IQ may not be enough: Raising Mentally Resilient Children

It has been said time and time again: what all mothers want is for their children to grow up healthy, strong, and smart.

To achieve these, moms have long believed that apart from their kids’ physical well-being,  IQ  is the one facet that needs to be harnessed as it is akin to mental strength. That’s why moms prioritized fostering their children’s IQ, mainly intent on nurturing logic, memory, and language. However, in recent years, it has been discovered that mental resilience relies on the development of not only IQ but also EQ.

EQ or emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage one’s own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Recent studies point out the importance of EQ as part of a child’s holistic growth and in the development of mental health among children. Unfortunately,  nurturing EQ abilities such as confidence, sociability, attentiveness, etc. has been the missing part of the development of Filipino children for years.

Good news for moms as there is now a reliable way to nurture the EQ growth of kids above 3 years old. Moms can now help complete the #MissingHalf of their kids’ development with Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro along with proper nutrition and stimulation. Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro is the only one with the game-changing combination of MFGM Pro and superior DHA levels*, plus a prebiotic blend of HMO and FOS.

MGFM or Milk Fat Globule Membrane, which contains proteins and lipids such as phospholipids and sphingomyelin, plays an important role in supporting your child’s cognitive development and may help enhance a child’s EQ. DHA, on the other hand, helps support brain development.

Today’s millennial moms must understand that while building up IQ helps kids communicate, comprehend, memorize and reason more, EQ development will help their kids become more confident, optimistic, calm, sociable, alert, attentive, and good-tempered. When moms help foster both the EQ and IQ of their children in addition to giving them proper nutrition, stimulation, and  Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro, their children are set to have fulfilling childhoods, and achieve holistic development, and attain growth that may increase their chance for future success.

So moms, help raise your kids’ IQ and EQ advantage.  Nurture them with love and care– and help complete the #MissingHalf now through proper nutrition, stimulation, and Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro.

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Per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 0201 s. 2022 and 2055 s. 2021
*Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro 35mg vs. other premium milk brands


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Kristine Hermosa Never Settles for Anything Less

For a very long time, moms believed that apart from fostering health, immunity, and fitness, enhancing their kids’ IQ was the most important thing needed to ensure the development of their children. Little did moms know that there’s more to raising children with high IQ- and that they have been actually missing out on the other half which is vital to the mental health development of their growing kids: EQ or emotional intelligence.

Popular actress Kristine Hermosa, loving wife to Oyo Sotto and mother to five kids vouches for the importance of nurturing a child’s EQ, which she says should be given the same priority as honing their IQ.

While engaging her kids to join activities that intend to sharpen their IQ like reading educational books, building legos, and playing chess, Kristine also makes sure that she nurtures her kids’ EQ-  by teaching them skills related to confidence, behavior regulation, and independence.

She explains, “EQ is equally important to our family. There are times they get frustrated and lose heart, for example when doing homeschool or learning new sports, or when they cannot properly execute what they imagine–  we tell them that frustration comes with learning and they just need to persevere and not give up. When they face uncertainties, I believe that it’s their EQ that will help them overcome, apart from their personal relationship with the Lord. With EQ they are able to learn how to deal with success, heartbreaks, challenges and other situations and how to live in a world full of troubles and temptations”.

Making sure that her kids grow up with high EQ has reaped fruit. Kristine proudly cites 3 traits that best describe how her children exhibit good EQ:

  1. Caring– “They are responsible children even when we’re not around, the older kids are in charge of taking good care of their younger siblings, they help them shower, assist them when eating, reminding them to clean their mess, to pray, etc– though it’s not always perfect and peaceful as they are kids but overall, Oyo and I know that we can rely on them and that they are very careful not to break our trust.”
  2. Expressive– “They are very expressive with how much they love us. Or how sorry they are when they make a mistake.”
  3. Respectful– “They respect us and other people — they love helping others.”

In making sure her children grow up with high EQ, not just IQ,  Kristine says, “I really make sure that I am present in their lives. I help them in their daily routine and in their studies; I give them encouragement;  learn with them and support and discipline them. I take good care of them by providing for their needs and by giving them a healthy and balanced diet together with the Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro.”

Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro helps #CompleteTheMissingHalf needed for the proper holistic development of kids above 3 years old. With proper nutrition and stimulation, Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro is the only one with the powerful brain-boosting combination of MFGM Pro and superior DHA levels* to help raise your child’s IQ and EQ advantage—plus HMO 2’-FL to help support the immune system. Combined with a mother’s love and care, proper nutrition, stimulation, and Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro holds the key to a child’s holistic growth.

