IQ may not be enough: Raising Mentally Resilient Children

It has been said time and time again: what all mothers want is for their children to grow up healthy, strong, and smart.

To achieve these, moms have long believed that apart from their kids’ physical well-being,  IQ  is the one facet that needs to be harnessed as it is akin to mental strength. That’s why moms prioritized fostering their children’s IQ, mainly intent on nurturing logic, memory, and language. However, in recent years, it has been discovered that mental resilience relies on the development of not only IQ but also EQ.

EQ or emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage one’s own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Recent studies point out the importance of EQ as part of a child’s holistic growth and in the development of mental health among children. Unfortunately,  nurturing EQ abilities such as confidence, sociability, attentiveness, etc. has been the missing part of the development of Filipino children for years.

Good news for moms as there is now a reliable way to nurture the EQ growth of kids above 3 years old. Moms can now help complete the #MissingHalf of their kids’ development with Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro along with proper nutrition and stimulation. Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro is the only one with the game-changing combination of MFGM Pro and superior DHA levels*, plus a prebiotic blend of HMO and FOS.

MGFM or Milk Fat Globule Membrane, which contains proteins and lipids such as phospholipids and sphingomyelin, plays an important role in supporting your child’s cognitive development and may help enhance a child’s EQ. DHA, on the other hand, helps support brain development.

Today’s millennial moms must understand that while building up IQ helps kids communicate, comprehend, memorize and reason more, EQ development will help their kids become more confident, optimistic, calm, sociable, alert, attentive, and good-tempered. When moms help foster both the EQ and IQ of their children in addition to giving them proper nutrition, stimulation, and  Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro, their children are set to have fulfilling childhoods, and achieve holistic development, and attain growth that may increase their chance for future success.

So moms, help raise your kids’ IQ and EQ advantage.  Nurture them with love and care– and help complete the #MissingHalf now through proper nutrition, stimulation, and Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro.

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Per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 0201 s. 2022 and 2055 s. 2021
*Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro 35mg vs. other premium milk brands


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Kristine Hermosa Never Settles for Anything Less

For a very long time, moms believed that apart from fostering health, immunity, and fitness, enhancing their kids’ IQ was the most important thing needed to ensure the development of their children. Little did moms know that there’s more to raising children with high IQ- and that they have been actually missing out on the other half which is vital to the mental health development of their growing kids: EQ or emotional intelligence.

Popular actress Kristine Hermosa, loving wife to Oyo Sotto and mother to five kids vouches for the importance of nurturing a child’s EQ, which she says should be given the same priority as honing their IQ.

While engaging her kids to join activities that intend to sharpen their IQ like reading educational books, building legos, and playing chess, Kristine also makes sure that she nurtures her kids’ EQ-  by teaching them skills related to confidence, behavior regulation, and independence.

She explains, “EQ is equally important to our family. There are times they get frustrated and lose heart, for example when doing homeschool or learning new sports, or when they cannot properly execute what they imagine–  we tell them that frustration comes with learning and they just need to persevere and not give up. When they face uncertainties, I believe that it’s their EQ that will help them overcome, apart from their personal relationship with the Lord. With EQ they are able to learn how to deal with success, heartbreaks, challenges and other situations and how to live in a world full of troubles and temptations”.

Making sure that her kids grow up with high EQ has reaped fruit. Kristine proudly cites 3 traits that best describe how her children exhibit good EQ:

  1. Caring– “They are responsible children even when we’re not around, the older kids are in charge of taking good care of their younger siblings, they help them shower, assist them when eating, reminding them to clean their mess, to pray, etc– though it’s not always perfect and peaceful as they are kids but overall, Oyo and I know that we can rely on them and that they are very careful not to break our trust.”
  2. Expressive– “They are very expressive with how much they love us. Or how sorry they are when they make a mistake.”
  3. Respectful– “They respect us and other people — they love helping others.”

