Keep your home virus-free with Unilever Hygiene 101

Cleanliness is next to good health, so better keep those pesky viruses at bay by maintaining good hygiene both on your body and your home.

Unilever’s Hygiene 101 campaign is part of the company’s commitment to protect communities by educating and encouraging good hygiene habits.

While COVID-19 is still persistent, it’s important to stay vigilant and mindful of our actions.

Simple habits such as bringing a hand sanitizer when going out, washing clothes worn outside immediately, and disinfecting homes regularly can make a difference in our family’s health.

Unilever Philippines, in partnership with the Philippine Public Health Association, aims to remind Filipinos of the hygiene habits we’ve built over the year and to incorporate them into our new normal lifestyles.

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Start building the habit of proper hygiene and keep your family safe and healthy.

The uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor: life changing decisions come in small packages

In these unprecedented times, wearing a mask outdoors has been scientifically proven to help lessen the odds for contracting harmful viruses that can lead to sickness. However, once you return to the safety of your own home and remove that mask, you want to ensure that your indoor air is also safe.

We are not just talking about bacteria and viruses you may be bringing home – but the actual circulating indoor air can be a potential hotspot for bacteria and viruses to propagate. Add carbon monoxide from old leaky pipes, carcinogens from cooking indoors, mold that forms from damp towels left alone, and more. The traditional solution would be to buy a number of sensors scattered across the home, but as we have entered the age of the Internet of Things, there is, as what many will say, an app for that.

Resembling an insulated tumbler for hot drinks, the uHoo indoor air quality monitor is an interesting little device that measures the air quality of an enclosed space. The sleek device connects to your WiFi network and transmits data to a companion app (both iOS and Android compatible) to give real-time reporting on 9 different air quality parameters that include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), fine dust particles (PM2.5), ozone, and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as well as other more traditional measurements for temperature, air pressure, and humidity.

Out of the box, uHoo wins the minimalist packaging award for being really tight – all it contains is a small welcome card, the actual device and a USB cable with a wall plug. Setting the device to sync with the local WiFi is done via the app, which you have to download from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once it connects to your WiFi, all you really need to do is wait for about a minute as it gathers data and that’s pretty much it!

As the device measures your air quality it also makes concrete recommendations to improve your air quality. The uHoo app comes with a patent-pending virus index that lists down acceptable thresholds for indoor air quality that helps you to minimize virus risk. For instance, the more people are inside a small space, CO2 levels increase as this is the air expelled by people. High CO2 levels indicate a lack of fresh air and also contribute to fatigue and migraine. Thus, it is important to introduce ventilation so that air can be circulated properly. This can be done by adjusting your home’s HVAC or by simply opening your windows or doors to let fresh air in.

It is important to note that the uHoo indoor air quality monitor is a tool to help you monitor, identify and alert you of any issues so that you can take the appropriate action. This information always keeps you informed so that you can make good decisions that have lasting effects on your overall quality of life.

uHoo is a Singapore-based leading global environmental health platform. It was founded in 2014 and has been growing rapidly since, tackling a $180B global air quality market. uHoo is present in over 40 countries, with strong demand from private homes, governments, schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, kitchens, and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Start the year right in your new move-in ready home

The start of the New Year brings a unique opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and develop a renewed sense of optimism about the future. It’s a time for a fresh start, a perfect clean slate, and a new calendar of hopes and dreams. 

For some, New Year means a change in lifestyle, a new environment, a new life in a new home. The idea of bringing in a new year by moving to a new home may seem difficult but on the contrary, it is a lot easier than you think. 

Whether you are considering moving for work, for a condo space you can grow or simply for your second home in the city, Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. has beautiful move-in ready condominium projects in Quezon City that are strategically located within inner-city areas in close proximity to premium universities and developed business districts. 

If moving to a new home is top of your list this year, you should consider moving and investing in any of these ready for occupancy units that will surely give you a fresh outlook this 2021 and an opportunity to create new beginnings in a conveniently new location. 

Pine Crest

Pine Crest is a condominium development that offers the luxury of living in a serene, green, and secure community while still having access to the comforts of the metro.

Pine Crest features three mid to low-rise towers in a Swiss-inspired enclave tucked in the serene neighborhood of New Manila. Towers 1 and 2 consist of 5-storeys while Tower 3 is a 15-story structure. Each of the towers is named after famous Swiss cities Geneva, Zurich and Lucerne.

The units in Pine Crest are fitted with a balcony, which offers a serene view of the verdant landscape surrounding the area.  At Pine Crest, you can enjoy the fresh and crisp morning air with your cup of coffee or have a glass of wine, feeling the cool nighttime breeze as you wind down from your busy day. 