Understanding the importance of a balanced EQ enhancement and IQ enrichment to the mental resilience of children is crucial to a child’s growing years. That’s why other moms raising kids 3 years and older should take heed in the words of Mommy Kristine:  “Don’t settle for half. Help nourish both IQ and EQ to complete the #MissingHalf”.

Learn more about how to complete the #MissingHalf by visiting this link.

*Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro 35mg vs other premium milk brands


New study shows lozenges can help fight COVID-19

Over-the-counter lozenges have been a go-to relief for people experiencing early signs of sore throat and to manage pesky colds or coughs. A recent study claims that some OTC throat lozenges may also be effective against COVID-19.

Researchers at Microbiology and Immunology Institute of the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, found that throat lozenges containing a combination of Benzydamine Hydrochloride (BH) and Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) may have a virucidal effect against Covid-19 and help reduce the risk of viral transmission.

The results of this study were first published by Andrej Steyer, Misa Marusic, Marko Kolenc, Tina Triglav from the Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the article “A throat lozenge with fixed combination of cetylpyridinium chloride and benzydamine hydrochloride has direct virucidal effect on SARS-CoV-2”, COVID, 2021;1(2):435-446 (Available from: ) which has since been republished with permission in the Romanian Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice (Sarafoleanu C et al, 2021).

According to their preliminary findings, which were based on testing in a defined and controlled laboratory environment designed to mimic the conditions of the oral cavity, certain throat lozenges have virus-killing properties that can fight SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19 infection.

In fact, the throat lozenges that have a high concentration of BH and CPC were the fastest at destroying the virus, reducing the viral concentration by 99.99% in as fast as 1 (one) minute. This also suggests the possibility of reducing the amount of virus in the oral cavity as well as reducing the risk of viral transmission.

While this study is yet to be peer-reviewed, it is an encouraging step in the battle against Covid-19.

Especially as economic activities start to reopen with the country downgrading its restriction status to Alert Level 1, these results are extremely encouraging and are a welcome positive step in finding ways to manage the spread of COVID-19.

Of course, getting vaccinated with booster shots and the observance of standard health protocols such as proper handwashing, physical distancing, and mask-wearing are still the most effective ways to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

But through a simple and effective method such as using widely available medicated sore throat lozenges with Benzydamine Hydrochloride and Cetylpyridinium Chloride contents, people can at least add a layer of security for themselves.

Protect your kids from infectious diseases through vaccination

For quite some time now, debates about whether or not it is safe to have our children vaccinated have divided the parenting community.

Anti-vaxxers have recently come forward with supposed evidence linking vaccines to complications in children’s growth and development.

Meanwhile, medical experts have stood by their scientific research and findings that vaccines are indeed effective in protecting them against infectious diseases.

Your Call as a Parent

Every parent wants to keep her child protected, especially against serious, sometimes deadly diseases. We always can’t keep an eye on what our children might get from the environment. 

According to World Health Organization (WHO), twenty-seven out of 1,000 Filipino children do not get past their fifth birthday and the leading cause of children’s death under 5 years old are mostly infectious diseases, which include pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria — diseases that can be prevented through proper nutrition, care, and vaccination. 

Immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) is recommended to a child, especially on the first 1,000 days of life. This is to keep them protected against infectious diseases that may harm them. Vaccines use weakened germs to keep your child’s natural immune response working and provide long-term protection against the disease the vaccine is made for. It is like preparing the immune system of your child for “real” diseases they may contract.

The Fatal Consequence of Delaying Your Choice

A number of parents right now are choosing to delay their routine immunization schedule due to the threat of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). However, is there really no other choice?

According to an online press briefing by Dr. Maria Wilda Silva, the National Immunization Program by the Department of Health (DOH) observed that in May 2020, the rate of Filipino children getting their shots has slowly gone down. It is an alarming rate as it hit an all-time low of 7 percent in the first quarter of the year due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) brought about by the pandemic.

Prior to ECQ, vaccination rates were recorded to be at a 16 percent average immunization rate per quarter — a far cry from the ideal target of 23 to 24 percent per quarter, with a cumulative target of a 95 percent vaccination rate per year to achieve herd immunity.

