Add a splash of Kolours to your life with DIY hair

As we stay at home and wait for this pandemic to be over, we make use of the extra time we have to pick up a new skill or a hobby–whether it’s learning a new recipe, getting more determined to work out, pamper ourselves, or even change up our looks with DIY beauty techniques.

Kolours has been the go-to DIY hair color brand of many Filipinas long before this pandemic happened. Infused with Color Retention Technology, Kolours gives vibrant precision color that lasts for up to three months.

It’s packed with Vitamins E and B5 to condition the hair while coloring, along with a post-treatment conditioner enriched with Natural Coco Essence to help nourish the hair by keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

The best part is with amazing quality, it’s affordable and retails for only P250 SRP.

Kolours comes in 12 variants, and has recently added a line with celebrity Solenn Heussaff.

These newest products offer trendy colors and are all infused with Meadowfoam Seed Oil- delivering the Best Ever Damage Defense System.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil repairs the hair making it stronger and also locks in moisture to make hair softer and smoother. With the new shade range, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Give hair coloring at home a try with Kolours.

Care for your hair with Moist Diane Shampoo & Treatment

They say that the hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Whether yours is straight, wavy, or curly, your hair is always at its most beautiful when it’s healthy.

There are many factors that affect our hair’s health: genetics, hormonal condition, lifestyle, diet, environment, and the care products you use.

In Japan, there is a brand of hair care products that focuses on giving hair the right treatment it needs to keep it healthy everyday.

Moist Diane Shampoo & Treatment uses the highest quality organic oils that leaves your hair beautifully hydrated. It features super antioxidants and scientific beauty keratins proven to keep women’s hair healthy and strong.

Moist Diane Shampoo & Treatment utilizes the highest quality ingredients that nature and science can offer to allow women to fully enjoy their hair.

The brand comes in three variants that focus on specific hair conditions:


Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair works its wonders by mending split ends, resolving roughness, fixes detangling, and prevent color fading. Using only organic oils and amino keratin, this product line helps smoothen and support women’s hair from within the follicles.


Moist Diane Extra Volume & Scalp caresses women’s scalp using its unique formula infused with quality and gentle organic oils. This exceptional formula is perfect for increasing scalp health to fight hair loss and controlling dandruff, and also for adding hair volume using its unique volumizing keratin and natural conditioning polymer.


Moist Diane Extra Smooth & Straight delicately moisturizes women’s hair from the roots to the ends for a smoother and incredibly soft, straighter hair. Presenting its magical features – the Quinoa oil and cuticle keratin – Moist Diane unravels the unruly, the rough, and the frizzy hair, giving women hair that flows silky smooth.

Moist Diane products are currently available at Watsons.

SvelTi’s Lavieen gives long-lasting BB cream effect on skin

When it comes to beauty, having clear, smooth, and silky skin is most important. To achieve this in an instant, we turn to cosmetic products like the BB cream, which has been popularized by Korean beauty icons and is one of the the secrets to their flawless skin.

Thanks to technology, we can now enjoy the benefits of BB cream for longer without having to wash off and reapply the product daily.

SvelTi Aesthetic Center recently launched its newest innovation called Lavieen, a state-of-the-art laser technology that elevates the standards of skin care to new heights. Also known as the B.B. Laser, Lavieen uses thulium laser to emit pulses of searing, soft light into your skin, penetrating deep into its epidermis and dermis layers.

This technique treats both layers of the skin with rigorous medical precision: the surface, which is regularly exposed to dirt and other risk factors; and the inner parts, which actually produce the collagen and other substances that are responsible for healing and rejuvenating your skin. By doing so, the treatment becomes more effective and gives longer lasting results.

The laser lights do not just remove the external effects of the pollutants (which is important, by the way) but also release the nutrients that are already in the skin to naturally combat toxins entering the body. After one treatment, the skin does not only glow–it also becomes healthier and more resistant to disease and the breakout of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and other blemishes.

You can see the positive changes after just one session, so better keep your camera and Instagram account right beside you in your treatment room!

One session only takes 30-40 minutes. You can easily go back to the office, home, or your shopping spree, looking fresh-faced than the people around you. There are no side effects, and no surgery is needed. The treatment takes place in a very private comfortable room.

The nurse-in-charge will go through your medical history and give you personalized advice as to how Lavieen can be maximized to bring about your desired results. The procedure is very relaxing because you will spend it lying on a medical bed as it is being administered. You can even sleep while the nurse does her work!