Located along the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Balete Drive, the said condominium property sits right beside Robinsons Magnolia and is just a few minutes away from Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Business Center, and Tomas Morato, where a whole range of lifestyle activities as well as a multitude of retail and dining establishments, prestigious schools, and premier medical facilities surround the community.

The Symphony Towers 

Bringing a whole new groove and beat to city living is The Symphony Towers which is located along Sgt. Esguerra avenue corner Timog avenue in Quezon City. 

The Symphony Towers is a two-tower mixed-use complex that offers exclusive residences as well as commercial and business establishments. Two floors in each tower are dedicated to offices while the remaining floors are allotted for residences complete with amenities and a roof deck that offers the best view of the city. 

As it sits in the middle of Quezon City, The Symphony Towers is just a few minutes away from the country’s largest TV networks such as GMA 7 and ABS-CBN, transport hubs such as GMA-Kamuning MRT station and some of the most prominent schools in the metro such as the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College, among others.  

Wil Tower

Located in the same city, just across ABS-CBN along Eugenio Lopez Drive, Diliman is Wil Tower, a 42-storey mixed use development that offers an ideal urban sanctuary in the city. 

Wil Tower offers well-thought out features and amenities as well as exclusive residential units that will surely make you feel like a celebrity. You can lounge in the pool, enjoy sauna, try al fresco dining, shop for amazing home décor at AllHome or simply hit the gym – all without leaving the comforts of your own condo unit.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a ready home for your own use or for investment, choosing a ready for occupancy condo unit this New Year is the best option for you. You can check the property location yourself, explore the community and amenities and most importantly, move in instantly. 

Indeed, there is no better way to bring in the New Year than to move to a new home. Now is your chance to fulfil your life goals with beautiful ready homes. 

For more information on Vista Residences ready homes and other condominium projects, visit or follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook.

Decorating your condo for Christmas

Christmastime is here once again! Usually, we would enjoy going out of our homes around this time to feel the holiday vibe through the colorful decorations we see in malls and parks all over the city. But sadly, because of our current situation, we have to stay at home for the health and safety of our families.

That, however, does not mean we can’t revel in the beauty of Christmas decorations at home — especially if you live in a condominium.

Here are some ways you can make your condo feel more Christmas-y with decorating ideas that let you maximize precious space:

Set the mood with fairy lights

Twinkling lights and warm indoor lighting help give off that cozy Christmas Eve feel in your home. Even though we don’t get snowy Christmas evenings here in the Philippines, you can still get that vibe out of your home decor.

Yellow or white fairy lights are always a good investment because you can also use them to decorate your home all year round. Multi-colored Christmas lights are good, too, depending on the theme or look you’re going for with your decor.

Create a Christmas nook

The limited space inside a condo always poses a challenge for the holiday decor lover. The way to deal with this without making your condo look overcrowded and tacky is to designate a specific area to put in your Christmas baubles. It could be a table, shelf, a blank portion on your wall or a little corner in your condo that you can turn into a Christmas nook.

Start off by picking a theme that matches the overall aesthetic of your home. Then, get manageable-sized pieces of decor that go along with your theme. You can also go rustic and mix together old decorative pieces with new ones.

Put them all together and add some lighting to make it more festive.

Get a Christmas Tree in tiny

No space for a large Christmas tree in your condo? Don’t fret. Miniature Christmas trees look just as festive as life-size ones, if not even more chic.

Check out these cool modern Christmas tree ideas:

Use holiday-themed fabrics

If you’re not keen on adding more decor to your condo because perhaps it makes you feel like the place is cluttered, you can opt to switch up your furnishings and fittings instead.

Get holiday-themed pillows, curtains, blankets, rugs, and table runners to bring a bit of Christmas spirit into your home.

Invest in Christmas-themed dinnerware

Christmas, of course, is all about spending time with your loved ones and what better way to do it than bond over a good meal?

Make your Christmas dinners even more fun and festive with gorgeous tableware and an elegant setup.

With these easy tricks, you can feel the Christmas spirit right in your condo while overlooking breathtaking views of the city. 

Vista Residences, the condominium development arm of the country’s largest homebuilder Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc, has move-in ready units in Manila, Pasig, Quezon City, and Makati that are within close distance to malls and shops that sell fabulous holiday decor.

Symphony Towers in Quezon City, for example, is situated in the South Triangle area, where you can easily access top shopping hubs like Cubao and North EDSA, and is also less than a 30-minute drive to Dapitan Arcade, which is a top shopping destination for holiday decor.

