SM Supermalls launches Mall 2 Mall premium bus service in EDSA

As public health and safety remains a top concern, SM Supermalls is making it even more convenient and worry-free for shoppers to visit SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM North EDSA during this time.

Tofay, August 10, SM Supermalls launched its Mall 2 Mall premium bus service that will cover its three main malls located along EDSA.

These safe, convenient and comfortable air-conditioned buses will ply EDSA from SM Mall of Asia (Bus Bay) to SM Megamall (Bus Bay) to SM North EDSA (Bus Bay, Lane 1 & 2), between 7AM to 7PM daily during MECQ, which is currently in effect until August 18, 2020. 

The buses have plush seats with recliners, extra legroom and travelers can watch videos in air-conditioned comfort.

In strict observance of IATF guidelines, the buses are equipped with several safety features such as personal acrylic shields per seat, temperature check prior to boarding, soon-to-launch touch free payment and disinfecting at every point of origin.

Halfway fare (from SM Mall of Asia and SM North Edsa to SM Megamall) is P60 per person, while full travel fare from MOA to SM North EDSA as well as back from SM North EDSA to MOA will be at P100. Each ticket comes with free SM bottled water. 

With the launch of this new bus service, SM customers need not wait for public transport along the main thoroughfare of EDSA and may conveniently and safely alight at each SM Mall, protected from rain or the heat of the sun. 

The Mall 2 Mall Bus Service is just one of the ways SM Supermalls pivots to serve its customers during the pandemic. For those who choose to stay home, SM offers online shopping, ordering through Viber and SMS, as well as personal shopping services in cooperation with its tenant partners and community groups. 

For more information on the Mall 2 Mall Bus Service, please check out, @smmegamall, @smmallofasiaofficial, @smcitynorthedsa. 

INSPI Kids is helping little girls stay in style with latest Shopee offer

Even at home, your little girls can stay in style with INSPI Kids, a clothing brand that upholds positive values through its designs and quality.

From shirts to tank tops in colorful, silkscreen printed fabrics with interesting patterns and images, your darling daughters are sure to love dressing up and exploring their own sense of fashion.

Available in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10, which can fit kids aged 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, and 6-7 respectively, there is definitely something in the collection for every girl.

The amazing part of this is that INSPI Kids is having a special offer on its official Shopee store this August 10-12 as it holds its Super Brand Day, where you can get up to 83% off on Inspi Kids items.

Also available another exciting discount where you can get a set of two INSPI Kids Girl printed top (assorted design) printed top for only P229 from the original SRP of P350.

Check out the INSPI Kids official Shopee store via the Shopee app, which you can download for free via the App Store or Play Store.

Enjoy 70% off on Skechers shoes at Shopee’s 8.8 Fashion Sale

Complete your OOTDs with the stylish comfort of shoes from Skechers!

On July 29, shoppers can enjoy up to 70% off on selected Skechers items from Shopee’s 8.8 Fashion Sale.

Check out some of the stylish footwear you can cop for less:

Skechers Women’s Footwear You Ambiance 

Make walks comfier with Skechers Women’s You Ambiance. It’s lightweight and has a high-rebound cushioning feature that’s ideal for casual walks. 

Skechers Women Moda Perswayed 

Rock the suede look with Skechers Women Moda Perswayed. It’s designed with a stitching accent and memory foam cushion, perfectly mixing style and comfort. 

Skechers Women Double Up – Duvet 

Strut the streets in retro style with Skechers Women Double-up Duvet. It’s a classic platform-soled sneaker that matches with every look. 

Skechers Women You Footwear 

Make every step count with Skechers Women You. It is a slip-on-footwear with a soft woven mesh providing breathability and comfort. 

Skechers Women You – Transcend  

Combine lifestyle and wellness with Skechers You Transcend. Its soft-woven mesh fabric is stretchable making it easier and comfier for walking. 

Skechers Women Hi-Lites Medal Toes 

Style meets comfort with Skechers Women Hi-Lites. It’s designed with air-cooled memory foam inside for a more comfortable and leisurely walk. 