As for the procedure itself, the nurse will first cleanse your before activating the Lavieen laser tech on it. Once the laser pulses are emitted into the blemishes you want removed, you will feel a trickle of heat that resembles a soothing electrical touch. The nurse can adjust the intensity of the laser, depending on your level of comfort. You will notice that no other equipment is needed aside from the laser machine. What you will also see immediately after the treatment is done is a glowing face that looks bright and attractive, sans make-up.

As with any beauty treatment, there are certain regimens you need to follow so you can enjoy better results:
– Use sun protection (SPF 50+) daily at all times. Continue applying it at least 6 months after the completion of the treatment.
– Do not use any make-up for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.
– Avoid exposure to natural or artificial light and sources of direct heat up to 72 hours.
– Washing of treated areas is not allowed 24-48 hours after the treatment.

To know more about Lavieen, visit the nearest SvelTi Aesthetics Center branch near you.

In Quezon City, SvelTi is located at 5/F, South Insula Condominium, 61 Timog Avenue, with phone numbers +63918-878-3584 or (02)83327546. The SvelTi Ortigas branch can be found at the Ground Floor, Millennium Place, Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, or call +63917-578-3584 or (02)8281-922.

BYS collaborates anew with Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Fast-rising cosmetics brand BYS takes the spotlight once again with a new and exciting collaboration with “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

REIGNE, the new BYS x Regine collaboration, is the latest in the growing line of collections inspired by top Filipino celebrities set to make their name in the makeup industry.

Reflecting on the legendary singer’s elegant and glamorous, yet fun and down-to-earth personality, REIGNE features products that are versatile and essential.

The collection includes a powder brush, brow pencil, lipstick, eyebrow palette, eyeshadow palette and a lipstick set, as well as a Duo Powder Palette, which is a foundation and concealer in one palette.

As with previous BYS collections, this latest collaboration with Regine Velasquez-Alcasid encourages makeup enthusiasts to be their own expert using the cosmetic essentials curated by “Queen Regine” herself for a young and fresh look every day.

BYS (@byscosmetics_ph) was introduced to the Philippine beauty market six years ago by IFACE Inc, and is exclusively available at Watsons and SM Beauty stores nationwide, and at

Unleash your wild side with the BYS Gone Wild Collection

BYS Gone Wild

Zebra stripes and leopard prints are dominating the latest makeup collection of BYS. The Australian beauty brand taps into the wild side with its latest line inspired by the unbroken spirit of the wilderness.

Created with the brand’s values of inexpensive elegance and simple application, the new BYS Gone Wild Collection presents eight, top-quality offerings that let you stand out in exquisite ferocity.

BYS Gone Wild

Set yourself free and shine with a gorgeous, healthy glow of the BYS Blush & Bronze. With on-trend leopard print pattern embossed in powder, this stylish blend of blusher and bronzer in one compact is perfect for creating any look for anyone, as it is suitable for all skin tones and skin types.

BYS Gone Wild

Show your stripes and reveal a seductive radiance with the BYS Bronze & Highlight in Tigress. The blend of bronze and highlight instantly enhances complexion with a heavenly glow, while leaving the skin feeling silky smooth thanks to the Mica-enriched formula.

BYS Gone Wild

The BYS Fierce Palette, meanwhile, lets your eyes do the talking. Inspired by trendy neon animal prints, the palette gives you the power to create striking eye finishes from subtle to intense with 12 bright and neutral shades.

BYS Gone Wild

For more of your palette needs, the BYS Fame Color Palette offers soft and easy-to-blend pigments of 12 beautifully curated shades that does not crease or fade.

BYS Gone Wild

Out and about? Stay fierce while on the move with the slithery BYS Wild On-The-Go Face Palette and the sexy
BYS Roar On-The-Go Palette.

BYS Gone Wild

Sport a classy black-and-white palette with your travel essentials by packing the BYS Makeup Brushes in Keepsake Tin with you. The all-in-one portable brush set is conveniently packaged in a travel-ready tin embossed with zebra stripes. The set contains five essential brushes for quick and easy applications.

BYS Gone Wild

Finally, the BYS Cleansing Wipes is the perfect, handy solution for removing oil, dirt, and makeup easily.

BYS is solely distributed in the Philippines by IFACE Inc., and is exclusively available at Watsons and SM Beauty Stores nationwide, and at

Celebrate diversity with One Earth Organics

One Earth Organics

Many beauty brands are getting into the organic or all-natural trend (as they should!), but for One Earth Organics, there’s more to simply selling organic beauty products. The Filipino company’s principle of enhancing natural beauty and maintaining it through harmless, chemical-free solutions is what gives the brand its purpose: to value beauty as something that is not skin-deep, but self-deep.