For more information on Vista Residences properties, visit, follow @VistaResidences Official on Facebook or call Vista Residences Marketing at 09089148457. 

Give your condo a chic Scandinavian look

The Scandinavian-style home interior has been a go-to aesthetic of many people for years now. Honestly, how can one not fall in love with its clean and cozy minimalistic look that never goes out of style?

Scandinavian interiors are defined by minimalism that uses a blend of textures and soft hues to make sleek, modern decor feel warm and inviting. It emphasizes clean lines, utility and simple furnishings that are functional, beautiful and cozy. 

This look is perfect for condo dwellers who can benefit a lot from its muted color palettes, cozy accents, and modern furniture design. Whether you’re a young family, student, or young professional giving condo living a try, the Scandinavian interior design is perfect for your little urban home.

Here are some tips to infuse your condo space with authentic Scandinavian flavor and achieve that look for your condo in the middle of the city. 

Play with natural light

Windows in Scandinavian homes are usually left uncovered or curtained with white or light-colored fabric to let natural light in. This makes your home interior bright during the day and airy at night, giving feelings of warmth and comfort. You can also add candles to create a relaxing and calming ambience.


One of the most interesting features of a Scandinavian-inspired condo is its clutter-free environment. It’s all about having tidy spaces that would also equate to less stress and anxiety despite being in the middle of the city. 

Blend neutral tones and pops of color

Warm wood tones and sepia hues are very popular in Scandinavian interior design. To ace that Scandinavian look, make sure that the surfaces in your condo are mostly in soft hues or in natural color and choose accent pieces in bright colors for that warm and sunny vibe. 

Go for functionality

Tying into the clutter-free nature of a Scandinavian home, storage spaces matter a lot in designing your condo’s interior. Given the limited space, dual-function furniture that can also serve as storage would be the perfect pieces for your home. Remember that condo living doesn’t mean living with less but living with better space and carefully chosen pieces to achieve that minimal, well-organized look without getting rid of all your belongings!

Get minimal decorative accents

Less is more when styling a Scandinavian-inspired condominium unit. Scandinavian interiors often feature a mix of periods and styles to create a more open, airy feeling that gives you a sense of peace. So make sure to keep your decorative accents to a minimum!

Bring the outside in with flowers and plants

Decorate your condo unit with pieces of nature for a very Scandinavian look and an instant mood boost! 

Add warm and organic textiles

Scandinavian homes are big on textured pieces, especially when it comes to fabric. Add nature-inspired elements into your condo to add to that warm and cozy vibe.

Brighten up space with light flooring and walls

Nothing can brighten up a space like all-white walls and light flooring. Choosing the right shade of white paint and mixing it with natural elements throughout the space can add warmth and texture and can also make the condo unit look bigger. 

Pine Crest in New Manila

With these simple tips, you can be able to turn your condo unit into a welcoming home in the city. 

Vista Residences, the condominium development arm of the country’s largest homebuilder Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc, has move-in ready units in Quezon City that are within close distance to premium universities and developed business districts.

These top-tier properties include Wil Tower and The Symphony Towers along Eugenio Lopez Drive in Diliman and Pine Crest in New Manila, Quezon City.

For more information on Vista Residences properties, visit, follow @vistaresidencesofficial on Facebook or call Vista Residences Marketing at 09089148457. 

DIY furniture brand Yori now at SM Home and

Throughout the ongoing quarantine period, many people have made use of their extra time at home to work on projects or hobbies that they’ve been put off for a long time because they’re always busy at work.

One of the things that people enjoyed doing are do-it-yourself or DIY projects — whether it’s art, crafts or creating something that would be useful at home like starting an herb garden or building a piece of furniture.

DIY furniture doesn’t have to be complicated especially for beginners. If anything, it should be rewarding experience that lets you pick up a new skill while seeing the fruit of your labor being put to good use.

Local furniture brand Yori is all about making the DIY furniture experience better. It focuses on building furniture that is smart, easy, yet rewarding to own.

Each Yori furniture is made with the first-time homeowner in mind. It is also perfect for young upstart professionals who value efficiency, practicality, and ultimately good design, as well as professionals doing work from home for a comfortable, home corner office setup.

Everything is made simple by putting all you need for a fulfilling DIY project in one flatpack box.

Here are some of the products currently in Yori’s roster:

Noji desk + shelf 

An all-in-one desk and shelf. Built for all kinds of places, great for small spaces. Perfect for the workhorse wanting all work in just one place.

Price: P2,795

Sagyo mini desk

A simple, minimal, movable desk. Built for all kinds of places, great for tiny spaces. A distraction-free zone for work or study or private conversations with your pet.