In 2019, the country has already experienced a measles outbreak which the DOH traced to vaccine hesitation or a delay or refusal in accepting recommended vaccination services despite availability. If this rate continues to downgrade in the coming months or years, we might be facing another disease outbreak which is the first thing we want to prevent.

Don’t worry — the government and other associated agencies have kept the implementation of immunization services as one of their top priorities and all health care services are ready to observe proper infection control measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19. The Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc. (PPS) and Pediatric Infectious Disease Society Of The Philippines (PIDSP) also drafted guidelines on immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As parents, we should also be responsible when we bring our children outside for their vaccination schedule.

  1. Before scheduling for vaccination, ensure that your child is well.
  2. If your child is suffering from fever, cough, colds, diarrhea, and influenza-like illness, seek help or advice from a doctor first.
  3. Make sure that your child has had no significant exposure to a positive or suspected COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.
  4. Know if you and your child are residents in an area with localized transmission or a local community under enhanced quarantine. Check DOH updates to confirm if the child’s community is classified as such. 
  5. Take note of any contraindications or any reason to withhold the vaccination. 
  6. Follow the recommended schedule and administration of vaccines included in the Childhood Immunization Schedule.
  7. Schedule ahead and assess the clinic’s condition and guidelines.

It’s Now Your Call 

Pediatric vaccinations aren’t given in a one-time visit. Each shot is given on a different timeline usually throughout the first 24 months of your child’s life and even until they are 18 years old.

As a parent, you should be the first one to keep track of the vaccinations your child is getting. Some children may need a different schedule based on their health conditions, while others might have to catch up dosage from their previous. 

With all these stages and difficult names, you don’t have to worry about remembering everything all by yourself. Your child’s pediatrician will guide you through the process.

Vaccination is part of keeping a child safe and healthy, but it might also be too complicated for us. That’s why it is okay to ask a lot of questions about vaccines, the vaccine schedule, or how to “catch up” especially if your child hasn’t gotten any shots since birth. But we should ask the right person about it – our pediatrician. 

It is important for parents to consult pediatricians so they can make the best possible decisions for the health and well-being of their children. Go to the nearest clinic or talk to your doctor to know more about the schedule for your kid’s shot.

Visit the Call The Shots Facebook page to learn more.

Here’s why you should care for your thyroid

Caring for one’s thyroid is good for optimal health. Unknown to many, thyroid disorders are becoming more and more prevalent in the Philippines.

According to Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus Jr., president of the Philippine Thyroid Association, common thyroid diseases such as goiter have been affecting mostly women, and that cases among Filipinas have been on the rise since 1993.

“In fact, Filipinos are afflicted with goiter more than diabetes. 9 out of 100 Filipinos have it. While three other known thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer affect a significant number, around 4 to 6 in 1000,” he said during the recently held online event dubbed “Thyroid Care: Walking The Healthy Path.”

A study by the World Health Organization (WHO)’s International Agency for Research on Cancer also revealed that in 2020 alone, thyroid cancer is the number 7 most common cancer in the Philippines, next to cervical cancer. However, the former is the least most common cause of cancer deaths, ranking at number 21.

In the same event organized by leading global pharmaceutical company Merck, Dr. Adrian Fernando, head of the Head & Neck Unit of the Benavides Cancer Institute in UST Hospital, said the rise in thyroid cancer cases is mainly attributed to genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, and advancements in disease detection. 

He claims Filipinos are predisposed to thyroid cancer due to our genetic make-up. “Genetics play an important role in thyroid cancer development. As Filipinos, we need to increase public awareness, invest in improved cancer registry, and adopt our own management guidelines,” Fernando suggested.

The good news is most thyroid disorders are treatable especially if detected early.

The thyroid gland is a small but powerful organ that plays an important role in bodily processes such as metabolism, heart rate, and digestion, among others. It basically produces two important hormones, T3 and T4 that regulate vital bodily functions in coordination with other organs.

Among the most common preventive measures against thyroid diseases are routine head and neck examinations and ultrasound of the thyroid. This detects early on lumps and nodules that can lead to cancer. Another important intervention is to conduct a blood test specifically to detect abnormal amounts of T4 and T3 hormones. 

Merck has been doing its lion’s share of treating and preventing thyroid disorders worldwide by coming up with fact-based, scientific education programs and media forums, while constantly improving their medicines and drugs.