Skechers Men Go Run 600 

Make morning jogs fun and comfier with Skechers Men Go Run 600. It’s well-cushioned and lightweight that’s ideal for easy to mid-level workouts. 

Skechers Men Go Walk Revolution 

Shape up with Skechers Men Go Walk Revolution. It’s made with comfortable and breathable materials making afternoon strolls and jogs more enjoyable. 

Shopee 8.8 Fashion Sale

The Shopee 8.8 Fashion Sale is happening from July 23 to August 8. Shoppers can look forward to free shipping for selected stores, deals as low as ₱8, mix-and-match bundle deals, and ShopeePay fashion vouchers. Users can also enjoy exclusive offers from leading brands such as Silver Kingdom, Hanford, Maybelline, Primer Group, Penshoppe, and iTrends. 

Visit the Skechers’ official Shopee page via this link For more information about the Shopee 8.8 Fashion Sale, visit

Download the Shopee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

SM Megamall holds Flash Sale from July 24-26

Time to buy your essentials and other must-haves at SM Megamall this weekend.

Take advantage of amazing deals and discounts as SM Megamall holds a Flash Sale from July 24 to 26, 2020.

Get up to 70% off on selected items from participating stores.

From fashion basics to home accessories, to kids’ toys and tools for your hobbies, SM has got it all for you.

Visit the website to download the limited online vouchers for free from July 24, 12NN, to July 26, 11:59PM.

SM Megamall is open from 10AM to 8PM daily and is enforcing strict protocols for the health and safety of all shoppers and mall employees.

Don’t forget to wear a mask when you visit SM Megamall or any othe SM Supermalls branch.

Make sure to submit yourself to a health and security inspection at the entrance.

Security officers will be taking your temperature upon and anyone who registers a body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and above will not be allowed entry into the mall.

Remember to always practice social distancing and proper hygiene (wash hands or use alcohol or sanitizer before and after touching objects) when inside the mall.

Stay safe and enjoy your shopping at the SM Megamall Flash Sale this July!

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-102219 Series of 2020

How BTS helped me lose 7 lbs. in two months

It’s been a little over three months since I started following Korean super group BTS; and while some may think I’m wasting my time fangirling over them, I say it’s just my way of coping with the pandemic.

So far, being an ARMY has proven to be beneficial for me. Aside from giving me good vibes through their music and social media content, as well as amaze and inspire me with their hard work and dedication for their craft, they have somehow pushed me to take care of my body again.

I’ve never been the type to be overly conscious of my body. For as long as I don’t get sick, I just go and eat what I want and do what I want. One month into the quarantine, I knew I was going overboard. I was already overweight pre-pandemic, but things just turned worse as my clothes got even tighter than they already were and I just felt heavy and weak overall.

I knew that’s not going to end well for me, health-wise, if I continued living a sedentary lifestyle.

It may not be much, but 7 lbs. off is a progress worth celebrating for me. Seven months ago, I couldn’t even dare tuck this Uniqlo x Hello Kitty shirt because then all my flabs would show! Now I feel more confident in my clothes, and with BTS-like consistency and dedication in my wourkout, I know I’ll be able to reach my goal weight in no time.

Then I learned about BTS’ Suga doing intermittent fasting, so I decided to give it a try. A friend of mine, who’s also a BTS fangirl, recommended I use the Zero App so I can track my fasting schedule.

The good thing about intermittent fasting is it doesn’t deprive you from eating the food you like. It only limits your eating time to an eight-hour timeframe allowing your body to burn up excess fat while you fast. Of course, as with any diet, you still need to make a conscious effort to choose healthier options over junk food, but at least you don’t feel guilty about having a few cheat snacks from time to time.

To complement my 16:8 IF (I fast for 16 hours and eat within the eight-hour time frame, which I set between 11:15 AM to 7:15 PM), I made a commitment to start working out daily. I started small by following a 15-minute yoga routine I found on Youtube just to keep my bones and muscles from stiffening up.

