Visa and Tanghalang Pilipino launches “Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog” web series

Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, and Tanghalang Pilipino (TP), the multi-awarded resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), are launching a new version of their financial literacy themed play “Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog” (LLBB).

The five-episode web series will be free for streaming starting this September. 

First launched in 2017 as an interactive stage musical that is supported by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), LLBB features the story of teenager Gwyneth as she struggles to handle her finances and learns the value of proper financial management with help from her family and friends, and some Filipino heroes brought to life. 

“It’s important to teach young Filipinos how to make smart financial decisions and the Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog theater performance has been extremely successful in helping us achieve this objective. This year, we wanted to create new stories that are relevant in the new normal, while making the play educational and entertaining. We are excited to partner again with our trusted allies in financial education such as Tanghalang Pilipino and Teach for the Philippines to introduce the web series, to expand our outreach to more Filipino children and young people in the country,” said Dan Wolbert, Visa Country Manager for the Philippines and Guam.

Written by Eljay Castro Deldoc and directed by Avic Ilagan, the new LLBB stories feature five web episodes that focus on various financial topics such as the concept of promotional sales, value of saving, basics of credit, earning additional income, and scam awareness and prevention. 

The protagonist is Gwyneth, a teenage girl who will embark on a journey to financial literacy with guidance from characters like Lolo Sally and best friend Jing-Jing. The new web series also introduces new roles such as Gwyneth’s mother Blessie and friend-turned-admirer Aaron, with special appearances from Philippine national heroes and cultural icons.

Well-known financial literacy experts Salve Duplito and Rose Fres Fausto are also featured in the after-show interviews with Lolo Sally to enlighten the audience by providing financial education tips. Through their helpful insights and easy-to-apply tips, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of financial literacy concepts and gain better money management skills.

With Filipinos relying heavily on digital platforms to access media and entertainment, the web series is accessible through the social media sites of Tanghalang Pilipino (FacebookYouTube) and its other non-profit organization partner for children’s education, Teach for the Philippines ( It will also be showcased on Visa’s Facebook channel. 

To reach remote parts of the country with limited access to the internet, LLBB also adapted this web series into a radio play which will air in local radio stations nationwide via the radio networks of Manila Broadcasting Company and Cultural Center of the Philippines.

“We are thankful to partner again with Visa for the new LLBB stories. The success we had with the live performances of LLBB in theaters and on campuses showed how impactful theater is when it comes to education. The new LLBB web series will further prove that theater as a medium remains relevant and versatile to help not only the youths but viewers of all ages to become better in managing their finances,” said Carmela Millado-Manuel, Tanghalang Pilipino Company Manager.

Since its debut four years ago, LLBB has reached over 37,000 students and educators across the Philippines. Fans of the show can watch the original story again via Tanghalang Pilipino’s YouTube page. For more information about Visa and LLBB, visit

Hit Productions leads Filipino audio production in going global

The global pandemic has certainly impacted different industries negatively, including the entertainment and audio-visual segment.

In the first few months of enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila, 865,000 workers in the audiovisual industry―the majority of which are freelancers―were displaced due to the pandemic.

Fortunately, agencies and workers in the industry learned to pivot and run operations remotely. Hit Productions, the Philippines’ most awarded audio production house headed by Vic Icasas, was one of the studios that sustained their operations and even expand their portfolio with more clients and projects amidst a global crisis.

According to Icasas, it helped that the studio already had remote work protocols in place even as far back as 2013.

Tools already in use prior to the pandemic such as Slack, Source Connect, and Zoom enabled Hit Productions’ employees to conduct online meetings and contactless recordings, so much so that recording sessions on Zoom were no longer any different to recording audios in a physical studio with the producers, engineers, and talents separated by glass vocal booth windows.

The arrangement proved to be fruitful as Hit Productions was still able to handle the sound production for the campaigns of some of the biggest brands in the Philippines―Globe, McDonald’s, Jollibee, and Emperador Brandy, just to name a few―in 2020.

Their success over the past year proves that they, along with other companies in the local entertainment and advertising industries that were able to similarly sustain operations, are capable of weathering a crisis and taking on work for local and international clients even without physical facilities and geographical limitations.