“We see to it that our research and development is well funded and clinically capable of producing the best medicines and treatments for thyroid problems,” said Henry Wilson, president and managing director of Healthcare of Merck in the Philippines. 

Pressed by media on what steps to take to have a healthy thyroid gland, Dr. Nicodemus advised the public to live a healthy lifestyle, make sure to have an ideal intake of iodine through seafood and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, and limit exposure to radiation. Iodine is the main component in producing thyroid hormones.

Merck medical director Dr. Raymond Tapang said to continually come up with more informative media symposiums like this to educate the public on the proper care of their thyroid to prevent diseases.

“Events like this aim to dispense medically sound treatment and solutions to best manage thyroid-related medical conditions. We need public discussions like this to dispel rumors, myths, and fake news on thyroid care that proliferate on the internet,” said Dr. Tapang.

Merck has come up with a Facebook page called Unmasking Your Thyroid to inform the public about proper thyroid healthcare. There are other good resource websites for thyroid care such as and that have thyroid symptom checkers.

As a parting shot, Wilson said the best option still if you feel there is something wrong with your thyroid is to seek professional, medical advice immediately. “Nothing beats that!”

Got milk? Promil Gold Four is on sale on Shopee this 9.9

Breastfeeding is always best for babies up to two years old and above.

But if your child is carving for something more, you may want to complement your child’s nutrition with PROMIL GOLD FOUR Powdered Milk Drink.

Made for kids over 3 years old, this expertly formulated milk support a young child’s brain, immunity, and physical development.

It is the first and ONLY milk supplement from Wyeth Nutrition® enriched with a breakthrough, brain-boosting Alpha-Lipids) that contain Phospholipids, including Sphingomyelin, which is scientifically designed to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination.

Promil Gold Four also contains other nutrients that the brain needs like Choline, which supports overall mental function; DHA3 to support the maintenance of normal brain function; and Lutein, which contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.

This advanced formulation now has HM-O (2’FL), which helps support immunity in four different ways as well as support brain development.

Promil Gold Four is also loaded with Vitamins A, E, and C, Zinc, and Selenium, which kids need to boost their immune system.

Along with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, this powdered milk drink is great for children aged 3 and above.

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Win Up To P2.5M from Pru Life UK’s Pulse App

The rainy season is here again, which means we need to take extra care of our health to prevent ourselves from catching the seasonal flu.

With COVID-19 still looming as well, it’s even more important now to watch what we eat.

Fresh and nutritious food helps boost the immune system. Though sometimes challenging because of all the preparations needed to make a healthy homecooked meal, it can be made easier and gratifying with Pulse, the all-in-one AI-powered health and wellness app from leading life insurer Pru Life UK.

“With health being a top priority for all, Pru Life UK through the Pulse app, wants to be their customers’ partner in effectively monitoring their nutrition to help prevent any diseases especially this rainy season,” shares Allan Tumbaga, Pru Life UK SVP & Chief Customer Marketing Officer. “We at Pru Life UK want to help as many Filipinos as possible maintain optimal health, and instill this habit through our health management app.”

Some of Pulse’s features include Healthcheck, a comprehensive AI-driven health assessment tool that checks your medical and family history, lifestyle, nutrition, and mental health. It also has a Call-a-Dietician feature which offers unlimited chat access and a one-hour video call consultation with a licensed dietitian who can help address a user’s dietary concerns.

Through the Pulse Gold subscription, the app also has a Food Journal feature which allows users to upload a photo of their food and monitor their daily food intake to achieve a balanced diet. Some of the most nutritious fruits and vegetables that users upload as part of their meals are:

  1. Oranges

High levels of flavonoids and vitamin C are present in citrus fruits which include oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Vitamin C helps decrease inflammation, which is useful in fighting a fever. It’s better to enjoy these fruits raw since Vitamin C is heat sensitive and may be reduced when cooked. They also contain Quercetin, a specific flavonoid, which is helpful when treating rhinovirus infections that usually cause common colds. 

  1. Papaya

Aside from a substantial amount of Vitamin C, papaya contains papain, a digestive enzyme that has anti-inflammatory effects. This means that it is not only capable of protecting a body from viruses, but also of treating it. It also has fibers located by the bowels, allowing for better and more regular digestion. Lastly, papayas can be enjoyed raw, making them an easy treat.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is an example of a cruciferous vegetable that is proven to boost immunity. It contains sulforaphane, which neutralizes toxins and in turn, prevents them from turning into viruses. These can be activated by consuming it raw or steaming it for one to three minutes below 140˚C.