As days passed, I gradually increased my physical activity to include more yoga routines, some basic toning exercises, and simple dance cardio routines using BTS songs. Eventually, I was able to develop my own workout plan, which goes for almost two hours including warm up and cool down, which I now diligently do every day.

In case you’re interested to see what my yoga workout routine looks like, you can follow my workout playlist on Youtube:

To see all the videos in this playlist, tap the menu button on the upper right corner of the player screen.

I initially warm up to the song “Seoul,” which I included on my Spotify playlist (see below). I just do some typical warm up exercises like neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arm stretch, side body stretch, fold forward stretch, ankle rolls, and quadricep stretch, then the rest of the song I spend doing child’s pose — exercises to stretch the spine and loosen up the joints.

The first three yoga tutorial videos on my Youtube playlist are what I used to create my own beginner’s yoga flow routine. I used to follow all three videos to a tee when I was starting out, but I found it more enjoyable to do them with BTS songs playing in the background.

I simply picked out some of the moves and poses that I liked to create a seven-part routine. I used the songs “Dimple,” “Pied Piper,” “Paradise,” “Trivia: Seesaw,” Euphoria,” “Respect,” and “134340” as breathing and counting guide for these exercises.

I finish off each song with different varieties of planking for extra core workout and full body strengthening. To transition from yoga flow to toning workouts, I do sun salutations using the song “Filter” as my backdrop.

For toning, I’ve combined a variety of exercises such as donkey kicks, fire hydrants, leg raises, bicycle crunches, abdominal crunches, flutter kicks, frog press, side lying leg lifts, cobra stretches, in-and-outs, Russian twists, plie squats, and wall push ups.

To this set of exercises, I use the songs “Airplane Pt. 2,” “Dionysus,” “ON,” UGH!”, “Daechwita, “No More Dream,” and “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” to get me pumped. Here’s the Spotify playlist I use for this workout:

After this, I move on to my dance set, where I simply follow the steps in the videos in my Youtube workout playlist. Since I can’t dance like BTS (duh), I picked out simple Zumba and dance cardio workouts that use their songs instead. I’m currently following Live Love Party’s version of “Anpanman,” Sunny Funny Fitness’ “Fire” and Dope,” Mylee Dance’s “Chicken Noodle Soup,” and Kkardio Dance’s “Go Go” and “Idol.”

The only actual BTS choreography that I can dance so far is “Baepsae,” which I think is the easiest one out of all their routines. I was able to memorize this in just four days and I’m currently trying to learn the choreography to “MIC Drop” (crossing my fingers!). I end this segment of my workout routine by dancing freestyle to “Ego.”

BTS’ “Baepsae” is the easiest choreo to learn… and it’s quite fun, too!

Finally, I finish off with a 15-minute cool down routine, which is a modified version of the last video in my Youtube playlist. To this part, I use some of BTS’s slow ballads “Serendipity,” “Singularity,” “Stigma,” and “My Time.”

So far, I have lost seven pounds doing intermittent fasting and the two-hour yoga and dance workout daily for the past two months. From 149 lbs., I am now down to 142 lbs., which is still a far cry from the ideal body weight for my height and age, which is only 125-135 lbs., but at least I know that I’m making progress.

And this is all thanks to BTS!

BOA Asian Flavors launches online store, delivers “best Pad Thai in QC” to your home

One of the things we truly miss while on quarantine is dining out. Before the pandemic, we can just about go anywhere, explore the city, and find the best and most delicious dish there is.

Here in QC, a quiet little restaurant in the corner of Scout Rallos and Scout Tuason was named as one of the 50 Best Restaurants by city guide website and one of the Top 10 Restaurants in QC by the Zomato App.

The name is BOA Asian Flavors, a Southeast Asian cuisine restaurant that makes satisfying twists to classic dishes like Malaysian favorite nasi lemak and our very own sisig and kare-kare. It is best known, however, for its delectable pad thai, which many foodies say is the best in Quezon City.