Which now begs the question: Does the Philippines have a chance to be a global hub for audio production?

For Icasas, it’s a resounding yes. “I believe the Philippines is set to take on a higher role in audio production for global film, television, music, gaming, advertising, and other key creative industries. Without discounting the negative effects of the pandemic, we can acknowledge that it also created a silver lining for the audio production industry by showing us that we can accomplish our work remotely. This opens up a multitude of opportunities for Filipino production houses, studios and the like to be discovered outside the Philippines,” he explained.

At a press conference held last June 14, Icasas explained that there are three megatrends that account for the global rise in audio production in the Philippines.

These megatrends are the democratization of digital tools used for audio recording combined with the proficiency of Filipinos in digital technologies; the fluency of Filipinos in the English language; and the advent of remote working that has made the world flat.

Hit Productions has become an embodiment of these megatrends. Other than remote and contactless recording, Icasas together with founding partner Dennis Cham have also designed mobile solutions using a Hyundai van that has been retrofitted to become a sound studio on wheels as well as tablet-powered portable recording kits that can be deployed via courier.

They’ve used these tools to work with some of the biggest celebrities in the country such as Dingdong Dantes, Sarah Geronimo, Marian Rivera, and Luis Manzano. They’ve also invested heavily in software and audio plugins to tweak and improve the quality of work-from-home voice recordings done during the pandemic to the point that the sound virtually equates to studio quality.

With all of these resources and tools in their arsenal, Hit Productions is poised to handle any project that comes their way. And just as these digital tools have been helpful to Icasas’ company, they will be similarly instrumental to other production houses in the country as well. 

There really are no limitations today in the entertainment and audio-visual industry―not even a global crisis. Philippine-based agencies and production houses are undoubtedly now set to take the global stage.

“What many Filipino-led studios fail to realize is that we have the potential to make it in other countries as much as we do in the Philippines,” Icasas said. “Thankfully, with all of the digital tools and mobile and remote solutions available at our disposal today, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go beyond where we are now. It’s time for us to produce more world-class ads, films, shows, games, and campaigns while staying close to our Filipino culture.”

Watch BLACKPINK’s “Show You Like That” concert exclusively via Globe

In case you haven’t heard, JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA of K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK are Globe’s newest brand ambassadors.

Last year, the girls painted the Philippines black and pink with their stunning TVC, a massive digital channel takeover, a fan-favorite pre-show, and exclusive access to THE SHOW concert, plus other perks and content all streamed through Globe’s social media and online platforms.

This year, Globe is giving BLINKS more ways to connect with their favorite idols as the brand’s continuous efforts to reinvent entertainment invites all fans of the quartet behind smash hits like “DDU-DDU-DDU-DDU” and “Lovesick Girls,” to SHOW YOU LIKE THAT, a free online event for Globe’s Kmmunity PH Facebook Group.

On June 18, 2021 at 7:30pm, members of the hallyu-centered Facebook Group will get exclusive access to catch the OT4 as they greet and engage with their Filipino fans for the first time since their record-shattering online concert earlier this year.

Bet you wanna be one of the lucky viewers? Feed your frenzy for their high-energy pop and stunning visuals!

Simply join Globe’s Kmmunity PH Facebook Group to catch the special online event with JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA, and quench your thirst for more BLACKPINK content in your area.

Always looking to uplift Filipinos in their everyday lives, Globe Telecom is committed to creating innovative ways for all fans to stay connected with each other and with their favorite idols.

For more updates about Show You Like That, follow Globe Telecom’s Facebook page , and join Globe’s Kmmunity PH’s Facebook group.

In the meantime, unleash your inner BLINK and enjoy fun and exclusive content and activities found in the Hallyu At Home Room.

Register at  and find out what you stan for with the “What Kind of KPop Fan Are You” personality quiz or make your KPop star dreams come true and take endless selfies using the Selca @ Home photo booth where they can choose from a variety of KPop vibes backgrounds and super kyeopta stickers.

You can also own the limited edition Globe At Home x BLACKPINK modem for only Php 2,499!

It comes with 10GB data upon activation, plus limited edition signed packaging and BLACKPINK photocards, photocard holder and sticker packs.