  1. Spinach

Spinach contains Vitamin C and antioxidants like digestion-regulating fiber, which aid in the excretion of unwanted toxins in the body. Similar to broccoli, spinach can be best enjoyed with minimal to no cooking to ensure that its nutrients stay.

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that strengthens your immune system by widening blood vessels and preventing clot formation. Cooking it with a little olive oilincreases its effect since vitamin E is absorbed better if eaten with a little healthy fat.

  1. Red Bell Peppers

Vitamin C is three times as present in bell peppers as they are in citrus fruits. It is also rich in beta-carotene which can reduce inflammation and boost immune functions by increasing disease-fighting cells in the body. It can be cooked and baked in multiple ways.

  1. Ginger

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties such as gingerol, which can help strengthen the immunity system. Not only does it help prevent flu-like illnesses, but it can also ease the feeling of flu and common colds for those who have them. Ginger can be incorporated into multiple meals and drinks,

such as Indian cuisine and tea.

Using the Pulse app by completing activities and challenges, such as uploading photos of one’s meal, will give users raffle entries for a  chance to win amazing prizes in Pru Life UK’s ongoing We DO Health and Wealth: 25th Anniversary Free Raffle Celebration. Participants can win gift certificates worth 2,500 pesos or iPhone 12 mini 64GB weekly. Meanwhile, one lucky winner will get the grand prize of 2.5 million pesos to be announced in the grand draw in September as Pru Life UK culminates their 25th year in the Philippines.

“Through our raffle celebration and the various offerings that users can access on Pulse app, we hope to contribute to the wellbeing of the Filipinos and encourage everyone to continue being mindful of their health,” adds Tumbaga. For more information about the raffle draw, visit Pru Life UK’s site

Clear your headspace with Puritan’s Pride

One of the bad things that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on our lives is the inability to switch off or unwind from all the stress we faced all day long at work.

Because our home has also become our office, it has become harder for us to figure out when it is time to stop our body and mind from working and just enjoy our homes as a place of relaxation.

There are many tricks we can do to clear our headspace of all the things we need to think about.

You can try meditation, yoga, exercise, and of course sleep.

But when it gets hard for our body to naturally produce melatonin, the hormone that is closely involved in the natural sleep cycle, we can give our body a little boost by taking supplements.

Puritan’s Pride’s Melatonin 3mg tablets help promote and regulate sleep.

By taking an ample dose of melatonin supplement, we can help our body relax and allow us to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer so our body can regain enough energy to power us through the next day.

For just one tablet to be taken at bedtime, we can enjoy a good rest and can even help with sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Meanwhile, we can also help our body reduce stress further by supporting digestive health through magnesium citrate supplements.

Puritan’s Pride’s Magnesium Citrate 200mg helps relieve frequent constipation and symptoms of indigestion.

Magnesium Citrate supports the heart and digestive health, as well as boosting essential for calcium metabolism, the production of enzymes and proteins, and utilization of fats and carbohydrates.

Each bottle of Puritan’s Pride Magnesium Citrate contains 90 coated caplets with 200 mg of magnesium each.

Magnesium is important to keep our body functioning properly every day. This mineral plays a role in energy creation, muscle movement, and protein formation.

It also helps boost exercise performance and promotes healthy blood pressure levels with just one to two tablet/s daily.

Enhance your body’s overall regeneration with a potent antioxidant support from Vitamin C.

Puritan’s Pride’s Vitamin C 500 mg with Bioflavanoids and Rose Hips 100 caplets Puritan’s Pride Stronger Immune System helps neutralize cell-damaging free radicals in cells.

It’s great for skincare and whitening, boosting the immune system, and taking care of our cardiovascular (heart) system.

The added citrus bioflavanoids and rose hips in its formulation enhances the body’s vitamin absorption so we can fully enjoy the health benefits of the food and supplements we take every day.

Take one caplet up to four times daily, preferably with meals.

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WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing.

No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Soy, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish, Sodium Free.

Be a healthy preggy with nutritious cereal snacks from Nutricia Aptamom

Having crazy cravings while you’re pregnant can be really tricky and frustrating.

Sometimes, you just want to indulge in sweet snacks or junk food to keep you happy and in a good mood. But, there’s always that worry at the back of your mind that you might end up harming your and your unborn baby’s health.