To that claim, I have to agree. BOA’s pad thai is really up my alley as it hits a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and salty in its own flavorful sauce developed by executive chef Julius Necor. Made with fresh noodles and a generous serving of shrimp and other ingredients, it’s a perfect dish to satisfy your Thai food craving.

It’s good to know that BOA Asian Flavors has opened up its online store to serve patrons despite the quarantine. Simply log on to from your computer or mobile device and order off their menu that includes all the best Asian comfort food.

BOA Asian Flavors’ famous pad thai. Available at for P395.

Aside from the pad thai, which comes other bestsellers available in the online store are the beef rendang, nasi goreng, char kway teow, and beef khao soi.

They also have a unique take on our famous beermate sisig, which has been converted into a deep-fried ball or croquette.

Sisig croquette. Available at for P245.

For dessert, they also serve a heavenly plate of mango sticky rice and deconstructed banana pie.

It was also a refreshing moment for me when I learned that they serve my all-time favorite Filipino dish kare-kare on a deconstructed plate with and added twist of curry flavor, giving it a distinct taste.

Kare-curry. Available at for P425.

“We want to serve comfort Asian food from the region but we’ve added our own spin to it to relate more to the cosmopolitan/well-travelled Filipino. This way, we can provide taste and quality that’s closer to the real thing. If we want to be known for one thing, it would be for serving food with bursting Asian flavors at” says Joey Marcelo III, owner of BOA Asian Flavors.

Joey is proud to have Chef Julius on board as he has mastered the complexity and depth of flavors of Asian dishes. He trained under the famous Chef Chele of Vask (a restaurant that has consistently ranked in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants) and has proved his skill to be strong enough to lead his own kitchen.

Mango sticky rice. Available at for P235.

Order BOA online

Through its digital platform, BOA Asian Flavors promises to offer a smooth user experience with insight-backed photos and food captions that should relate well with customers.

The site offers expanded payment options for an easy transaction. Customers may pay through online banking, credit card, and e-money (Paymaya and Gcash). It will also feature a chat service so customers can have conversations with the restaurant management, place orders and receive confirmation of payment right away.

Nasi goreng. Available at for P310.

You can also order dishes from BOA’s sister restaurants Gang Gang, Holy Grill, and Lucky Lucy. Gang Gang serves boneless fried chicken in a variety of flavors such as gangnyeom (Korean-style sweet and mild spicy sauce), sriracha-mansi, garlic parmesan, soy-mansi, and salted egg.

Meanwhile, Holy Grill, which is a popular steak restaurant in Taft Avenue, has its ribeye steak and USDA roast beef rice meals available for delivery through the website. Finally, Chinese-American Lucky Lucy serves orange chicken, fish and tofu, and mongolian stir-fry rice bowls.

Joey Marcelo II and Chef Julius Necor

“We understand that our customers may be more meticulous when it comes to food and they want to be certain if they are ordering the right thing for them. We made sure our layout, food shots, and description are produced from real consumer insight so our customers can have a very clear understanding on the food they are ordering,” says Joey.

During this time, safety is a top priority for BOA Asian Flavors. “We have devised a Safety and Hygiene Bible that subscribes to the standard protocols from DTI and our LGU. All our staff have also enrolled and finished Food Handling and Safety courses, earning certificates of completion from Servsafe—a food and beverage safety and training certificate program handled by the US National Restaurant Administration,” Joey adds.

BOA Asian Flavors is located at Mezzanine Floor, 45 ABDC Building, Sct. Rallos cor. Sct. Tuazon, Laging Handa, Quezon City and can be messaged at

Shop from home through UNIQLO’s newly launched Online Store

It’s finally open! Japanese global apparel retailer Uniqlo has officially launched its Online Store today, July 16, 2020. Available on the Uniqlo website and the Uniqlo mobile app, the online store is a faster and more convenient way of shopping especially in this time of pandemic.

“We are pleased to announce that everyone can now shop his favorite LifeWear pieces on UNIQLO’s mobile app and website. The launch of UNIQLO Online store stems from the brand’s commitment to bring LifeWear clothing more accessible to our customers nationwide. Our mission has always been about improving the lives of everyone through high quality clothing, outstanding level of service, and a unique shopping experience. We are deeply excited for our customers to enjoy the online store for themselves,” says Masayoshi Nakamura, COO, UNIQLO Philippines.

