Be a Beauty-preneur with NiXY

The pandemic may have thrown us off with our plans for career and personal success, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t find the silver lining on these gloomy times.

The opportunity for you to rise up and be more is here is everywhere. You just need to open your eyes and mind to new ideas that may come.

Designed to help you welcome brighter days ahead is NiXY, a platform that changes the game of direct selling through industry innovations made young and fresh.

Founded by stylist-turned-entrepreneur John Lozano, NiXY primarily aims to provide livelihood amid these tough times. “We welcome empowered individuals who want to take charge of their lives,” adding that NiXY represents the go-getting and the game-changing, as well as the sweet, the serious, the unlimited.

Unlike other direct selling companies that is limited to one brand, NiXY is a multi-brand group that offers the world-class beauty products of iFace Inc.

The distributor of the best names in beauty around the globe brings to the Philippines acclaimed brands like Korean skincare line Deoproce, Australian cosmetics company BYS, and Greek fragrance group STR8, among others.

NIXY reinvigorates what is deemed as an old business practice with creative zing, as the young brand simplifies and modernizes direct selling in a number of ways.

NiXY’s business structure only has two levels: franchisees and business partners. The world-class products move from the NiXY headquarters to the former, who then handles the orders of the latter for selling to customers. 

NiXY also incorporates technology to direct selling like never before. While partners will be given the option to practice traditional direct selling, the brand’s operations are set to go mostly digital with its own app and website.

The new platforms aim to streamline orders and make it more convenient for the younger members of the NiXY family, the millennials, to go about their businesses.

Another innovative technological feature of the brand is drop shipping, where orders are delivered only as needed. This eliminates the old problem for direct sellers of having orders stockpiled in their homes. 

“The goal is to try to change things up,” Lozano said. “We want to make direct selling fun again, to make it cool again. Aside from these offerings, it’s going to be a process of adding things that we feel are different and unique to NiXY.”

Lozano stated that NiXY stands as one of the best business ventures to take at this time with its promise of fast returns. Whereas a franchise investment with other companies can reach a year or more to reach ROI, he said a NiXY partner can break even in just a month.

What’s more, NiXY gives franchisees the privilege of exclusive territory. They can also earn either by catering wholesale to business partners or dealing retail with customers.

“What we sell isn’t really the beauty products per se, but the opportunity to have your own business,” he said. “I think that’s the best commodity that everyone needs right now.”

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