The mantra serves as the light One Earth Organics aims to shine in its new campaign, “Celebrating Diversity.” Launched officially this November, it features eight female personalities who champion various types of beauty. The movement encourages women to feel confident and valid, regardless of weight, age, color, gender orientation, and skin condition.

“Empowerment is everything,” says One Earth Organics founder Tyffanie Anne Short about the campaign. “The concept is synonymous with the brand,” she adds. From humble roots, the single mom of 18 years was able to grow her small business that began with an underarm whitening product into a full-fledged beauty brand that solves many common skin issues.

One of the faces of the campaign is Tessie Singson. At 65 years young, she is known as an ageless fashion icon/social media influencer who goes by the handle @lolaandrogynous. She is celebrated for her unabashedly stylish fashion sense that
reminds everyone that beauty knows no age.

Two professional models are part of the campaign as well. Anna Panathera, who believes that everyone should accept diversity—not just the empowered, but more importantly, the critics.

Another is Gelai Peñales, who used to be insecure about her weight, but has learned to accept that she “will never fit into the ‘perfect mold’ that society made.” “I am already who I am meant to be,” she said.

Happily married mom Nek Oronce joins the campaign as well to impart to all women to look at insecurity as a source of strength. Once ashamed of her stretch marks, Oronce now considers the scars as “tiger stripes” for being able to bear a

Professional volleyball player Aby Maraño shares the same message, saying to celebrate our differences is to our highlight our individuality. “Be your own kind of beauty,” she said.

“How beautiful you are depends on how you see yourself,” added body positive advocate Gita Gumabao. “You don’t need assurance from other people because being secure in the love of God makes one beautiful. No one can tell you otherwise.”

To learn more about the Celebrating Diversity campaign, follow One Earth Organics at or @oneearthorganicsbeauty on Instagram. Check out One Earth Organics products at select Watsons and The SM Store branches nationwide, and at beauty Bar stores and

Try this out: Permanent Makeup by Swiss Color International

If we can just magically wake up in the morning with our makeup already done, it would be a great help in accomplishing all our tasks for the day. Thankfully we don’t need magic for this to happen. The solution is permanent makeup.

Swiss Color International (SCI) brings its premiere products and services here in the Philippines. The global beauty brand recently introduced its various permanent cosmetic technologies in the country through an Avant Garde-themed promotional event sponsored by Sybella Salon at the Garden View Deck in Ayala Malls Marikina. The said salon, which offers different services for nails, feet, lashes, waxing, massage, spa, ombre, and microblading uses SCI products and accessories exclusively.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Swiss Color boasts expertise in the field of micro-pigments for high-quality and value for money permanent makeup and microblading. Swiss Color International employs precision pigmenting machines that comply with the latest hygiene conditions.

The beauty company also ensures safety with the products they use. It utilizes quality Swiss Color pigments that meet the requirements of ResAP (2008) 1 and the new Pharmaceuticals Ordinance of 04/2013 on nickel content. Swiss Color Pigments do not contain nickel. Its pigments are 100% free from metal. It does not contain any hazardous AZO dyes, no PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and no hazardous aromatic amines including NDELA (Nitrosodiethanolamine).

Among the products and services that Swiss Color offers here in the country are microblading, lip tinting, and ombre eyebrow enhancements. These beauty solutions are available first at Sybella Salon located at Level 2 of Ayala Malls Marikina in Marikina Heights, Marikina City, and will soon land to many other beauty salons and clinics nationwide.

Diana Stalder celebrates 23rd anniversary with Mega Sale

Diana Stalder at 23

Diana Stalder by Dermaline, the premiere skin and body clinic, is celebrating its 23rd anniversary with a Mega Sale to say thank you to loyal customers.

Apart from select services being offered at 50% off, select product packages can also be availed at discounted rates. Check out the photos below for available promos:

Diana Stalder at 23

Diana Stalder at 23

Diana Stalder at 23

Diana Stalder at 23

Diana Stalder also offers a wide range of services to help you care for your skin and body:

  • Painless Warts Removal, a treatment that gets rid of unwanted skin growth with electrocauterization
  • Silhouette Caviar Facial, a combination of cell regenerating and anti-aging treatments. The products included in this treatment have an abundant trace element, loaded with antioxidants that deliver smoothness, elasticity, and tissue growth.
  • Dermalift, a non-invasive, non-surgical face lifting procedure that helps in toning, firming, and also prevents early signs of aging
  • Diamond Supreme Plus, a total deep cleansing treatment with a combination of anti-aging and whitening treatments that help in making the skin fairer through skin exfoliation with a result of renewed and stressed free skin
  • Underarm Whitening, one of the safest whitening procedures that helps get rid of dark underarms, removing dark spots from dead skin cells

To enjoy any of these services and more, visit Diana Stalder for a free skin assessment and for other skin-concerned counseling. Check out the official website at and follow their social media accounts, @Diana_stalder on Twitter, and @dianastalder on Instagram.