Danone, a leading multi-local food and beverage company building on health-focused and fast-growing categories, is helping pregnant mothers in this area.

Through its Nutricia Aptamom Cereal Bar, expectant moms and even lactating mothers can enjoy sweet treats without feeling guilty about eating something a bit sweet.

Aptamom is a convenient complete nutritional prenatal bar that is altogether healthy, nutritious, and delicious.

It’s packed with essential nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers, like Vitamin D, Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid & DHA.

It’s made with ingredients like cereal flakes and crisps [oat flakes, puffed wheat grain, cereal crisps (wheat flour, rice flour, cornflour, sugar, barley malt extract, oat fiber, salt)], glucose syrup, and dried sweetened cranberry (cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil).

Just one bar per day, along with a balanced diet, gives you the same amount of nutrition as having two glasses of milk. So if you’re not the type who likes to drink milk, then the Nutricia Aptamom Cereal Bar is for you.

It comes in two flavor combinations: Berry Mix and Raisin & Chocolate, which you can get separately for a box of 18 bars or as a one-month bundle of 36 bars for only P2,340. (It’s currently on sale for only P1,404)

You can also get them separately for P1,170 each, but if you avail now during flash sale, you can get the Berry Mix for only P761 and the Raisin & Chocolate for only P936.

The brand has partnered with Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, to launch its first Regional Brand Day, dubbed “Our Health, My Choice,” on Shopee Mall.

This campaign aims to provide consumers in the region access to Danone’s full Specialized Nutrition (SN) portfolio for the whole family.

The SN portfolio includes core milk products for children and convenient cereal bars for pregnant women and lactating mothers as well as adult nutrition for healthy aging.

In the Philippines, malnutrition remains to be one of the leading causes of child deaths. According to a UNICEF report in 2014, 95 Filipino children die from malnutrition every day while 27 out of 1,000 children do not get past their fifth birthday.

A third of Filipino children are also stunted or too short for their age, causing them to fail to grow and develop to full potential.

A 2019 study by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) stated that the current chronic malnutrition rate among Filipino children aged 0 to 2 is now at 26.2 percent, the highest in 10 years. 

With more people going online to shop for health products, the collaboration between Danone and Shopee aims to support more families to make informed nutrition choices and discover products that support their health and nutrition needs.

Deborah Chong, Head of E-commerce, Danone Specialized Nutrition Global, said, “We have witnessed the incredible growth of our business online, including a 20 times growth across Southeast Asia during the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale last year.

“With more people turning to e-commerce platforms like Shopee to seek convenient and reliable product options, we believe this collaboration will further scale our presence in the region.

“Prioritizing consumers’ health is crucial for us and we believe this Regional Brand Day which focuses on our ‘Our Health, My Choice’ theme, lets us show our care and appreciation for our customers by providing convenient access to products that support their health and nutrition needs.”

Maxime Lafarge, Country Manager for Danone Nutricia Philippines, adds, “Danone is proud to partner with Shopee to fulfill our mission of making good nutritional choices accessible for more health-conscious consumers.

“We believe that our portfolio can cater to the specific nutrition needs of all consumers and encourage the consumption of essential macro and micronutrients for a well-balanced, healthy diet.

“That’s why we are very excited to leverage Shopee’s wide reach and customer engagement tools such as Brand Membership to better connect with customers and provide them greater value all year round. They can also enjoy savings and rewards by signing up for the free membership on our official stores.”

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, also shared, “With a 2.5 times growth in viewership compared to last year, live streaming is becoming a key part of the online shopping experience in our region.

“It has also grown to become an effective way for brands to acquire and connect with shoppers, showcase their products and prompt users to make purchases on the spot.

“We’re excited to see more brands such as Danone enrich the shopping experience by integrating entertainment and educational content into their campaigns.”

Catch a host of exclusive deals on Shopee Mall from Danone and Nutricia, including:

  • Attractive Gifts with Purchase: Be eligible to choose from a selection of gifts suitable for different users:
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How traditional Chinese medicine helped Pinoys deal with “plague of the century”

On July 13, 2021, the Department of Foreign Affairs – Foreign Service Institute along with the Philippine Archipelago international Trading Corporation presented a webinar about the benefits and contributions of traditional Chinese medicine in battling COVID-19.