Visit the Globe Shop online, Add to Cart, and hit Check Out through this link:

Get your complete fix of ‘The Real Housewives’ on hayu

Sass, glam, drama, laughter, and more — these are just some of the few things you can expect from the all-around amazing woman-slash-housewife power of reality series The Real Housewives. You can especially enjoy the show via hayu, the Home of the Housewives.

With lots of spin-offs resulting from the success of the very first TRH series The Real Housewives of Orange County, you surely won’t run out of Housewives content to binge-watch and keep yourself entertained with.

Know more about what the latest developments are for some TRH series:

The Real Housewives of New York City

Seasons 1-13 | Brand New Episodes every Wednesday, same Day as the U.S.

New Faces, New Drama!

With a new apartment and furry friend, Leah McSweeney is on a mission to continue elevating her life.

The Upper East Side welcomes back Luann de Lesseps, who is excited to settle in her new space, be closer to friends, and spark up a new romance.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Seasons 1-11 | Brand New Episodes every Thursday starting May 20, same Day as the U.S.

These diamonds are back and under pressure!

Erika Girardi shocks the group with news that she is filing for divorce from her husband and is entangled in a web of legal proceedings.

Kyle Richards struggles with the realization that her daughters are growing up and her impending empty-nest status.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Seasons 1-15

Dive-in headfirst into the private lives of the privileged residents of Orange County, the elite Southern California community.

Offering a fly-on-the-wall view of the day-to-day existence of the truly decadent and extravagantly casual, this is an addictive real life soap opera starring the tanned, bleached, and fabulous.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Seasons 1-5

Time to saddle up and head to the Lone Star State! Demonstrating that everything is indeed bigger in Texas, these sophisticated southern socialites flaunt over-the-top lifestyles as they jockey for position within the elite tiers of the Dallas social scene.

The series gives an exclusive look inside their massive Texas mansions and glitzy galas full of intriguing gossip and shocking scandals.

With big egos and quick tempers, these proud Texans prove that things are truly wilder out west.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Season 1

Head to the scenic mountains of Salt Lake City for a peek inside the unconventional lives of six successful women navigating an exclusive social circle in a city where religion, status, and perfection are praised to the highest degree.

Representing an array of religious beliefs; these Utah ladies have been blessed with luxurious homes, multi-million-dollar businesses, glamorous lifestyles, and families.

But the pursuit of perfection can take its toll, leading to plenty of drama within their elite group.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Seasons 1-13

Head to the southern U.S for an up-close and personal look at life in Hotlanta, as the series follows a group of glamorous Southern belles as they balance motherhood, demanding careers, and a fast-paced social calendar, and show what life is like in the most exclusive areas of Atlanta.

These driven and ambitious women prove that they’re not just “housewives,” but entrepreneurs, doting mothers and
passionate Southern women.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Seasons 1-11

Big homes, big hair, big money, and big drama. Welcome to New Jersey, home to some of the Garden State’s most affluent ladies and the families they run.

These best friends do everything over-the-top, from their decorating to their dating and their fighting.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey showcases the McMansions and lavish lifestyles of these women and all the conflict that new money can buy.

Check out the complete set of The Real Housewives franchise and get ready to join the ladies in their ups and downs as they navigate their lives through womanhood.

Access unlimited shows with a subscription plan or prepaid pass now! Sign-up via to a weekly plan for only Php49 or a monthly plan of Php149 with a FREE TRIAL of 7 days.

Or get a hayu prepaid pass and save on your weekly, monthly, or quarterly pass series on!

Win a Spark 6 Air or over 150 other prizes in the TECNO Mobile Livestream Talent Show

This April 24, global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile will hold its second Livestream event this month titled “Spark Up Your Energy,” which will showcase Filipino talent through song and dance numbers from top celebrities.

Catch Julie Anne San Jose, Darren Espanto, and Jillian Ward, together with hosts Dianne Medina and Sam YG, in an online talent show featuring fans who wish to fulfill their dreams of performing just like their celebrity idols.

Along with the performances and celebrity games, fans can look forward to an exclusive Lazada deal, as well as an exciting live raffle during the online event.

