Yan ang internet! Converge turbocharges FiberX Plans for unmatched and affordable solutions

Nearing the end of 2021, Converge unveils a special surprise to its subscribers this holiday season celebrating 1.5 million subscribers and counting! Recognizing this milestone, the fastest-growing pure end-to-end fiber provider revamps its FiberX Plans, going beyond just the Filipinos’ need for speed. Continuously serving the unserved and underserved by elevating affordability for its premium internet plans for the best possible internet experience at home.

Previously, 25Mbps used to be valued at P1500 and 200Mbps at P3500. Upon hitting the 1M subscribers mark last year, 25Mbps was upgraded to 35Mbps for free.

This holiday season, three new FiberX plans are set to roll out — starting with Plan 1500 for 50 Mbps with an exclusive add-on for 10Mbps for only P99, Plan 2500 for 300 Mbps, and Plan 3500 for 800 Mbps, making Converge now unmatched in the Philippine telecommunications industry as the most affordable internet plan. 

Closely listening to its consumer’s pain points, Converge identified a gap to fill in order to offer better value for their money with no additional costs, yet fast speeds. Beyond speed increase, families are encouraged to spend within their means without sacrificing their bandwidth. Turbocharged speeds play a vital role in every Filipino’s lifeline as homes became an office, school, marketplace, and the like. 

According to Converge COO, Mr. Jesus Romero, “Converge is redefining Filipino internet standards by upgrading speeds, improving WiFi coverage, providing more value, and ensuring more meaningful online experiences through Converge FiberX Plans. We guarantee authenticity with these upgraded plans that are here to stay and not just a promotional boost for our subscribers.”

Underpinning this is the Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh solutions powered by the Linksys Velop range. As the leading brand for networking solutions, Linksys offers a flexible mesh WiFi system that eliminates dead spots to bring connectivity to all corners of the home with 100% Wi-Fi strength across the entire network for an uninterrupted online experience. Experience edge-to-edge coverage for perfectly seamless and reliable connection with loved ones this holiday season, sharing everything from the little moments to the greatest yet. 

Consumers can also customize their internet experience by availing themselves of the first-in-the-market FiberX Time of Day, which allows consumers to double their bandwidth depending on their preferred period of Day or Night.

“Here in Converge, we continue to defy the status quo and bring the Philippines on the global map by working towards becoming the market leader in the high-speed fixed broadband market. We will continue to provide exceptional service at the best price in the market, penetrating more households and enterprises in the coming years,” Converge CEO, Mr. Dennis Anthony H. Uy adds.

With its affordable plans for high-speed internet, Converge establishes a competitive advantage over both local and regional competitors. For more information about the most affordable internet plans in the market, visit https://www.convergeict.com/yan-ang-internet/.

San Juan students and teachers #ExperienceBetter with Converge fiber connectivity

The San Juan City local government partnered with leading fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. to help students, families, and educators in the city adapt to the learn-from-home environment amid mobility restrictions during the pandemic. A culmination of their efforts is the activation of free fiber optic connectivity to the digital learning platforms for over 12,000 public school students in 6,000 households.

Through this partnership, students and educators may access the Learning Management System in three different platforms, namely, the DepEd Commons which is a database of learning modules, Makabagong San Juan Learning Management System, San Juan’s dedicated learning portal, and the chat facility called Makabagong San Juan Learning Communication System. These platforms allow students and teachers to experience better and more seamless learning through lectures, exams, and overall coordination. 

Over a month after the system powered by Converge’s free intranet connection was launched, several students and teachers shared their experiences with the all-in-one app and how it has changed their everyday learning:

The LMS app provided a big aid for the students despite the challenges brought upon by distance learning. According to them, they are satisfied with the program as it addresses the challenges during the transition from face-to-face classes to online.

Grade 11 student Lanzel Lazarte during her Personal Development class through the LMS app.

Furthermore, they highlighted specific features of the app such as the raise of hand, emojis, and chatbox which helps make communication a more seamless experience. Despite the absence of face-to-face interactions, the app offers a great substitute to increase participation from the students. This initiative by Mayor Francis Zamora and Converge is a step towards providing a better future for the students of San Juan, allowing them access to the education they deserve.