You may also visit the following Diana Stalder branches near you:

  • Gateway Mall, Basement 2, Araneta Center Cubao
    (02)351.0299 | +63 917 6218468
  • SM Megamall, 5/F Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
    (02)531.5644 | +63 917 6265362
  • SM Calamba, 3/F, Calamba Laguna
    (049)306.0602 | +63 917 6276523

Svelt’i Aesthetic Center Ortigas now open

Svelt'i Aesthetic Center Ortigas

You can now look your loveliest and be yout best self ever at the newly opened Svelt’i Aesthetic Center in Ortigas. Located at the Ground Floor of Millennium Building along Meralco Avenue, this newest branch of Svelt’i promises to deliver the best results of your favorite skin and body services.

Svelt'i Aesthetic Center Ortigas

Headed by Dr. Catherine Anne Caoile, M.D., the Svelt’i Ortigas team is composed of highly trained registered nurses and medical professionals, who are all committed to serving their clients. “Our cutting-edge treatments are designed to assist people to achieve their beauty and fitness goals. Our protocols are safe and adhere to the highest medical standards. Results can be seen almost immediately, and there is very little downtime. That’s why we can say, ‘You can look your best self ever,’ despite the challenges you constantly face at home and at work,” says Dr. Caoile.

Among the newest services you can avail at Svelt’i are:

Svelt'i Aesthetic Center Ortigas

Lavieen, a stunning skin rebirth where damaged cells are removed and the patient’s skin is rejuvenated and restored to its glowing attraction. A single procedure can remove blemishes such as chickenpox scars and acne scars. It can also reduce or eliminate unflattering pigmentations like melasma, freckles, wrinkles, and age spots. Mothers who had just given birth can also undergo Lavieen to lessen the visibility of stretch marks. It can also whiten or lighten dull skin tone.

Svelt'i Aesthetic Center Ortigas

Svelte Lift is a non-invasive option for a surgical facelift. It uses High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to tighten and contour sagging skin. Because of its non-invasive, non-surgical method, you can literally return to your normal activities right after the session and see immediate results.

Svelt'i Aesthetic Center Ortigas

Juventus Elite is a technological breakthrough combining ultrasound with thermal radiofrequency energies to smoothen the skin while contouring the body and face to the desired shape or curve. Approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), it is used to treat deep or etched wrinkles on any area of the body, but most especially the neck. This treatment has been proven to be safe and effective for skin tightening, face and body contouring, and cellulite treatment.

Visit Svelt’i today and try out these services and more. You may also visit Svelt’i in Quezon City, located at the Fifth Floor, South Insula Bldg, Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

G-Force’s Teacher Georcelle shows us how to M.O.V.E.

If you’re a fan of local TV and showbiz, you probably know who Teacher Georcelle is.

Not only is she a pioneer in the art of modern dance—having put up the country’s most sought after dance group, the G-Force—and literally the force behind some of our favorite artists’ dance moves, Georcelle Dapat-Sy (or Teacher G as she is fondly called by her students) is also quite the mover and shaker in the fashion and beauty industry.

In her latest move, Teacher Georcelle has partnered with BYS, the country’s fastest-growing makeup franchise, for a new lipstick line that embodies her energy, passion, and confidence.

M.O.V.E. is a range of eight rich matte shades, ranging from muted hues to bright and dark reds. Named after their philosophy in the face of challenges and opportunities, M.O.V.E lipsticks are formulated to endure all rigorous dance routines and apply as smoothly as a perfect pirouette. With creamy matte finishes, the rich selection of colors will definitely help makeup lovers move to their own beat.

My personal fave is #07 Pin Up, a soft old rose shade perfect for everyday wear.

Aside from giving gorgeous lip pigments, M.O.V.E lipsticks also double as an accessory, as they are housed in swanky brass, silver, and black bullet cases attached to a thick snake chain. This means you longer have to scramble through your purse for a retouch!

M.O.V.E. by Teacher Georcelle and BYS is exclusively available at Watsons and SM Beauty stores nationwide, and online at