In the online store, customers can avail sizes from XS to 3XL on select items; pick up purchases from their preferred branch or have it delivered to their location nationwide.

The online store also gives added convenience by giving customers the option to pay using credit card (Visa/Mastercard/JCB/AMEX) and debit card (Visa/Mastercard), as well as check the availability of items in other stores.

For its launch, Uniqlo Online Store is giving customers who spend a minimum single receipt purchase of P5,000 or more on July 16 will receive a free Uniqlo U Packable Bag.

Also exclusive to the online store from July 16 to July 19, customers can enjoy limited offers on everyday essentials such as the Reversible Parka, EZY Ankle Pants, Mercerized Cotton Dress, and Rayon Long Sleeve Blouse.

The online store offers a complete lineup of LifeWear items for men, women, kids, and babies strengthening the brand’s philosophy of providing clothes to make everyone’s life better.

For more exclusive offers and updates, visit the special page at , follow social media accounts, Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (, and download the Uniqlo mobile app.

Your favorites from Maybelline are now on sale at Shopee

My go-to makeup brand since high school is going on sale today, June 13, until June 15 on Shopee!

Ever since I started getting interested in makeup, probably in my late high school years, I’ve always relied on Maybelline products to complete my looks. My favorite back then was the Clear Smooth All In One Foundation, which came in a compact powder form that you can buy in a case with built-in mirror and is refillable.

I liked how light the powder felt on the skin, yet gave a subtle mattifying effect to conceal my oily skin.

These days (rather in recent time before we all had to be quarantined due to the pandemic), I’m more into the Fit Me and Super Stay lines, which offer better coverage as I go about long days at work. With my skin now riddled with freckles and other signs of aging, these product lines help a lot in making me look fresh at the least.

Which is why I got so excited learning about the upcoming Maybelline sale on Shopee. Some of the brand’s best-sellers are going on sale for as low as P149 from July 13-15, which is a really good deal — and the perfect time to stock up!

Some of the products I’m looking forward to are the Maybelline Fit Me Flawless Natural Concealer, which goes on sale at P199 from the original price of P249.

Another one that I’ve added to my cart is the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen Eyebrow Makeup, now at a discounted price of P359 from P399.

I’ve also added the Superstay Matte Ink in one of its newest shades, the 180 Revolutionary, to my cart and have it ready for checkout come July 15, as it goes on sale for only P179 (from P239) between 12am to 2am only.

Together with that, I’ll also be checking out the Falsies Lash Lift Mascara (P399) on July 15 to get my free makeup remover.

Discounts and offers on the Maybelline Official Shopee store are only available for a limited time, so if you want toget your hands on these products too, you best download the Shopee app now. It’s free on the App Store and Google Play.

Cop these Havaianas flip flops for less on Shopee

I guess it’s safe to say that every Filipino loves wearing flip flops. Given our tropical climate, these are simply the best and most comfortable footwear to sport whether you’re strolling out, running errands, traveling, headed to the beach or simply staying at home.

One of our favorite brands is Havaianas, which first launched in the Philippines nearly 20 years ago. The Brazilian footwear brand has been around since 1962 and is popular all over the world for its comfortable material and colorful designs that let you express your yourself.

This July, Havaianas flip flops and its wide variety of footwear styles are all the rage on digital marketplace Shopee as selected designs are currently on sale.

Here are some of our best picks:

The classic Havaianas Brasil Flip Flops I are now down to P569 from its original price of P949.

Fans of Star Wars, especially Chewbacca, can get this orange and black Havaianas Star Wars pair for only P839 (versus original price of P1,399). It comes in other Star Wars character designs, too!

Power up your little girl’s playtime with these adorable Havaianas Kids Joy Powerpuff Girls strappy sandals. Now only P899 from P1,199.