Ms. Susan Gohil conducting online classes through the LMS app

On the other hand, teachers are reaping the benefits of the LMS app as it eases their role as teachers. Not only students are faced with challenges due to distance learning, but teachers also find it difficult to communicate to multiple students with limited access to the right tools. Ms. Sheila Mae Mariano from Salapan Elementary School said that the Makabagong San Juan Learning Management System has enabled them to provide continuous education despite the pandemic. When used together with the free intranet and tablet, the LMS app can motivate more students to attend online classes, according to Mariano.

Ms. Sheila Mariano showing a sample of a house to her students 
during distance learning using the LMS app
Ms. Sheila Mariano showing a sample of a house to her students 
during distance learning using the LMS app

The user-friendly app offers a more convenient system for conducting lectures, exams, and overall communication. Students and teachers are now able to communicate better and more efficiently with video conference and messaging features. To further engage their students, visual materials are now easier to present through slide decks, worksheets, modules, webpage, and other learning materials. In addition, the function of uploading photos, decks, modules, and worksheets provides a better experience in encouraging the students to increase virtual participation.

San Juan City is the pioneer city to provide a free internet connection to all of its public school students. Converge CEO Dennis Anthony H. Uy is happy to be one of the driving forces behind this feat. “We are glad to be the pioneer in aiding the distance learning experience of public school students and teachers in San Juan. These first-hand experiences are a testament to Converge’s dedication to providing underserved Filipino communities access to fiber technology,” Uy shared.

Mayor Francis Zamora of San Juan City shared, “I am grateful for the hardworking team behind this program, for constantly creating ways to serve our underserved students and teachers. We take pride in being the first city to provide a free intranet thanks to our friends at Converge. The LMS app is only the beginning of our efforts to bring seamless connectivity to our people.”

Together with the 12,500 tablets, 1,000 laptops, and 1,000 pocket Wi-Fis turned over by the Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT), the free intranet connection, and the Learning Management System, the San Juan City local government and Converge aim to support students and teachers in making online education more accessible.

Action-Packed Deals from Seagate only at Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day!

Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in data storage solutions, is offering best deals on Shopee with 9.9 Super Shopping Day  happening now until September 9, 2021. Up to 37% discounts are offered for its popular line of internal and external storage solutions for backup, gaming, network-attached-storage (NAS), and surveillance. Store more data with less cost and get the best deals on HDDs and SSDs with your trusted brand – Seagate!

Shopee users can also look forward to Shopee Live happening on September 8, 2021 at 10:00AM to know more about Seagate’s promotions and Flash Sale schedule. 

Visit the Seagate official store on Shopee at https://bit.ly/SeagateXShopee99

Check out the 9.9 Super Shopping Day at https://shopee.ph/m/99

Stay safe at home by going cashless with ShopeePay, your all-in-one e-wallet which you can use to Buy Load, Pay Bills, and Scan to Pay at multiple merchants nationwide. 

Globe Business and Supply Chain Leaders Partner to Support MSMEs for Future Success

In the Philippines, the overwhelming majority of businesses are classified as Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). While many are still trying to find their spot in the huge market place, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent lockdowns have made things more challenging for them. Particularly affected are the brick-and-mortar stores who now have to take their businesses online to stay afloat.

To many MSMEs, going digital and the intricacies that go with it is one more problem they don’t need. Especially when they have other facets of the business to concentrate on so they can gain market access and grow—like funding, production, supply sourcing, and skills training.

Globe Business understands the needs of MSMEs. This is why they encourage MSMEs to invest in ICT solutions capable of meeting the digital demands of the next normal. 

Without staying up to date, businesses may fall behind and get overshadowed by more aggressive competitors who listen to their target market and utilize emerging trends mostly through the use of digital platforms. Globe Business says these include: (1) live selling or vending of products using the live feature of social media apps, (2) story ads or video marketing that usually creates a relevant story board to capture audience, and (3) influencer marketing, a type of word-of-mouth marketing by tapping Key Opinion Leaders or celebrities to amplify brand messaging to a larger market. 

Studies show that video marketing is one of the most important marketing trends today and is expected to remain so for the next 5 to 10 years. Survey results from the Emerging Trends Research commissioned by Facebook also show that among Filipino respondents, 93% said they highly consider convenience alongside price when deciding what to purchase online; 87% said they are willing to spend more for ease of access to products or services; and, 90% said mobile payments should be widely available. 