In making sure her children grow up with high EQ, not just IQ,  Kristine says, “I really make sure that I am present in their lives. I help them in their daily routine and in their studies; I give them encouragement;  learn with them and support and discipline them. I take good care of them by providing for their needs and by giving them a healthy and balanced diet together with the Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro.”

Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro helps #CompleteTheMissingHalf needed for the proper holistic development of kids above 3 years old. With proper nutrition and stimulation, Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro is the only one with the powerful brain-boosting combination of MFGM Pro and superior DHA levels* to help raise your child’s IQ and EQ advantage—plus HMO 2’-FL to help support the immune system. Combined with a mother’s love and care, proper nutrition, stimulation, and Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro holds the key to a child’s holistic growth.

Understanding the importance of a balanced EQ enhancement and IQ enrichment to the mental resilience of children is crucial to a child’s growing years. That’s why other moms raising kids 3 years and older should take heed in the words of Mommy Kristine:  “Don’t settle for half. Help nourish both IQ and EQ to complete the #MissingHalf”.

Learn more about how to complete the #MissingHalf by visiting this link.

*Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro 35mg vs other premium milk brands


5 Laking Lamang Ways on how Camille Prats Ensures Her Child’s All-Around Development

Moms only want the best for their children because they want their children to be the best. This natural instinctive desire of mothers is a feeling moms know too well, celebrity mom Camille Prats included.

Despite her busy schedule, Camille makes sure the health and well-being of her kids are always front and center, explaining “I want to make sure that my kids grow up well and healthy, receiving proper nutrition, sleep, ample amount of playtime and more.”.

Raising kids while pursuing a career can be challenging. But, Camille continues to stretch her limits – and has found the following hacks and habits to make sure her kid is Laking Lamang in Brain, Bones, and Immunity as they grow up well and healthy:

Lamang Sa Brain

1. Encourage your children to be engaged with brain-stimulating activities that make use of strategies for their brain development. “For Nala, I usually prepare exciting games like puzzles and easy-to-understand board games that would help develop her brain activity such as logical thinking and concentration powers.”

Lamang Sa Immunity

2. Give them food that’s high in nutrients such as veggies, fruits, fish, nuts, and the like. She says: “It helps to know the nutritional value of the food you give to your kids to know which ones you should give more and give less of”.

3. Sleep is very important for a strong immunity! A well-rested child means there is a better chance that they are in a good mood to do things that can be educational for them.

Lamang sa Bones

4. Allow them to play and explore! Provide an environment that can help develop gross motor skills like climbing, running, balancing as well as activities to develop creativity and fine motor skills like arts and crafts, coloring, and writing.

Lamang sa All Around Development

5. Give them the right milk to help provide proper nutrition. She says: “There are times when they aren’t in the mood to eat, so giving them a glass of milk will help fill in the nutritional gap”.

Camille acknowledges that daily milk intake plays a major role in the growth of kids, so when it came to choosing the milk brand to give Nala, Camille consulted her pediatrician first. And after much thought, Camille chose Vitaminized Lactum 3+ considering the long-term benefits for her child.

Camille explains, “Sugar is one of the main culprits for almost all kinds of diseases. So, when I found out Lactum 3+‘s new formula has less sucrose now, no doubt I am choosing Lactum 3+ for my child. She may notice a change in taste but I’ll help her transition to the new formula gradually. Nandoon naman ang transition scooping guide sa box or I’ll mix the plain variant with Lactum 3+ Choco. I actually want to try creative ways of helping my child consume it, baka pwede with fruits as a shake”.

Vitaminized Lactum 3+’s new and improved formula has 5x more DHA and 50% Less Sucrose (Sugar) versus its previous formulation. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain development during early childhood. Vitaminized Lactum 3+ also has nutrients that help promote bone growth and help strengthen the body’s immune system.