Make those first baby steps count! Get these Havaianas Kids Move in Ice Blue for your little tot. From P1,199 now only P839.

Go grocery shopping and run errands in style with these Havaianas Origine Flatform Fashion sandals, now only P1,139 from P1,899 original price.

Feel all sorts of stylish in Havaianas Origine Yacht Cal espadrilles now down to P1,139 from the original price of P1,899.

You can also explore a wide variety of other footwear styles from Havaianas like these comfy Brasil Slides, still at regular price but definitely worth it for its comfort and style.

Show you love for Havaianas in these classic Havaianas Top Logo Mania (P1,199).

Get that cool summer vibe in your pambahay OOTD with this beautiful Havaianas Slim Paisage Coral, now only P1,255 from P1,569.

Check out other available styles on Havaianas Philippines official store on Shopee Mall.

Download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Mang Inasal welcomes back diners, puts strict safety protocols

Missed Mang Inasal? You can now dine in at your favorite restaurant following strict safety measures.

As parts of the country steadily ease restrictions on community quarantines, the well-loved Pinoy diner has joined other restaurants in resuming dine-in services, which have been placed on hold because of the extended lockdown. 

Knowing how much people have missed their favorite Mang Inasal meals and seeking to allay their fears, Mang Inasal has set in place strict protocols to ensure delicious food and safe dining experience for their customers.

Anyone who wants to enter the store must wear a face mask. The customer’s temperature will be checked and only those with a body temperature of 37.5-degree Centigrade and below will be allowed to enter.

A footbath disinfection mat is also placed at the entrance. Only a limited number of customers are allowed inside the store at any given time. Sanitizers are provided for customers at the door entrance, counter table and wash area for their use.

In keeping with the Department of Trade and Industry guidelines, Mang Inasal is requesting customers to fill out a Customer Health Form before being allowed to enter the store.  

For in-store safety, physical distancing is closely monitored as floor markers set one-meter distance for counter queues. Contact-less payment is enforced with the use of acrylic cash tray and acrylic barriers. Meanwhile, foot knobs are used as restroom doors, and regular disinfection of facilities and the sanitation of workers form part of Mang Inasal’s stringent safety protocols.

Dine-in customers are enjoined to be seated apart for physical distancing purposes. One-meter table-to-table distance segregates diners while in selected Mang Inasal stores a table barrier is placed for face-to-face dining.

Store crew sanitize the door and door handles every 30 minutes even as they pursue intensified cleaning and sanitation of fixtures and facilities.

Similarly, heightened safety protocols for food preparation and handling—on top of existing procedures that are already thorough—are also being implemented. These include the crew wearing face mask, face shield, and gloves; handwashing and sanitation every hour and when necessary; and the appointment of a Hygiene Ambassador – a crew member wearing an identifying button pin and personal protective equipment and who go around reminding crew and diners of the safety measures.  The Hygiene Ambassador himself cleans and disinfects the tables after every use.

Even the serving of unli-rice has been modified for safety purposes. Those who place unli-rice orders will be automatically served two cups of rice. Should they ask for more rice, the crew in charge will provide extra wrapped rice. Meanwhile pre-portioned condiments are served together with the ordered meal.

All these show that Mang Inasal not only serves good food enjoyed by many, but it also has the safety and well-being of its stakeholders as a priority. 

“We know how much everyone has missed dining at Mang Inasal,” says Business Unit Head Jojo P. Subido. “As we work towards the gradual return of in-store dining, we make sure to put our stakeholders at ease by placing their welfare as our top priority. In instituting all these precautions, we kept in mind our customers’ needs and concerns so that they can enjoy the Mang Inasal experience once again—safely and comfortably. We look forward to welcoming you back to our stores.”

As of this writing, over 80 per cent of Mang Inasal stores around the country are open for dine-in.

Meanwhile, customers from Metro Manila can continue enjoying Mang Inasal meals by placing their orders through #7-3333 or via Grab, Food Panda, and Lalamove. They can also place their orders through Jose, the Mang Inasal Chatbot in Facebook Messenger.