Globe Business is ready to equip MSMEs engaged in retail, manufacturing, and logistics with the latest in ICT by engaging the aid of several of its most valuable business partners: Ninja Van, a logistics company that specializes in parcel collection and door-to-door delivery; Lazada Philippines, one of the country’s foremost e-commerce platform; 1Export, a company that helps businesses export to new and exciting markets; and Zalora, a one-stop online shop for everything fashionable.

Furthermore, Globe Business is ready to help MSMEs gain the right skills, know-how and perspective to get their enterprises growing. As part of this campaign, Globe Business launched a 3-part web event series (kwentuhan sessions) entitled “Biz is it! Supply Chain Stories for Future Success, respectively retail, logistics and manufacturing”. The retail leg, Re-tell your Retail: The Digital Move, commenced last Aug 12, with Paulo Campos III, Co-founder and CEO of Zalora; Sabina Lopez-Vergara, Chief Commercial Officer of Ninja Van Philippines; Yshana Wong, Strategic Partnerships and Seller Services Lead of Lazada Philippines; and Michiko Mecate-Castaneda, Supply Chain Head of Globe Business.

The guests shared real-world challenges and how ICT and digital solutions will be invaluable tools in facilitating business operations. Ms. Wong of Lazada Philippines highlighted how digital solutions play an important role in advancing one’s business and said: “The best time to be online was yesterday, the second-best time is today.” This was supported by Ms. Campos: “We, as a business community, can do our part to help the economy move forward. More than any sector, I think, kayong mga entrepreneurs and MSMEs will really take the country forward. Ms. Lopez-Vergara also rallied MSMEs to “​​Be very solution-driven. Don’t do what you usually do. Do things beyond what you usually do.” 

Although the next normal presents new challenges, Ms. Castenada said that these defining moments can also lead to many opportunities. She explains that the first hurdle that needs to be overcome is for MSMEs to realize that tech adoption is not just an added expense but more of an investment with long-term benefits. As their staunchest ally, Globe Business is ready and able to provide MSMEs with digital information, connectivity and made-for-business solutions that enable market penetration, base expansion and rapid growth so these entrepreneurs can own their future success, today. Watch the first installment of Globe Business’ 3-part web series here.

To learn more about Globe Business Solutions, you may visit their website here.

Good Vibes Tayo DITO: Get exclusive premium items from Viber when you purchase your DITO sim with a friend!

Newest telecommunications player DITO Telecommunity has teamed up with Viber, one of the most popular messaging apps in the country, for Good Vibes Tayo DITO – an exclusive promo from July 23 to August 31, 2021, where consumers can avail of exciting Viber Premium items when they purchase their DITO SIM cards in pairs.

“At DITO, our goal is to empower Filipinos through stronger connectivity with our fast, reliable, and value-for-money data services. By partnering with Viber Philippines, we are hoping to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience of the country’s most preferred messaging app to more subscribers all over the country,” said Jasper Evangelista, DITO’s Brand & Marketing Director. 

The Good Vibes Tayo DITO promo is just one of the many programs DITO and Viber have in store for Filipino subscribers. Now, Viber users can enjoy connecting with their family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones non-stop using DITO’s reliable and affordable data promo offers. 

“Viber is looking forward to expanding its calling and messaging services to more Filipinos all over the country with this exciting partnership with DITO, a new and dynamic telecom company,” said David Tse, Senior Director, Asia Pacific at Rakuten Viber. “We are focused on our shared goal of providing services and programs that enable people to keep stronger, more secure and seamless personal and professional connections that impact their daily lives.”

The Good Vibes Tayo DITO promo will be available in select DITO stores and partner stores. To join the promo, customers must purchase two (2) DITO SIM cards from participating DITO stores, activate the SIM cards, and register their DITO numbers using the Viber app. Once registration Is complete, the pair will be entitled to join a lucky draw and win exclusive Viber premium items such as plush toys, notebooks, tumblers, and other exciting prizes!Check out the official social media pages and websites of DITO (www.dito.ph)  and Rakuten Viber (https://www.viber.com/en/) for the full list of participating stores and more details on the promo mechanics

Converge launches an all-in-one home entertainment service with the VISION

As part of Converge ICT Solutions Inc.’s continuous effort to allow Filipinos to experience better, the fastest-growing internet service provider introduces a new add-on service called VISION

In partnership with Pacific Kabelnet Holding Co. Inc. (PKN), an affiliate cable company, this latest offering gives new and existing Converge subscribers access to local and international TV channels and binge-watch shows from exclusive channels like USA Today News, USA Today Sports, Pocketwatch, and Ryan & friends, using fiber technology. 