And Camille couldn’t be happier with the results. Camille’s pediatrician assessed Nala to be taller for her age, very sharp, clever, and athletic. Camille shares: “With Vitaminized Lactum 3+ to help ensure her all-Around Development with proper nutrition and stimulation, Nala is growing up to be a well-rounded child who is always curious, ready to explore, and seldom gets sick. Camille adds that Nala, who is turning 5 this year, still enjoys Vitaminized Lactum 3+ and loves the taste of both the plain and choco flavor variants!

Moms everywhere can learn a thing or two from Camille and give kids aged above 3 years old the New and Improved Formula of Vitaminized Lactum 3+ “para Laking Lamang sa all around development (with proper nutrition and stimulation) ng anak mo”.

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Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No. 1820 s. 2021 and 2055 s. 2021

Eden celebrates a Mother’s Unconditional Love in new film

This Mother’s Day campaign by Eden cheese breaks boundaries as the Mondelez Philippines brand launched their bold new film entitled, Unconditional.

Directed by Carlos Palanca-awardee Antoinette Jadaone, the film sheds light on the plight of moms who may lack support, which is a topic often not discussed, but is quite familiar to us all and is important as it plays an integral role in nurturing the light of our homes.

The film emboldens how unconditional love and acceptance empowers single moms, and moms from all walks of life.

This Mother’s Day and beyond, the brand aims to unite moms and support them, so they can create many savor-worthy moments to nurture stronger family connections.

To celebrate this special day and remember all the hardships and sacrifices that moms from all walks of life had to endure through different phases of their motherhood, Eden held the virtual event Eden Speaks – A Mother’s Day Forum.

The event, hosted by Issa Litton, was graced by special guest speakers such as Bettina Carlos-Eduardo, a mompreneur, content creator, and author; Techie Dy, Consultant of RMT-Cefam, Ateneo, and is a PhD Candidate of Clinical Psychology from the University of the Philippines; and Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager.

For the past four decades, Eden has been a trusted ally of moms for providing delicious meals for her and her family. The event cements the brand’s commitment to being their ally in all aspects and facets of her life.

For Eden, this translates to empowering the diverse Filipino motherhood journeys, not just single moms, through celebrating their unique and evolving roles amidst today’s ever-changing world.

During the event, Bettina Carlos-Eduardo shared, “There were times when Gummy was growing up, that I felt it was all just me. I am to work and I am to watch after her, which is the life mindset of a typical single mom.

“The load lightened when I found my source of personal salvation and started to have a community of other parents. Of course, I still had my mom and grandmother who would look after Gummy when I had to work.

“But inevitably there were several overwhelming situations that would make me ask myself – ‘how am I going to do all these things alone?’ There are only 24hrs in a day and yet a gazillion things to do!

“Life didn’t come with a manual for parenting, especially for solo parents. And 11years ago there were no videos on YouTube or many resources available online to help navigate through this. That would have made the road an easier one to travel.”

Bettina was a single mom for a decade, but recently ‘graduated’ from the status and is married for five months now.

“Motherhood did not really change when I married. It still has its set of challenges that evolve as Gummy matures.

“My faith has seen me through all those years and it is just a blessing to have a physical partner now to share the load and the journey.

“This Mother‘s Day, I celebrate both my current season and former shaping years. I look back at 10 years of the most gratifying years of my life I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

“I appreciate how Eden is so courageous to speak up about and open this conversation acknowledging the many challenges of solo parents that people don’t often talk about.

“Just as there are many savor-worthy ways to bond with your family by cooking in the kitchen with Eden, there are also many ways to showcase support for different kinds of moms in the simplest way we know how,” she added.

“Eden cheese is a brand that has been celebrating moms from all walks of life and their role in bringing families together for the last 36 years.

“This Mother’s Day, we wanted to shed light on a silent reality in the Philippines, and how important unconditional love and parental support plays in fostering acceptance and empathy for each unique motherhood experience.

“We want to empower and unite moms to share their personal stories about their own journey, and to showcase how we are one with them in embracing all flavors of motherhood, even in the most difficult of situations,” said Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager.

