Boost your health and immune system with Jewel-Cee and Jewel-Zee Plus

Health is wealth, as it always should be. Even more so now when a lethal virus that we can’t seem to fight with traditional methods still lurks.

In times like these, prevention will always be better than cure and one way of protecting yourself from getting infected by viruses is by keeping your body’s immune system up.

Vitamin C is one of the most common and most accessible immune boosters. It’s a known anti-oxidant that helps your body get rid of harmful toxins or free radicals and protects the brain and nervous system from the detrimental effects of stress.

It is also a co-factor for collagen biosynthesis and carnitine metabolism, which help keep your body active and strong in fighting against a variety of diseases.

Aside from having a healthy diet where you can get Vitamin C from natural sources, such as fruits and vegetables, taking supplements also helps your body fight Vitamin C deficiency.

Jewel-Cee is the latest Vitamin C brand in the market that is perfect for daily intake.

It comes in 562.43mg sodium ascorbate capsules or equivalent to 500mg ascorbic acid, which is more than enough to complement the body’s daily need.

Manufactured by Compact Pharmaceuticals, a renowned local company based in Valenzuela, and distributed by Zeus Resources, Inc., Jewel-Cee is entering the market at a very affordable SRP of only P4.00 per capsule.

Jewel-Cee is currently available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide and select local pharmacies.

Also available is Jewel-Zee plus with Zinc, which helps the body’s catalytic activity or the absorption of nutrients from food better.

It also generally helps in boosting the immune system and cell regeneration, such as wound healing. It supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence, and can help shorten the length of common colds.

How often should I take Vitamin C supplements?

This is one of the most common questions people have about Vitamin C supplements.

According to Dr. Don Cua, a certified family physician and fellow of the Philippine Society for of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, our bodies only need 50mg of Vitamin C per day for males and 75mg per day for females in order to function well and prevent Vitamin C deficiency.

While the daily requirement is small, there is nothing wrong with taking a 500mg Vitamin C supplement capsule daily as the body doesn’t necessarily absorb all of the 500mg you intake.

There is also no specific time stated for taking Jewel-Cee and Jewel-Zee Plus. Doctors suggest, however, that you may take vitamins before you sleep as our cells are repairing during sleep time.

Dr.Cua also recommends taking your Vitamin C after a meal to reduce the occurrence of hyperacidity.

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