting, playing instruments or by becoming plantitas. For ARMYs, BTS became a big part of their self-care routine as they looked to the group as a source of comfort, positivism, strength, and inspiration.

Through the panel, I was able to share my story on how BTS practically stopped me from getting lost in the gloomy and dispiriting trance of the pandemic, and helped me find my path back to happiness and productivity.

You can watch the full video of our panel HERE or visit the Rhizome Connect website to also see the other panels and activities that happened during the event.

CLICK HERE to watch our panel frm Rhizome Connect

I am also sharing below my answers to the questions raised during the panel. Through my story, I hope I am able to help you find what you’re looking for in terms of self-care — regardless if it involves BTS or not. 🙂

What does self-care mean to you in general and why is it important?

To me, self-care is being able to do the things that make you feel calm, relaxed, and connected with yourself — allowing yourself to be comforted, pampered even, and giving yourself space to rest and recuperate. 

I think it is very important that we all practice self-care, especially for moms or parents who literally look after other people 24/7. When you’re responsible for the lives of others, it’s inevitable for you to lose yourself in the midst of fulfilling that role. You tend to focus on the people you need to take care of so much that you end up leaving nothing for yourself and I feel that is dangerous because you never know where you’d end up when things start to get rough. 

You need to do your self-care, whatever that may be, to help re-instill in your mind and heart that while the people you love and others around you are integral to your life, you are important, too; and you don’t need to rely on others to take care of you because you can do it on your own through self-care.

Where does BTS fit in your definition of self-care?

Even before BTS, I’ve always subscribed to the idea that you can’t pour water out of an empty cup or you can’t give love if you don’t even have enough love for yourself. I actually built the theme of my personal blog Mommy’s Day Out around that idea. The platform serves as a space for moms to find ideas on how to love themselves while being a parent, so it’s really more of a lifestyle blog than a parenting blog.

When I discovered BTS in March this year, I somehow felt validated that the purpose of my work isn’t something ridiculous at all, but rather something that should be given importance, too.

Here in the Philippines, we were raised to become family-oriented. Sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of others, especially your family members, is an idea that has been passed down to us by our elders. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that because I think self-sacrifice is one of the most noble expressions of love. However, that line of thinking has also muddled the importance of loving yourself in the context of a relationship — be it between families, partners, friends, etc.

BTS fits into my definition of self-care both figuratively and literally, because they didn’t just inspire me to push for my ideals about promoting self-care, they’ve also literally accompanied me through my own self-care journey, which has helped me a lot in going through this pandemic. I started caring for my body again by doing intermittent fasting (something I learned from Suga) and I’ve also been exercising daily with BTS songs in the background, which is really motivating for me.

Did you build a specific BTS self-care routine around a specific bucket of self-care (physical, mental, emotional) or do you go about your self-care practice in a more spontaneous way?

I was able to develop a more sensible self-care routine, thanks to BTS. In the first month of the quarantine here in the Philippines, I literally let myself fall into a depressing blackhole. It’s not like I was crying or having fits and mood swings everyday, but more of lying on the couch all day, sometimes even missing a day of taking a bath, doing literally nothing other than binge-watch K-dramas until my head hurts, and just generally lacking inspiration and motivation to do something productive.

When I started immersing myself in BTS around late March, I got to read stories about their perseverance and hard work to get to where they are today. That made me realize that I’m wasting my life away! These boys are 8-13 years younger than me and they’ve already accomplished so much, yet here I am acting like a rotten vegetable. So I took baby steps and decided for myself that “Okay, let’s do this self-improvement thing one at a time, starting with my body,” and that’s how I got into intermittent fasting and developing my own exercise routine, which I’ve written about in my blog. That’s for the physical.

For the mental and emotional buckets, I took care of that part when I built this Facebook Group called Titas of BTS, which is a community of Filipinas born before 1992 (the year the oldest BTS member, Jin, was born) who admire the group. In this space, we all virtually gather to share BTS content and exchange whatever thoughts or feelings we have about BTS for the day. It’s fun and chaotic — much like how the BTS guys are — and I feel like I get extra boosts of serotonin and endorphins every time I interact with the members of the group.