For an affordable price of P99/month for 65 channels and P299/month for 82 channels, VISION comes with a set-to-box called Xperience Box, a full Android, all-in-one entertainment device, that allows Converge subscribers to enjoy multi-genre TV programs and shows in the comfort of their homes. 

Enabled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the VISION Xperience Box does not require connectivity to any cable TV line and also allows easy connection to a mouse, gamepad, keypad, and other devices. This easy-to-set-up service comes with reliable security features and enhanced artificial intelligence that provides quick, one-click access to channels, Google apps, online games, and OTT apps like HBO Go, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Spotify. 

“The VISION Xperience Box takes convenience up a notch through its voice-enabled remote for easy searches via Google Assistant and a digital interface that allows hassle-free connection to home theater systems or power amplifiers. Watching the most popular shows in the Philippines or abroad and accessing content through various apps have never been this effortless,” said Converge COO, Jesus C. Romero.

“Vision is just the first of many additional services we plan to bring to enhance Filipinos’ digital experience as we build our digital highway. With our recent data capacity upgrade of our metro backbone, we have more than enough bandwidth to provide entertainment content on a streaming platform and other applications,” added Converge Co-Founder and CEO, Dennis Anthony H. Uy.

New Converge subscribers can apply through www.gofiber.ph with the same 24-month lock-in period as their internet service. On the other hand, existing FiberX and FiberX Time of Day plan subscribers in NCR only, may upgrade through https://www.convergeict.com/vision/ . Customers have an option for an outright payment of P2,000 for the Xperience Box or installment of P150 per month for 24 months. Those who would avail of the staggered payment for the box will have to relock-in for 24 months, while those who wish to do an outright payment will require no relock-in.

#SaludoStories: Globe Business celebrates inspiring MSME digitalization journeys

Globe Business, in partnership with DTI Negosyo Center, celebrates the best stories of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who boldly embraced the digital world at the peak of a global health crisis, through its#SaludoStories

“As part of our Saludo SME campaign this year, inspiring more business to bravely move forward from the effects of the pandemic, we are shining a light on compelling stories of local MSMEs who hurdled the challenging times by adopting digital tools and technologies. We want to recognize their courage and give them the fitting appreciation they deserve,” said Gaile Guevarra, Globe Business MSME Group Brand Integration and Communications Head.

Rewarding digital innovations through #SaludoStories

From July 16 to August 14, MSMEs all over the country are encouraged to visit the Globe Business (formerly Globe myBusiness) Facebook page and share how digital tools paved the way for them to survive the business problems of the past year and how these continue to help them thrive now. 

Globe’s MSME arm will select the TOP 10 MSME finalists for public voting between August 15-31, 2021. The five best #SaludoStories will each win an SME showcase worth P50,000, including a MacBook Air and a Globe Business prepaid internet kit with free load for six months.

Meanwhile, the public can vote for their favorite #SaludoStories from the 10 finalists that will be posted on Globe Business’ Facebook page, by sharing them on their own social media accounts using the hashtag #SaludoStoriesPromo. Globe Business will draw five lucky winners, who stand to get P1,000 worth of GCash credits from Globe.

“We encourage our MSMEs to join our promo and share their success stories of creativity, connectivity and collaboration so they can also inspire other businesses that also aspire to thrive even in difficult times,” said Guevarra.

For the full mechanics of #SaludoStories promo, visit Globe Business formerly Globe myBusiness Facebook page.

ASUS and Globe At Home join hand-in-hand for the new E-Skwela Essentials

A new school year is upon us, and students are going back to school to pursue their education. However, because of last year’s pivot to distance learning, young learners have adapted to getting their education digitally.

To maximize one’s experience in the online learning setup, you need to have the essential tools. That’s why Globe at Home and ASUS are partnering to make online learning more affordable for students through its Shopee-exclusive promo.