The webinar, titled “Learning from the China Experience – Control and Surge Prevention,” featured prominent Chinese medical figures such as Zhang Boli, Honorary President of the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and recipient of the national honorary title of People’s Hero in August 2020, and Dr. Jia Zhenhua, Chief Physician of TCM, Doctoral Supervisor and President of Hebei Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. 

Philippine COVID-19 National Task Force Deputy Chief Implementor and Testing Czar Secretary Vince Dizon & NTF Contact Tracing Czar and Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong also joined to talk about the country’s response to the global pandemic which now accounts for over 4 Million deaths and 186 Million infections and counting globally.

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Hon. Teodoro Locsin, Jr. opened the program by welcoming the delegates and guests and sharing the purpose of the event. “This webinar highlights knowledge sharing as one of if not the most essential form of cooperation in managing COVID-19. The slogan is:  No one is safe unless everyone is safe.” he said.

The first speaker, Mayor Benjamin Magalong discussed the case study of Baguio City and how it navigated through the pandemic. He noted how proactive contact tracing efforts and control efforts enabled them to control spreads, something he likened to a Hammer & Dance situation.

More importantly, he discussed the importance of the PDITR strategy, which is Prevent, Detect, Isolate, Treat, and Reintegrate strategy that has effectively cut off the transmission chain in their city.

He added how vital cooperation was to the efficacy of all preventive and control efforts, not only to Baguio City. The implementation of a top-down, side-to-side, and bottom-up approach basically ensures that the paramount objective of having proper communication and information dissemination to the entire community, involving all sectors of society, is met.

Towards the end of his presentation, he touched on the city’s Recovery and Resiliency Plan as well as its goal of becoming a Smart City by 2022.

Secretary Vince Dizon reported on the National Vaccination Program also thanked the Chinese foreign service representatives for their continuous supplies of Chinese vaccines, which to date is still the country’s largest supplier of COVID-19 Vaccines at 11 million procured doses plus 1 million donated.

He had also thanked Philippine Archipelago International Trading Corporation President Olivia Limpe-Aw as EUA Holder of Sputnik V Vaccines, for the continuous supply of the vaccine. 

Dr. Jia Zhenhua then moved on to discussing the utilization of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the prevention and treatment of respiratory infectious diseases in China.

During his talk, he broke down COVID-19 based on Collateral Disease Theory and discussed how this is treated through the approach of Traditional Chinese medicine.

One treatment of note that was mentioned was the Lianhua Qingwen capsule, already widely used and distributed in major drugstores in the Philippines.

Academician Zhang Boli, one of the most prominent figures in China’s fight against COVID-19 begins his presentation explaining why COVID, to him, is considered the “Plague of the Century.”

He expounded by showing data-driven effects and evolution of the virus. After his brief introduction on the effects and symptoms of Covid in China, he stressed how preventive measures were executed.

He also discussed the importance of early intervention to reduce severe conversion rate and the integration of Chinese and Western medicine with comprehensive rehabilitation treatment such as breathing training, physical therapy, Taichi, etc., as well as psycho-therapy to prevent after-effects of the COVID-19 infection such as physical injury (damage to immune function, heart, lung, and kidney) and psychological trauma such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

He also introduced Xuanfei Baidu Decoction, another traditional Chinese medicine widely used in China’s fight against COVID-19.

“Quarantine without medicine is only half the success,” he said through an interpreter. Academician Zhang Boli shared how they shared this knowledge with the world through donations of traditional Chinese medicine, Lianhua Qingwen to different countries. Exchange of knowledge (like this webinar) was also done in other countries.

Vaccination is very important but even when vaccinated we should not forget the usual daily personal and household prevention measures and emotion management – keep positive, avoid anxiety and have a healthy lifestyle. 

Olivia Limpe-Aw closed the webinar by summarizing that there are definitely similarities in terms of experiences, government policies, and values of both countries. In fact, significant learnings gathered from all panelists cover early intervention, quarantine with medication is key, integration of Chinese and western medicine with rehabilitation treatment all help to increase the curative rate and reduce the mortality rate. 

Learning that there are two other TCM to treat COVID-19 aside from Lianhua Qingwen is something new to us so it has expanded our knowledge on TCM and that there are other options that we hope will be available in the Philippines in the next few months since it looks like COVID-19 isn’t going to be over that easily, so we will have to deal with it -manage, mitigate so we can all move on and bring back normalcy to our lives. 

This webinar was attended by Ambassadors, local government officials, health officers, hospital administrators, health workers, and the media