“We believe that by uniting moms from different walks of life, all flavors of mothers can be inspired by the different savor-worthy ways to bring the family together,” she adds.

To know more, visit and check out EdenSpeaksPH.

PLDT Home celebrates different parenting styles with #NoMomLikeYou

A perfect home is a place where families feel safe, can build relationships, and make meaningful memories with each other.

It is not defined by how big your house is or even if it’s as spic-and-span as those we see in magazines or on TV.

Still, many parents face the constant challenge of being judged and shamed for the way they raise their families, which may be a little out-of-the-box from what many Filipinos have been accustomed to.

As Mother’s Day approaches, PLDT Home tackles the topic of unique parenting styles and real stories of parents who continue to overcome parent-shaming, the struggles of parent guilt, and the challenges of raising young children in this pandemic in its new #NoMomLikeYou video series featuring Andi Manzano-Reyes, Camille Co, and Marie Lozano. 

For Andi Manzano-Reyes, a mother of two girls (Olivia and Amelia), while pandemic parenting has been tough, the solid support system of her loved ones helped her get through and overcome parent guilt.

“Stop second-guessing yourself, go by it daily, and be focused. I’m thankful for the support system I have at home: the whole pandemic has made me realize the core people I need in my life,” she said.

Media personality Marie Lozano shares, “Pre-pandemic, I was out a lot for work and I missed out on a lot of things with my son. This situation where we are now has made me realize what really matters. We have such high expectations for ourselves in how we parent but what matters most is we show or remind our children that we love them.”

As a new mom, Camille Co reveals that there’s a whole lot more about parenting that people don’t see on social media.

She says, “Being able to grow a human inside you and sustain the baby once you give birth is the most special thing that a mother can experience. But it’s not all peaches and cream. Sometimes you get so sad and frustrated and it’s okay. We need to trust the process and enjoy this experience as parents.”

Indeed, there is no one-size-fits-all in parenting. And to honor parents for their relentless efforts and unique ways to raise their children the best way they can, PLDT Home fosters a movement that inspires them to embrace their own parenting styles and support one another to do the same.

As the country’s fastest fixed network, PLDT Home enables families to enjoy the strongest connections that allow them to do all things better and together at home.

PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of Home Business Butch G. Jimenez shares, “Digital connectivity has always been at the core of every home. PLDT continues to innovate and provide the most reliable digital services so that families can stay strongly connected and do better at home with our fastest home broadband.” 

In the new video series, PLDT Home emphasizes that “there’s no time like this and there’s no parent like you.”

Watch the latest heartwarming digital video series in this link: PLDT HOME and join the movement by posting online with the hashtag #NoMomLikeYou.

Seven Awesome Ways to Empower Young Girls

For 20 years, The Powerpuff Girls have been on a mission to prove that girls rule. Now Cartoon Network is launching #Empowerpuff in the Philippines, an initiative that hopes to make a difference in the life of every Pinay.

Through #Empowerpuff, Cartoon Network will premiere a series of on-ground activities, local partnerships as well as online content to inspire Pinays to build their very own ‘ka-pow’ legacy and transform their communities. But before it officially kicks off, you can empower other young ladies in your community with these easy steps:

Encourage them to express their creativity

Creativity is meant to be expressed because it is a gift that is ever evolving. If you know someone who has a talent in creating things or making beautiful drawings, encourage them to hone their craft!

Say no to bullying!

Whether online or offline, bullying should not be tolerated. Lift each other up by saying good things that will help them become more driven and motivated.

 Always be ready to help out 

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup may have their differences and fights, but they’re always there for their sisters. Whether with a big or small gesture, support goes a long way when it comes to empowering others. Watch out for the #Empowerpuff themed shirts by Merch By, so you can empower other girls one shirt at a time!