From now until August 18, 2021, every purchase of any Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi device gets you an ASUS voucher worth P1,500 plus free shipping. You can use this voucher to buy any product in the ASUS Expert Series store in Shopee. Alternatively, Globe at Home is giving away P500 discount vouchers when you shop for any laptop in the ASUS Expert Series store in Shopee. This special voucher is valid for homeschooling essentials from Globe at Home, namely the Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi, Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid WiFi, and Globe at Home LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFi.

These Globe at Home and ASUS bundles, which are also available on Shopee’s upcoming 8.8 sale, are perfect for families looking for affordable yet excellent homeschool bundles to help their kids make the most out of their online learning experience.

“A new school year brings promise for Filipino students to pursue their dreams, and that’s why we at Globe at Home are excited to partner with ASUS to offer product bundles students can use at the comforts and safety of their homes,” Barbie Dapul, VP for Marketing of Globe At Home said. 

Likewise, ASUS believes that it is important to support Filipino students in their pursuit of learning. “Every Filipino child has the right to education, and we at ASUS are more than happy to work with Globe at Home to make excellent study-from-home tools more affordable to more Filipinos,” George Su, Country Head-System Business Group of ASUS said. 

The discount vouchers from Globe at Home and ASUS are exclusively available on their respective Shopee stores and are valid until July 19, 2022. 

Globe at Home’s partnership with ASUS is a testament to Globe Telecom’s commitment to create beautiful experiences for people to have choices, overcome challenges, and discover new ways to enjoy life. While the ongoing pandemic has posed a lot of challenges to the pursuit of learning, Globe Telecom continues to find ways to help students continue their studies to reach their dreams. 

To learn more about Globe at Home and its products, you may visit Globe’s official website: https://www.globe.com.ph/apps-content/globe-at-home.html#gref

Globe Business to boost online sales of businesses through Saludo SMEs Digistore

With more shoppers increasingly drawn to the digital sphere for the speed, convenience and vastness of options it offers, businesses are starting to ride the live streaming wave to let their brands tap into the bigger pool of customers online and engage them more intimately beyond the brick-and-mortar stores.

To provide a more accessible platform for micro, small, and medium businesses to sell more, Globe Business is giving local MSMEs an opportunity to adapt to the popular retail trend and bring their products to where customers are shopping now through its Digistore, which will stage another live shopping event as a sequel to the successful pilot last year. 

Broadcast live through Globe Business’ Facebook page on July 9 at 7 p.m., the live selling event is one of several activities lined up to mark this year’s Saludo SMEs, an annual initiative by Globe’s enterprise arm to support and recognize the efforts and contribution of Filipino entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable economic development.

Now on its third year, the Globe Business campaign carries an apt message: “Through the Changing Times, Tuloy Tayo!” to inspire MSMEs to confidently focus on the future and to keep moving forward.

“We bring you once again this live shopping event to help small businesses tap into new channels that will bring their brand online and make a deeper connection with more customers. And on the other hand, offer a seamless and more enjoyable buying experience for shoppers,” said Gaile Guevarra, Brand, Integration and Communications Head of Globe Business MSME Group.

“As a staunch advocate of empowering every business to own their success, we remain true to our commitment to provide MSMEs with platforms and opportunities to grow and thrive in the changing times,” she added.

The Saludo SMEs Digistore Live Selling Event will showcase a wide array of selected products—from brewed coffee and teas to organic baby products, salsas and hot sauces with a twist to curated furniture—by Globe Business clients and merchants from partner organizations such as the Anvil Business Club, DTI Negosyo Center, Entrepreneur’s Organization, and Let’s Eat Pare.

Shoppers participating in the livestream event stand to get exclusive promos and discounts from the featured SMEs and can expect convenient and safe transactions as all participating businesses have GCash accounts.

For those looking to add a personal touch to their online shopping experience and at the same time give local businesses a boost, here are some of the merchants joining the event and their respective products that can be purchased with real-time chat and a few clicks of a button.

Silca Coffee Roasting Company

Fueled by the simple dream of making freshly roasted coffee accessible to all Filipinos, this 25-year-old family venture has grown to become one of the largest coffee exporters in the Philippines and among the top coffee suppliers to cafes, offices and restaurants. Now a second-generation business, it has successfully launched brewed coffee brand Kick-Start, which has three varieties—the Philippine Barako, Brewed Awakening, and Your Daily Lift. These signature blends, ready to give online shoppers their caffeine fix, will be featured at the Saludo SMEs Digistore.