Although this activity involves other people, I still consider this a part of my self-care routine because knowing that there are other people out there who are similar to me in terms of age range, who also share the same passion that I have for BTS, is a really comforting thought. It makes me happy and it adds to the list of things I look forward to doing when I wake up everyday. 

Why do you think BTS forms such a big part of ARMY’s self-care routine?

I think it’s because we see them as real people and not some fancy, fake celebrities. They show us their professional side, their best foot forward whenever they go on stage or do press interviews, but they’re also not afraid to show us their flaws and tell us about their insecurities, fears, and weaknesses, and I find that very comforting to know that even international artists like them are also going through the same things as I or we do.

All those seven years of social media content where they have consistently shown their true personalities — I don’t think that is something you can fake. So, when ARMYs realize how the boys have matured, improved, and gotten better over time, it allows us to think that we can achieve something, too — if only we put our heart and soul into it and never give up on that dream or goal.

It also helps that the guys are so warm and comforting in their words whenever they speak to ARMY, like they did in Youtube’s Dear Class of 2020. That was actually one of my biggest motivators to get back on track with my work and somehow start fixing my life to adjust to our new normal under the pandemic.

Do you think spending too much of your self-care time with BTS is selfish? Do you feel other parts of your life suffered because of your self-care routine?

I must admit that I’m still in the process of really reorganizing my life and balancing my time for BTS self-care and my time for family and work. I can’t judge myself whether I’m being selfish towards my family whenever I start spending time consuming BTS content (which also forms part of my self-care routine because it makes me feel good watching them), but there is nothing that a little discussion with my husband can’t solve. 

If there is one thing I learned from RM, it’s that to speak yourself and also learn how to truly listen to the people around you. So for me, as long as you have an understanding with the people around you about why you are spending a lot of time doing self-care with BTS, then I don’t see how that is selfish because you, your happiness, and your sanity are important, too.

It would be nice, too, if we ARMYs can encourage the people around us to practice their own self-care routines, whatever that may be. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve BTS, but I hope we can impart the things we learned from BTS to them so they too can experience that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that we get whenever we do our own self-care routine.

Tell me about a particular song or lyrics that really touched your soul and that constantly helps you through life’s challenges?

Jungkook’s “My Time” is my all-time favorite BTS song. I understand what it means to JK as a boy who grew up in the limelight and feels like he missed parts of his youth because he was too busy with his career. In some way, that song spoke to me as a woman in her mid-30s and still struggling to accomplish something in life. I guess it’s that line “Don’t know what to do with, am I living this right?” which I’ve also asked myself soooo many times. Somehow, I interpreted Jungkook’s loneliness in that song as my own longing to be someone of value to society or at least to the people around me.

But what I particularly love about “My Time” is the way Jungkook changed up the lyrics in the last chorus from “I can’t call ya, I can’t hol’ ya, I cna’t touch ya” to “I will call ya, I will hol’ ya, I will touch ya,” which to me was a real wake up call that “Hey, I’m still alive, I still have time to do the things I want to do or need to do to get to where I want to be.” So until then, I just have to keep running ‘wearing your hat low,’ like Jungkook also sang in the bridge of the song, and just keep going because one day I will get to call and hold and touch that thing that I want most in life and that’s a really powerful message for me.

If you are going to give baby ARMYs tips on how to create a BTS-centered self-care routine, what tips would you give them?

I, too, am a baby ARMY and I am just lucky to have been hit with inspiration early in my young ARMY life. My advice: Don’t feel pressured to start something right away and just enjoy your fangirling/fanboying moments because inspiration and motivation to start your own self-care routine (whether it’s BTS-centered or not) will just hit you when you least expect it.

Perhaps you can try setting a goal for yourself — it doesn’t have to be big — then follow that with some research on what the members do about that same goal and start from there. I swear, whatever it is that you’re looking for, there is a BTS content for it, so don’t be shy to go online and read up on some BTS history. Also, try to consume your BTS content with an open mind and heart, because they really are inspiring inside and out. Even in moments when they’re being chaotic crackheads, you’ll be able to find little nuggets of joy and wisdom.

BTS has a new reality show, In The SOOP, which shows them doing self-care activities as well. What are you looking forward to see in the show?

I am looking forward to see Jungkook playing the guitar and I want to see what the others are also up to. They’ve mentioned in their recent VLives that they’re all trying to spend time learning something new over the quarantine, so hopefully we can get a preview of that.