Spark up conversations

Another way to empower one another is to encourage conversation. Let your gal-pals know that they are remembered by perking up your group chats and sending them cool #Empowerpuff-themed Viber stickers starting this September 19.

Ride on to adventure

To empower others, you need to believe in yourself too. By stepping out of your comfort zone, going on adventures and meeting other people, you gain experiences that can make an impact on others. Visit different places and take advantage of every opportunity.

Teach each other things

Sharing is caring and it doesn’t only apply to material things like your baon.Talent, skills and knowledge are also valuable things that you can share and teach others. You never know; they might be encouraged to pay it forward.

Mingle with others

Empowered women never limit themselves. They go out of their comfort zone and mingle with others with whom they share the same passion. Events like It’s A Girl Thing (IAGT) are designed to empower girls and celebrate uniqueness. And, as Cartoon Network partners with IAGT on November 10, girls like you are surely going to have fun as you meet your fave women who wowed the world!

In addition to international personalities like the Merrel twins, there will also be guest appearances from local celebrity trailblazers like Anne Curtis, Yassi Pressman, Karylle, Jessy Mendiola and Megan Young.

Be empowered with #Empowerpuff! Stay tuned as Cartoon Network has a lot of surprises, cool prizes, and activities in store for you! For more information about #Empowerpuff and other Cartoon Network-related news and updates, log on towww.cartoonnetworkasia.comor

5 Ways to Teach Kids the Value of Saving

In this day and age when shopping is at one’s fingertips, it’s easy to lose control and end up with an ugly spending habit and a huge debt hole that can wipe out hard-earned savings. It becomes vital now more than ever that children are taught important money lessons so they can navigate through the lures of consumerism and make wise financial decisions later in life.

Here are five ways you can teach children how to have good fiscal habits:

  1. Highlight the importance of waiting

That princess dress that your kid badly wants may be cute on her, but don’t give in too easily. Instead, explain to your child that it costs money to be able to have it, and that she can use her hard-earned allowance to pay for it. Also, talk your child into waiting until tomorrow so she can make a more sensible financial decision. Emphasize the need to save now so you can spend later, like for a family trip or music lessons. This gives you an opportunity to impart lessons on impulse buying and instant gratification.

  1. Use a clear money jar to save

Children tend to be visual so they’d get the idea of money multiplying better if they see clearly what they put inside. While piggy banks will still get the message across, clear money jars are far more effective. You can have three jars—one labeled “spending” for small purchases like sweet treats, one for “saving” and one for “giving” or charity.

  1. Open a bank account

This is where all the cash from the savings money jar goes. Let your children join you when you open a bank account and deposit what they saved from the money jar. Or, if this is too tedious, as it often is, open a digital savings account instead. Mobile wallet GCash has a feature called GSave, which allows you to open and maintain a bank account with CIMB (a top international bank) straight from the GCash app. This is a simpler alternative that offers interest rate at 3% annually, much higher than in traditional banks. It also doesn’t require a minimum initial deposit to open an account or a maintaining balance to start growing your savings. Kids now are more tech-savvy than ever, so introducing them to the concept of mobile wallets and digital savings early on may be easier than you think. This will also set the tone for their financial skills and jumpstart the habit of saving larger amounts of money. 

  1. Give commissions or allowances for chores

To clearly illustrate that money is earned and doesn’t grow on trees, give allowances or commissions for household chores accomplished. This will also teach children early on the value of hard work and spending wisely. But it’s important to note that such pays should be modest, not extravagant—just enough to incentivize children to perform their weekly duties. In this way, they also understand that basic chores require no payment and are part of family life.

  1. Set an example

Children are observant and they copy what adults do. To impart important financial lessons, model good spending habits which they will likely pick up when they grow older. The grocery store is a fertile ground for teaching the value of money. For instance, when making a purchase, compare prices and show them how they can save by buying the cheaper but quality products. Be prudent also when using the credit card as they might get the idea that there’s free unlimited money in there.