Tiny Buds

Tiny Buds is the go-to brand for a wide range of clean, natural and gentle mommy and baby products—from hand sanitizers to toothbrushes, t-shirts to breastfeeding supplements, diaper creams to bath soaps. Shoppers can learn more about the store’s bestsellers like Sleepy Time Baby Massage Oil, After Shots Vaccination Gel and Extra Sensitive Laundry Powder for Babies at the online selling event.

Be Global E-Commerce Corporation

One of the pioneers in end-to-end e-commerce services in the country, this company will participate in the July 9 event, showcasing its curated home and office furniture for all your work-from-home essentials and home makeover needs under its Qoncept Furniture brand that can be availed at special prices.

Gerfina Food Products

For foodies who want to kick their favorite dishes up a notch, Germina Food Products’ unique selection of sauces and condiments will surely give their next meal a twist, and they can shop for these items with ease during the event.

Prism Café

This cloud cafe based in Pasay City serves hot and cold brews, innovative refreshments and baked goodies right to your doorstep. All these and more of their interesting menu will be featured at the live selling event.

SEWN Sandals

SEWN Sandals features a collection of casual flat sandals that are wearable and easy to match, with designs inspired by Philippine raw materials, festivals, and destinations across the country. SEWN elevates the everyday “tsinelas” while striking just the right balance of comfort, simplicity and sophistication, and carries a purpose of supporting local communities of sapateros and weavers.

Bernabest Food Products

Bernabest is the company behind the famous Siomai House and Empanada Especiale. Its commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount, which is why the Company is primed to maintain the high quality and strict implementation of standard in product processes as approved by the FDA, HACCP, andGMP (AAA) certified by the NMIS.Globe Business invites Filipinos to support local SMEs as they move forward through the changing times. Join the Digistore live selling event here on July 9, at 7 p.m.

New OPPO A74 5G Now Available on Globe’s GPlan1499

#LiveLifeAtFullSpeed with the latest A Series that retails at PHP15,999 via Globe Telecom starting April 30

OPPO officially announces the availability of the all-new OPPO A74 5G that retails at PHP15,999. Exclusively available via local network operator partners including Globe Telecom starting April 30. A74 5G comes in Fluid Black and Space Silver color variants.

“As the Philippines enter the era of 5G, OPPO is offering Filipinos more competitive and value-for-money 5G-ready smartphone options to our Filipino consumers like our latest OPPO A74 5G. Partnering with Globe Telecom for Globe postpaid services, you can get the OPPO A74, powered by Globe 5G and packed with outstanding camera technology at GPlan 1499 with no cashout,” said OPPO Philippines Vice President for National Sales Zen Han. 

Coming at Full Speed with A74 5G

Get the latest A74 5G equipped with today’s fastest connectivity packed with great-value-money features perfect for your videography and gaming needs. A74 5G runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G with a hefty 128GB of storage capacity that guarantees faster, smoother user experience both on productivity and entertainment. 

A74 5G also gives you the chance to level up your social media contents with ultra capable camera features that you can do with its 48MP AI rear quadcamera setup. Other features social media savvy users can enjoy are AI Scene Enhancement 2.0, AI Beautification, Ultra Clear 108MP Images. Additionally, it is built with a 5,000 mAh mega battery, 18W fast charge, and all-around Smart Power Saving which helps enjoy your smartphone all day long. 

The latest OPPO A74 5G device will be available with Globe’s GPlan1499 with no cashout. Get a Rock Space EB51 Earbuds freebie item worth PHP3,199 during the launch period in Globe’s Online Shop starting April 30, 2021!

Get 10GB of data, Unli All-Net Calls & Texts, free 3GB of GoWiFi, free 24/7 Teleconsult with healthcare professionals via KonsultaMD, and Free GInsure (3 months COVID-19 & Dengue coverage of up to P140,500, or Income Loss Protection due to Accidents coverage of P100,000 from Singlife) during the 24-month subscription.

To know more about the latest OPPO A74 5G, visit Globe’s online shop or via OPPO Philippines’ official website at www.oppo.com.ph or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.