Price: P1,795

Okura shelf

A simple, minimal, all-around lightweight shelf. Built for all kinds of places, great for tiny spaces. Perfect for displaying your books and trophies and anything else you are proud of.

Price: P2,495

Jobu table

A small and minimal desk that fits anywhere. Built for anything you might need a workable table for. Perfect for everyday working and studying.

Price: P2,295

Sukui kitchen rack (Medium)

A small and lightweight utility rack. Fits workspaces and living spaces alike. Perfect for storing objects for quick use.

Price: P2,495

Tenji bookcase (Mega)

A lightweight low-rise showcase shelf. Built for small to medium-sized rooms. Perfect for organizing books and showcasing mementos.

Price: P4,295

Yori products are now available at the following SM Home branches:

Metro Manila:

  • SM Cubao
  • SM City North EDSA
  • SM City Marikina
  • SM City Novaliches
  • SM City Makati
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Southmall
  • SM City Fairview
  • SM Aura Premier
  • SM City Bicutan
  • SM City Sta. Mesa
  • SM Megamall
  • SM City BF Paranaque
  • SM City Manila

Outside Metro Manila:

  • SM City Bacoor
  • SM City Pampanga
  • SM City Lipa

You may also order for delivery by calling 0917-516-7539 or 0919-068-2645 from Mondays to Sundays, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Or get it online through

Feel Christmas in the air with Pine-Sol

Holiday songs filling malls and shops, the twinkling of lights at every home, building, or lamp post, and the disctinct scent of puto bumbong and bibingka wafting in the air–these are some of the things that make up our Christmas experience.

In countries where actual pine trees are commonly used as a home decor, families get to enjoy that homey aroma that makes the holiday season come alive. If you don’t have access to a live tree, don’t fret. There’s a product you can use to make your home smell like Christmas even all-year-round.

Pine-Sol’s Multi-Surface Cleaner in Original Pine not only rids your home of dirt, dust, and germs, it also adds to the cheery ambiance to make your home smelling like Christmas. With all the extra work for homemakers in preparing for parties and gatherings, Pine-sol is the perfect cleaning partner for the season.

Cleaning with Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner is such a breeze as it cuts through grease, grime, and dirt, while leaving your surfaces germ-free, smelling fresh and fragrant. Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner can be used to clean hard nonporous surface of the house and workplace—from floor tiles, walls, stovetops, countertops, and glass.

Pine-Sol is available in leading supermarkets and retailers nationwide. It comes in longer-lasting scents such as Original Pine, Lavender Clean, Lemon Fresh and Spa.

For more information, go to

Holiday parties made easy with Urban Kitchen store and serve

Urban Kitchen

‘Tis the season for parties, gettogethers, and potlucks! With the merry holidays just around the corner, Urban Kitchen recently launched a new range of trendy and minimalist serveware and food containers.

The all-new Urban Kitchen Serveware and Food Keeper Collection is a perfect gift for homemakers and kitchen enthusiasts alike. With its clever and ergonomic design, the collection will surely make every wonder wo-mom’s life easier as it complements every Filipino home’s lifestyle while levelling up their dining experiences.

Urban Kitchen

The collection includes the 12-inch Rectangular Serveware (P129.75), 12-inch Oval Serveware (P129.75), Large Square Serveware with Spoon 10 x 5.5 inches (P149.75), 10-inch Square Storage Container (P149.75), and the 9-inch Rectangular Storage Container (P129.75). These affordable yet stylish products are available at SM Home stores nationwide.

“Food is a big part of Filipino culture and the dining area, in fact, remains to be the heart of each home. It’s where you can entertain guests, whip up the best dish that you know of, or just lounge with the family while sharing a good meal,” shares Chriselda Chua, COO.

Urban Kitchen

“Through our new campaign #StoreAndServe – Making Life Easy, it is our goal to come up with innovative, practical, and well-crafted serveware and food storage products that would adapt beautifully with any contemporary home. Affordable, stylish, and ergonomic, Urban Kitchen products are a must-have not just only this holiday season, but to be part of our everyday home solutions.”

Urban Kitchen

Urban Kitchen by Max.Ideas is known for its trendy, practical, genuine, and innovative product line that offers everyday home solutions in general. It is a sister company of CDC Manufacturing Corporation, the manufacturer of Melawares, the most trusted brand of tableware. For more updates about Urban Kitchen, follow its official Facebook page,

Labeling just got better with Brother P-Touch Cube Labeler

I’ve always had a thing for stickers and labels ever since I was young. I was one of those girls who collected stickers and stationery, and enjoyed creating things whether it’s a scrapbook or a crocheted headband.