I’m trying to set a new goal for myself to try and pick up a new skill as well, so maybe Jungkook and his hyungs can help me again with this. 🙂

Pyschologically speaking, what would you say is the biggest impact of BTS to your well-being?

One of my favorite BTS quotes was from Suga’s speech in Dear Class of 2020. When he said, “Take your hands off what you can’t control and get your hands on what you can change,” I think that summarizes the overall impact that BTS had on me when I met them in the middle of this crazy pandemic.

I used to be a neurotic mess — well, I still am — but since BTS, I have been consciously looking after that part of myself and try to be less neurotic as I can possibly be.

I super subscribe to the idea that not all of us will be given the same power as BTS to change the world, but we all have the power to change ourselves for the better so that in effect we may become useful to the rest of the world. It’s really all about loving yourself, caring for yourself, and feeling good about yourself enough that you are able to share good vibes with others.

I’m also trying to learn and embody RM’s mindfulness and Jin’s sincerity when it comes to listening to others, so that I may also understand how I can be of better help to other people.

Xiaomi’s 10th Anniversary Sale is happening on Lazada and Shopee

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, lifestyle technology brand Xiaomi has announced exclusive deals on its popular smartphone and ecosystem products from August 17 to August 21, 2020.

Available through the official Xiaomi online stores on Lazada and Shopee, Mi Fans and customers can enjoy up to 30% off of popular Xiaomi phones including Mi 9T, Redmi 9 series, Redmi Note 9 series, Mi Note 10 Lite, POCO F2 Pro as well as a range of ecosystem products.

In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary Campaign, Redmi 9C will be available for purchase for the first time in The Philippines through both online and offline channels.

“2020 is a very special year for Xiaomi as we celebrate 10 years of continuously building high-quality products with honest and accessible prices. As a form of gratitude to our Mi Fans and customers in The Philippines for being with us on this amazing journey, we are having a special online campaign with great deals on selected products. At Xiaomi, we believe that innovative technology allows people to enjoy their lives better. We hope those deals will allow more Mi Fans and consumers to enjoy our highly innovative products and introduce a new generation of users to our ecosystem,” said Mark Li, Country Manager of The Philippines, Xiaomi.

Redmi 9C available in The Philippines

The 10th Anniversary Online Campaign also sees the first sale of Xiaomi’s latest entry-level champion, Redmi 9C. This new entry-level smartphone is equipped with a massive 6.53” Dot Drop display for an immersive viewing experience and a 5000mAh high-capacity battery that satisfies users who want to do more and enjoy more on their phone. Redmi 9C features MediaTek Helio G35, an octa-core gaming chipset which can go up to 2.3GHz. It also sports the AI optimized triple camera that can quickly and easily capture crisp and clear images in a variety of situations.

The 3GB+64GB version of Redmi 9C will be available for PHP 5,990 while the 2GB+32GB version at PHP 5,290. Both versions will be officially available for purchase starting from August 18 on Shopee and from August 21 on Lazada. It will also be available soon at Authorized Mi Stores and other official offline retailers nationwide.

The Redmi 9C (2GB+32GB ) will also have a 24-hour special introductory price of only PHP 4,990 on both online stores during their respective first day of sales.

Redmi 9C comes in three attractive colors: Midnight Gray, Sunrise Orange and Twilight Blue.

10th Anniversary Online Campaign

Xiaomi’s latest deals will be available from August 17 to August 21, 2020 at the official Xiaomi online stores on Lazada and Shopee. Mi Fans and customers can look forward to these following deals for the latest smartphone and ecosystem products:

ProductPriceSpecial dealAvailable onPeriod
Mi 9T (6GB+64GB)PHP 15,990PHP 10,990LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Redmi 9A (2GB+32GB)PHP 4,690PHP 4,390LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Redmi 9 (3GB+32GB)PHP 6,990PHP 5,990LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Redmi 9 (4GB+64GB)PHP 7,490PHP 6,890LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Redmi Note 9S (4GB+64GB)PHP 10,490PHP 9,790LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Redmi Note 9S (6GB+128GB)PHP 11,990PHP 11,290LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Redmi Note 9S (6GB+128GB)PHP 11,990PHP 9,990ShopeeAugust 17-23, 2020
Redmi Note 9 (3GB+64GB)PHP 7,990PHP 7,290LazadaAugust 18, 2020 12:00a.m. – 10:00a.m.
Redmi Note 9 (4GB+128GB)PHP 9,990PHP 8,990LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Redmi Note 9 Pro (6GB+128GB)PHP 13,990PHP 12,990LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Mi Note 10 Lite (6GB+64GB)PHP 16,990PHP 14,990LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Mi Note 10 Lite (6GB+128GB)PHP 18,990PHP 16,990LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
POCO F2 Pro (6GB+128GB)PHP 26,990PHP 19,990ShopeeAugust 17-23, 2020
POCO F2 Pro (8GB+256GB)PHP 29,990PHP 23,990ShopeeAugust 17-23, 2020
POCO F2 Pro (8GB+256GB)PHP 29,990PHP 23,990LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Ecosystem Products
Mi TV StickPHP 1,590PHP 1,540LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Mi Smart Band 5PHP 1,790PHP 1,690LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Mi Smart Band 4CPHP 990PHP 940LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″PHP 19,990PHP 19,490LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Mi True Wireless Earphone 2PHP 3,495PHP 3,290LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020
Mi Electric Scooter EssentialPHP 14,990PHP 14,490LazadaAugust 18-21, 2020

Additionally, Mi Fans and customers who purchase any Xiaomi smartphone or laptop from Authorized Mi Stores will get to choose one of these products as a gift. This special offer runs until August 31.

Save big on these L’Oreal beauty goodies at Shopee from Aug 16-18

Some of our favorite beauty goodies are going on sale this August 16 to 18 on the Shopee App!

L’Oreal Group brands such as Garnier, Maybelline, and L’Oreal Paris are offering bundle promos and product discounts on the popular e-commerce platform and we’ll definitely be checking them out!

Here are some of the deals you can enjoy in the next three days:

Garnier Super Glow Duo

Made up of the popular Vitamin C Serum and 50ml Day Cream with SPF 36, the Garnier Super Glow Duo bundle gives you that GLOW you need for the day!

Brighten up your days during this pandemic with this combe duo that promises to fade dark spots, moisturize, and protect you from UV rays (yes, UV rays may still reach you even at home!).

For only P649, you get to save P139 when you shop on August 18, exclusively on Shopee.

Garnier Skincare Essentials

Stock up on our favorite Garnier skincare essentials now available at Shopee.

Get the miracle Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On for P259, as well as the brand’s famous Micellar Water in Blue or Pink for only P249 and the Micellar Water Argan Oil for P149.

Stay moisturized and keep your skin soft, supple, and healthy with the deep cleansing Charcoal Mask and lightening Bright Up Mask for P79 each.

Visit the Garnier Official Store on Shopee and start adding to cart.

L’Oreal Paris Crystal Micro Essence + Excellence Creme

Dying to dye your hair, but can’t go to the salon because of the quarantine? Don’t fret! You can get the ‘LOreal Paris Excellence Creme DIY hair coloring kit from Shopee.

This all-time favorite DIY hair color has an advanced triple care technology that delivers long lasting hair color and deep moisture, protecting hair from damage after coloring.

Together with is, you can also get the new L’Oreal Paris Crystal Micro Essence, which you can add to your skincare routine to achieve crystal clear skin in just seven days!

It contains brightening actives to keep your skin youthful and radiant. Best used after cleansing and toning the skin, the Crystal Micro Essence comes in three sizes –22ml, 65ml, and 130ml — for your preferrence.

Save up to P225 on this combo from Aug 16-18 exclusively on Shopee.

Check out the L’Oreal Paris Official Store on Shopee to get these products and more.

Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tint

Get two products for the price of one with the Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tint that is formulated with a powder technology for a weightless wear and packed with pigments for intense color. Available in 10 soft matte shades, you can use this both as as lip and cheek tint.

Available in Shopee for only P179 from August 16-18!

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

Maybelline’s #1 foundation that’s ideal for normal to oily skin is also having a special discount promo on Shopee.

On August 16-17, you can get the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation for only P189. On August 18, from 12 midnight to 2AM, the price goes down to only P159, and goes on sale at P184 for the rest of the day.

This super blendable foundation that mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish is formulated with micro-powders that controls shine and blurs pores so you can look flawless all day long.