Over 150 amazing prizes will be given away, including cash, TECNO Mobile smartphones, and gift sets. This is your chance to win a Spark 6 Air! All you need to do to join the live raffle is root for your celebrity idol and enjoy the show.

TECNO Mobile’s recently launched Spark 6 Air is a brand new smartphone offering for Filipino consumers. Perfect for work, learning, and leisure, this mobile device is equipped with a huge HD+ screen, with extra-long battery life and superior image capture abilities.

Here are the features of the new Spark 6 Air that you need to know about:

● 6.95” Dot Notch Display with 90.6% screen to body ratio, and 720×1640 HD+ resolution that allows you to fully enjoy viewing media and playing games, while still remaining convenient and portable.
● 6,000 mAh battery capacity capable of 35 days of standby time, 34 hours of calling, 14 hours of gaming, 159 hours of music, 21 hours of web browsing, or 19 hours of video playback on a single charge.
● Triple AI Camera with Quad Flash Setup that creates stellar images through its 13MP main camera lens, AI lens, and 2MP depth sensor, plus quad flash feature, along with built-in HDR, bokeh effects, and AI detection scenes.
● 120fps Slow Motion Capture, which can highlight every important detail of fast-paced events recorded on your smartphone.

Get the TECNO Spark 6 Air with 3GB+32GB memory online at the TECNO Mobile Flagship Store in Lazada for only PHP 4,690. This phone comes in 3 vibrant colors – Comet Black, Ocean Blue, and Cloud White.

Another smartphone to check out is TECNO Mobile’s CAMON 16, available exclusively at TECNO Mobile’s partner retail stores for only P7,990. CAMON 16 comes with a 48MP Ultra Quad Camera, with a four-camera lens combination for comprehensive smartphone photography.

It is equipped with a Bokeh Depth of Field Lens, an AI Lens, a Macro Lens, and a 48MP Main Lens with a 79-degree wide-angle view. It also has an Ultra Night Lens with 1-second image processing for higher quality night images, with convenient anti-over exposure and AI portrait segment features.

CAMON 16 also has a huge RAM and ROM capacity of 128GB+6GB, allowing users to save thousands of songs and photos, or several HD movies and apps for offline entertainment on the go. This smartphone is capable of 18W fast charging, with advanced protection technology that ensures automatic regulation of charging inputs that helps to prolong the hardware and software of the device.

Be sure to catch TECNO Mobile’s upcoming Livestream event on April 24 for your chance to win a TECNO Mobile smartphone! For updates, follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook, and visit

TECNO Mobile hosts livestream events to Spark Up the fun and energy of summer

Global premier mobile phone brand, TECNO Mobile, is bringing an unforgettable all the fun and energy through your mobile screens with livestream events filled with surprises.

This April, the country’s most entertaining influencers, comedians, and celebrities are coming together to kickstart summer, and everyone is invited to join in the fun.

Fans of standup comedy will surely enjoy Spark Up the Fun, a showdown of wit and humor featuring the greatest standup comics that the Philippines has to offer like Beks Battalion, Mika Salamanca, Baninay, and hosted by the super funny tandem, DONEKLA.

You can look forward to tons of laughter and big surprises at this Livestream event on April 17 along with games, raffle draws, and over 150 amazing phone, cash prizes, and Shopee exclusives that will be given away.

TECNO Mobile’s second Livestream will be a showcase of Filipino creativity and talent. Catch your favorite local celebrities, as they sing and dance at Spark Up Your Energy.

Fans who aspire to become like their celebrity idols will get the chance to participate in this Livestream show. Fun games, TECNO smartphones, and cash giveaways are also in store for the event’s attendees.

As we embrace a more digitally-driven lifestyle, online activities including live streaming, distance learning, and remote work are becoming regular parts of day-to-day life. With this, a high-performing smartphone continues to be a necessity.

As Ye Yuan, Deputy General Manager of TECNO Mobile, stresses, a smartphone provides its users with an essential link to the outside world, whether this is used for productivity, education, or staying in touch with friends and loved ones.

Through its revolutionary TECNO Spark 6 Go AI-powered mobile device, TECNO Mobile is able to fill this need for its consumers in the Philippines. Designed and developed to keep up with users’ changing needs, TECNO Mobile’s smartphone offerings are also affordable, making them more accessible to the masses.