When I was old enough to have my own bedroom, I did my best to keep things organized by putting stuff into their own boxes. I loved buying those mini drawers to put trinkets and other abubut in place. I would’ve labeled every single thing so I could easily remember where I put them, but I wouldn’t want to ruin things with a permanent marker or a masking tape. Ugh!

I guess I kept that habit now that I’m a mom. I still hoard boxes and drawers so I can tuck in all the clutter in a neat compartment. I still label each one of them, not just so I can remember which is which, but also to help teach my boys the value of cleanliness and orderliness in the home.

Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect labeler that suits my needs and it’s not just for keeping the home organized. Whether I’m tagging boxes and containers, marking my belongings for travel, branding my homemade goods for sale, or giving my handicrafts an added personal touch, the new Brother P-Touch Cube and Cube+ Labelers come definitely handy.

They can print almost anything on a label. With the help of the P-Touch app available for iOS and Android, and the logo design software that’s available for PC, you can use different fonts for your texts, add emojis, and use design templates for your labels.

It also comes with different tape styles and designs. Other than the standard label tape that comes with the box of your P-Touch or Cube+, there’s also the basic laminated tape, matte silver tape, and special tapes (my favorite is the Hello Kitty print!) that you can purchase separately.

They’re also so easy to use. Easily connect a smartphone to the P-Touch Cube and Cube+ via Bluetooth, or a laptop to the P-Touch Cube+ via USB, design a label on your screen, and print it with a single tap! It’s that easy! You can take them anywhere with it’s very portable design.

What’s even better is the P-Touch Cube and Cube+ Labelers are affordable at P3,950 and P7,950 SRP, respectively, making it an inexpensive must-have for homes and workplaces. They’re available exclusively at the following Power Mac Center branches: SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, Greenbelt, and Rockwell.

To learn more about the P-Touch Cube and Cube+ Labelers and other Brother products, visit the Brother Philippines website at, like its Facebook page (, and follow it on Twitter (@BROTHERPhils) and Instagram (@BrotherPhils).

Why Samsung’s Heatpump Dryer is a great investment for your home

Samsung Heatpump Dryer

We all have that one household chore we’d rather not do if we can avoid it. For me, it’s doing the laundry.

There are numerous reasons why I don’t like it and one of them is having to reach down to pick up one piece of clothing from the basket then reaching up to hang it on the good ol’ sampayan. I know it could be a great way to exercise my otherwise sedentary body, but I’d rather go on a diet than strain my back with such activity, thank you very much.

So the dream is to have my own heat-pump dryer at home. I used to only see this type of dryer at laundromats, but now Samsung has a great product that is definitely going to be very useful for someone like me.

The Samsung Heatpump Dryer saves you a lot of time and effort. With the ability to dry clothes at any time of the day under any weather conditions, this appliance makes laundry a simple task to guarantee more time for the family.

It’s also convenient for those who don’t have open spaces in their homes as they no longer need to sun-dry or air-dry their clothes. The heatpump dryer properly dries clothes so they can go straight for ironing.

The technology behind the Samsung DV90M5200QW Heatpump Dryer also cuts electricity consumption by half. The heatpump generates heat during the cycle instead of electricity, so it consumes only half of the electricity from the conventional clothes dryer. It also collects the condensed water from your clothing rather than releasing hot air into the home. Its easy view water tank will show if it needs emptying before another load. One can also connect the tube straight to the drainage to make it a seamless experience.

Another energy-saving feature is the OptimalDry function which is an intelligent drying system that provides the best possible drying result using three sensors. During a cycle, a moisture sensor
continuously monitors the humidity level in real-time and adjusts the drying time using less energy.

A temperature sensor also stops your clothes from getting too hot, so it protects them from being damaged. Caring for this appliance is also made easy with the 2-in-1 filter that captures dust and fibers to make sure it operates at its best. It has a filter alarm that notifies when the filter needs to be emptied.

This dryer also has a 9kg capacity, making it ideal for large households. Dry up to 1kg of clothes in 35 minutes with its QuickDry function. Its different programs give each garment the right care
it needs. It’s also easy to forget to clean filters on appliances, but this Heatpump dryer has two alarms that alert when the filter and heat exchanger needs cleaning. It’s equipped with an
advanced 2-in-1 mesh layer filter system that captures dust and fibers to maintain its optimum drying performance.

To know more details about the Samsung DV90M5200QW Heatpump dryer, like SamsungPH on Facebook or visit