Check out the Maybelline Official Store on Shopee to get these deals and shop for more products.

Download the Shopee App today for FREE via the App Store or Play Store.

Home Credit Card now offers 1% rebate on every purchase

With the current pandemic affecting the country, it pays to have a financial partner that you can count on in times of need. Whether it’s for groceries, household appliances, and other necessities, shopping is made easier and more affordable with your new and improved Home Credit Card.

This new diskarte partner lets cardholders shop at their favorite online and physical stores and earn 1% rebate for every purchase. Higher rebates are also offered at select partner stores, and it’s even possible to convert bigger purchases to a 6-month installment plan with lower interest rate.

Another new benefit of the Home Credit Card is that new purchases won’t be charged of any interest for up to 45 days if bill is paid in full, while monthly membership fees can be waived as long as a minimum of two credit card transactions are made within the month.

In terms of convenience, the Home Credit Card does not disappoint. By linking it to the My Home Credit app, checking of credit card balance, transactions or monthly billing statement can be done anytime, anywhere—making it easier to keep track of expenses and budget.

Payments are also made convenient through the Home Credit website and online payment partners like GCash, BDO and RCBC online banking. For over-the-counter payments, customers can pay through Palawan Express, USSC, ECashpay and Touchpay.

QR payments with Home Credit Card App

The Home Credit Card also features a quick response or QR payment feature, which was recently launched following the Philippines’ growing demand for contactless and cardless payments—a first of its kind in the country.

Through this new feature, Home Credit Card cardholders no longer need to make physical contact and bring their cards or wallets when paying for their purchases. By updating the My Home Credit App to its latest version, cardholders will be able to scan QR codes to pay for their purchases in any AUB PayMate partner stores nationwide—providing a safer, more convenient, and secure payment option for those who prefer contactless transactions.

“We made sure to include features in the credit card that would encourage contactless payments, such as the QR feature,” said David Minol, CEO of Home Credit Philippines. “It’s safe to use due to its QR feature and even more convenient because of the mobile app.”

Over a year ago, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) gave Home Credit Philippines (HCPH) the green light to operate as a credit card issuer, making it the first non-bank institution in the country to issue credit cards. (Read: Home Credit gets BSP green light to issue credit cards).

Home Credit cardholders can enjoy its new features starting August 1, 2020. For more information about your new diskarte partner, visit the Home Credit website.

Make the Signature Choice for a chance to win a P100,000 shopping spree

Live and enjoy the elevated lifestyle as Smart Signature Plans offer up brand new perks and rewards through its Make the Signature Choice with Son Ye Jin promo. 

By signing up for Smart Signature Plans 999 or up, subscribers can bring home an exclusive Signature Choice scented candle, plus gain a raffle entry/entries upon activation to win a shopping spree worth up to P100,000.

Relive one of the most romantic and iconic moments from Crash Landing On You — when Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (played by Korean Superstar and Smart brand ambassador Hyun Bin) used a scented candle to search for his love Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye Jin) in a crowded market — through the lavender-scented Signature Choice candle personally handpicked by Smart Signature endorser, Korean superstar Son Ye Jin. 

Get a chance to own a wardrobe as fabulous as Yoon Se-Ri’s through an exclusive raffle promo where Smart Signature Plan subscribers can win a shopping spree worth up to P100,00. Earn one (1) raffle entry by availing a Smart Signature Plan 999, two (2) for Plan 1499, three (3) for Plan 1999, and four (4) entries for Plan 2999.

This promo is open to New Connect Subscribers who avail of Smart Signature Postpaid Plans from August 10 to September 10, 2020, through any of Smart’s physical retail stores and business centers, postpaid field sales points, and online store. 

Make your mark with Smart Signature

Whether it’s fulfilling career tasks through various productivity platforms or consuming entertainment through streaming apps, Smart Signature elevates the postpaid experience by giving prioritized network access and other conveniences to customers so they can worry less about their plan and do more of the things they love. 

Smart Signature Plans are available in convenient SIM-only or with device packages that give customers a worry-free postpaid experience. With bigger data allocations starting at 5GB for only P999/month to up to 60GB for only P2,999/month, subscribers can go from virtual work meetings to streaming the latest K-dramas on their phones with ease. 