TECNO Spark 6 Go was initially launched last year and is now making a comeback, still with a multitude of features that are relevant for everyone. This includes:

  • A large 6.52” HD Resolution Screen that allows users to enjoy various media content with great ease. Watch movies, browse the web, and play games in full detail, while in compact form on a much more portable device.
  • A built-in AI Dual Unlock Feature,capable of both face-unlock and fingerprint scanning, has been tested to ensure that files remain private and secure, allowing users to stay confident.
  • A camera with AI Beauty Mode and 18 AI Scene Detection features for outstanding images all the time. Take great selfies anytime, anywhere with Spark 6 Go’s 6-layer AI beauty image processing capability. Photos taken from the rear camera are now more rich and vibrant as well, with its all-new 18 AI scene detection software.
  • 5000 mAh battery that allows for up to 36 days of standby time, 24 hours of calling, 19 hours of web browsing, 25 hours of video playback, 125 hours of music, or 15 hours of gaming on a single charge.
  • Audio Share allows up to 3 Bluetooth speakers or 2 Bluetooth headphones to connect simultaneously, making it possible to effortlessly share music with friends during parties or enjoy it privately with a special someone.

TECNO Spark 6 Go is available at the TECNO Mobile PH Official Store in Shopee Mall. It comes in two models – The Spark 6 Go (KE5) with 2GB+32GB memory has an affordable price tag of P3,990, while Spark 6 Go (KE5K) with 4GB+64GB memory price dropped to P4,999 from its original price of P5,490.

Both TECNO Spark 6 Go models are available in Aqua Blue, Ice Jadeite, Sky Black and Mystery White colors.

Also check out TECNO Mobile’s CAMON 16 smartphone, available exclusively at TECNO Mobile’s partner retail stores for only P7,990.

CAMON 16 comes with a 48MP Ultra Quad Camera, with a four-camera lens combination for comprehensive smartphone photography. It is equipped with a Bokeh Depth of Field Lens, an AI Lens, a Macro Lens, and a 48MP Main Lens with a 79-degree wide-angle view.

It also has an Ultra Night Lens with 1-second image processing for higher quality night images, with convenient anti-over exposure and AI portrait segment features. CAMON 16 also has a huge RAM and ROM capacity of 128GB+6GB, allowing users to save thousands of songs and photos, or several HD movies and apps for offline entertainment on the go.

This smartphone is capable of 18W fast charging, with advanced protection technology that ensures automatic regulation of charging inputs that helps to prolong the hardware and software of the device.

Be sure to catch the Livestream events happening this April and you might just win a TECNO mobile phone! For more updates, follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook, and visit

More episodes, prizes, and surprises from Home Credit’s HC Live soon

After a successful pilot run of live streams, Home Credit Philippines—the country’s leading consumer finance company with a nationwide store presence and rapidly growing mobile presence—will be streaming weekly episodes of HC Live on its official Facebook page starting this March.

As an easy-to-approach financial partner during this digital shift, Home Credit’s HC Live becomes a new platform to connect and interact with customers and followers online.

Through entertaining unboxing videos, informative product reviews, and fun game demos, HC Live also gets to promote the latest offers of its partner brands.

Each month, a different partner brand will be featured in HC Live and will give away awesome prizes, special codes, and discounts to viewers.

Among the popular brands featured previously were Oppo, realme, Lenovo, Acer, Wow Fiesta, Breville, Misso Wonder Machines, TCL, LDSystems, and Grand Videoke.

HC Live will also continue to invite special guest hosts for a more enjoyable and engaging live stream experience for its viewers.

In its past episodes, Home Credit was joined by tech and lifestyle guru Carlo Ople, Ciara Magallanes of Mommy Diaries PH, Vlad Magallanes of Daddy Diaries PH, social media and realme influencer Apple David, and HC’s very own “kaibigan na madaling lapitan” (approachable friend) Edith.

“Along with our partner brands, we are excited to regularly connect with our viewers and treat them with more special deals and discounts through HC Live,” says Home Credit Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer Sheila Paul.

“We are also continuing to explore more social media platforms where we can further share interactive content about Home Credit and reach out to a wider audience.”