Perks, privileges, and rewards also await loyal users through points earned via MVP Rewards. Postpaid accounts enrolled to can enjoy deals such as discounts and freebies from partner merchants, as well as cashbacks via the PayMaya mobile wallet.

Much like its newest endorser Son Ye Jin, who has made her mark as a phenomenal actress while pursuing other passions,  Smart Signature pushes its subscribers to live life without interruptions. Powered by the fastest 4G mobile data network in the Philippines, as named by third-party analytics firms Ookla and Opensignal, Smart also leads in innovation with the recent launch of its 5G network.

To know more about Smart Signature Plans and Smart’s promos and services, follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook at, Twitter and Instagram at @LiveSmart.

Enjoy big discounts on mom-sentials at the Shopee Mom’s Club

Moms love great deals and discounts when it comes to shopping for essentials. Who wouldn’t want to get more value out of their money, right?

Leading e-commerce platform Shopee has heard us, that’s why from August 10 until November 8, the Shopee Mom’s Club is giving members tons of big discounts on mom-sentials from leading brands!

Partnering with brands such as Huggies and Nido, the Shopee Mom’s Club lets members enjoy exclusive deals and discounts up to 25% off. In addition, current brand partners like Tiny Buds and Johnson & Johnson are also giving members an exclusive discount of up to 15% off on selected items.

The Shopee Mom’s Club is a community that provides the best deals for the best moms, parents, and soon-to-be mommies. With Shopee Mom’s Club, members can get the best prices on all essentials for their babies, kids, and even themselves.

Here are some of the promos and perks you can avail and enjoy through the Shopee Mom’s Club:

Welcome Bundle: Moms signing up for the first time get a bonus free shipping voucher with no minimum spend and brand discount vouchers.

Discounts and vouchers: Shopee Mom’s Club members can enjoy weekly discounts of up to 25% off, monthly free shipping vouchers, and up to 90% off on select products from partner brands starting today until November 8, 2020.

Mommy Community: Shopee Mom’s Club members can be part of an online Viber community that focuses on nurturing each other. Mommies can get practical information on baby care, parenting tips, and basic mommy do’s and don’ts. Join the community Viber community here:

Exclusive Brand Offers: Mommies can look forward to monthly brand giveaways via contests on social media and Shopee Feed. They can also look forward to great deals for mommy self-care and baby essentials like milk powder, lotion, diapers, and baby bottle cleaners.

Mothers who want to sign up for this exclusive club and be part of this amazing journey can visit the link at

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

SM Supermalls launches Mall 2 Mall premium bus service in EDSA

As public health and safety remains a top concern, SM Supermalls is making it even more convenient and worry-free for shoppers to visit SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM North EDSA during this time.

Tofay, August 10, SM Supermalls launched its Mall 2 Mall premium bus service that will cover its three main malls located along EDSA.

These safe, convenient and comfortable air-conditioned buses will ply EDSA from SM Mall of Asia (Bus Bay) to SM Megamall (Bus Bay) to SM North EDSA (Bus Bay, Lane 1 & 2), between 7AM to 7PM daily during MECQ, which is currently in effect until August 18, 2020. 

The buses have plush seats with recliners, extra legroom and travelers can watch videos in air-conditioned comfort.

In strict observance of IATF guidelines, the buses are equipped with several safety features such as personal acrylic shields per seat, temperature check prior to boarding, soon-to-launch touch free payment and disinfecting at every point of origin.

Halfway fare (from SM Mall of Asia and SM North Edsa to SM Megamall) is P60 per person, while full travel fare from MOA to SM North EDSA as well as back from SM North EDSA to MOA will be at P100. Each ticket comes with free SM bottled water. 

With the launch of this new bus service, SM customers need not wait for public transport along the main thoroughfare of EDSA and may conveniently and safely alight at each SM Mall, protected from rain or the heat of the sun. 

The Mall 2 Mall Bus Service is just one of the ways SM Supermalls pivots to serve its customers during the pandemic. For those who choose to stay home, SM offers online shopping, ordering through Viber and SMS, as well as personal shopping services in cooperation with its tenant partners and community groups. 

For more information on the Mall 2 Mall Bus Service, please check out, @smmegamall, @smmallofasiaofficial, @smcitynorthedsa.