Aside from the exciting prizes and surprises, HC Live has in store, Home Credit also offers endless shopping deals and rewarding discounts through its My Home Credit app.

With SMILE, Home Credit’s nationwide discount program, anyone with the My Home Credit app can enjoy up to 50% discount when shopping or dining at over 15,000 Home Credit partner stores.

Follow Home Credit Philippines’ official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Kumu to stay updated on its weekly HC Live episodes and download the My Home Credit app for more promos.

BTS to appear in world-class ad for Smart’s “Passion with Purpose” campaign

Smart + BTS

ARMY in the Philippines, listen up! Our loves BTS are headlining Smart Communications’ newest camapaign called “Passion with Purpose.”

Smart Communications Inc. has signed Grammy-nominated music act BTS to headline the banner “Live Smarter, Live with Purpose” 2021 campaign.

As Smart’s newest ambassadors, BTS will appear in a world-class ad campaign to be released within the first quarter of the year.

This groundbreaking partnership will showcase BTS’ support of Smart’s goal to inspire the Filipino youth to live their lives with passion and purpose.

“Aside from their remarkable talent, BTS emerged as the biggest band in the world because of their meaningful music that brings hope and encouragement to fans especially in the bleakest of times. It is therefore a big honor to welcome BTS to the Smart family so we may inspire more Filipinos to find purpose in everything they do and ultimately live Smarter for a BEtter World,” said Alfredo S. Panlilio, Smart President and CEO.

“Just like BTS who are able to inspire millions of young people all over the world their music, Smart Prepaid aims to bring about amazing experiences to the Filipino youth through technology to make life easy, fast, and simple. This way, the young generation are empowered to immerse in their interests and succeed with their pursuits,” said Jane J. Basas, SVP and Consumer Wireless Business Head at Smart.

Currently the world’s biggest band, BTS is a powerhouse in the global pop scene with legions of fans — aptly called ARMY — composed of youth and a wider demographic.

The septet composed of RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook has been known for sending timely messages of comfort, hope, and healing to fans through their music and this latest partnership with Smart certainly elevates that.

In the teaser video posted on Smart’s Facebook account, BTS leader RM said:

“We’re here to support Smart’s goal to inspire our Filipino fans to live their lives with passion and purpose… No matter the challenges that lie ahead. And with that, we’re proud to announce:

“Simple, SMART AKO!” the rest of the members join him in unison.

Check out the video below:

Bond over hayu’s exciting line-up this holiday season

Spending time with the ones you love is the very essence of the holiday season. But during this time of the pandemic, we are forced to be separated and spend this joyful season apart.

But we can still make this the happiest holiday memory by bonding over your favorite shows on hayu, the first all-reality subscription video-on-demand service of its kind available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, the Nordics, Canada, Benelux union, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and Austria.

For the month of December, hayu has lined up an exciting list of programs that will surely keep you engaged.

New seasons of Real Housewives

Get ready for a jaw-dropping new season when the Real Housewives of Atlanta returns–available to stream the same day as the U.S. on hayu. With her wedding quickly approaching, Cynthia Bailey is elated to be marrying the man of her dreams, even as they face wedding planning obstacles set in place by COVID-19. Kenya Moore’s fairytale romance continues to be on the rocks after a difficult year, but she remains determined as ever to live her life on her terms.

Less than a year after welcoming baby Blaze, Kandi Burruss’s life shows no signs of slowing down. Porsha Williams steps into her family legacy, tirelessly lending her voice and efforts to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Actress and singer Drew Sidora joins the group as the newest housewife, ready to make some waves and spice things up.

Want more of the Housewives? hayu has got you covered! Make sure to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County seasons 1-15.

Past secrets emerge and newfound happiness is questioned as the ladies of the OC try to find out the truth. The impact of coronavirus takes its toll on the women as they try to adjust to their new reality.

There’s also The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 1. Delving into the undiscovered world of an exclusive social circle made up of six successful women. Follow the unconventional lives of these elites as they navigate a society fueled by religion, beauty, wealth and perfection.

Equally engaging is The Real Housewives of Potomac Seasons 1-5. A new housewife is in town with some brains and sass, and she’s making sure the ladies put some respect on her name. Another season of drama and second chances!

To complete your RH fix, catch The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 1-12. Take a peek into the glitzy and champagne-fueled lives of six ladies who run Cheshire’s most exclusive social circle.

Explore more reality TV on hayu

For that long December break, you can also stay in and binge on these must-watch shows on hayu:

Catch-up on ALL and COMPLETE seasons with the latest episodes of your favorite reality TV family — Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Start from the beginning of season 1 to keep up with Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, Kylie, Kendall, and Scott all the way through season 19, only on hayu.

Sail away with the Below Deck crew to amazing places while dealing with their drama at sea. Below Deck chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a superyacht during charter season. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to make their professional careers work. Catch Seasons 1-8 on hayu.

Satisfy your cravings with this culinary cook-off competition. Top Chef features chefs competing against each other in culinary challenges. They are judged by a panel of professional chefs and other notables from the food and wine industry with one or more contestants eliminated in each episode. Find out who can take the heat in the kitchen.

hayu has tons more with over 300 shows such as Watch What Happens Live, Asia’s Most Extraordinary Weddings, Don’t Be Tardy, Southern Charm, and their True Crime shelf featuring docuseries such as Buried in the Backyard, Killer Siblings, and The Case Died With Her if you’re into murder mysteries.

You will never run out of shows to catch up on this month with hayu. Access unlimited shows with a subscription or prepaid pass now! Sign-up via to a weekly plan for only P49 or a monthly plan of P149 with a FREE TRIAL.

Or get a hayu prepaid pass and save on your weekly, monthly, or quarterly pass.

BTS #LifeGoesOn TikTok Challenge sets 930M record views in 15 days

Spreading good vibes and positivism all over the internet and social media, Korean supergroup BTS’ latest single “Life Goes On” has topped the Billboard Hot 100 on the chart’s December 5 release.


The sun will always rise again ⛅ 또 하루 더 날아가지 🕊 ##BTS ##방탄소년단 ##LifeGoesOn by Jin

♬ Life Goes On – BTS

The title track from the new album BE is a mid-tempo alternative hip hop and synth-pop song that collectively expresses the group’s stories and thoughts about life during the pandemic.


Track-leaves 🍁🍂 ##BTS ##방탄소년단 ##LifeGoesOn by RM

♬ Life Goes On – BTS

The song’s entrancing melody has also set a record of 930 million hashtag views in just 15 days on TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos.


Flowers for ARMY 🌼💐 ##BTS ##방탄소년단 ##LifeGoesOn by Jimin

♬ Life Goes On – BTS

Held from November 21 to December 5, the #LifeGoesOn challenge was a call for users all over the word to interpret and positively express how ‘Life Goes On’ in their own creative ways.


Capture moments in life 📸🌈 찰칵 찰칵! ##BTS ##방탄소년단 ##LifeGoesOn by j-hope

♬ Life Goes On – BTS

The videos created with #LifeGoesOn had more than 463,276 in 15 days of the campaign. 

BTS members RM, Jin, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook — save for Suga who is currently recuperating from a surgery to treat his ailing shoulder problem, which he has endured for the last eight years — also participated in the challenge and connected with their fans by releasing TikTok videos of their own.


Add some colors to your life! 🎨 사각사각 쓱쓱 🐰 ##BTS ##방탄소년단 ##LifeGoesOn by Jung Kook

♬ Life Goes On – BTS

In their Tiktok videos, Jin goes through a flipbook, RM and V does maple leaf art, Jimin decorates a glass bottle, j-hope takes Polaroid pictures, and JungKook practices calligraphy.

In response, the group’s fans, called ARMY, uploaded videos of themselves dancing and singing along to the new song, as well as moments in their daily lives with friends and family. 


Like an echo in the forest 🍃🎵 ##BTS ##방탄소년단 ##LifeGoesOn by V

♬ Life Goes On – BTS

A special ‘Life Goes On (ARMY version)’ music video will be released on the official BTS TikTok and social media channels on December 30, capturing selected video submissions that were part of the #LifeGoesOn challenge.

For more details about the challenge, visit the #LifeGoesOn Challenge Event Page.