Crispy Fry introduces new endorser Luis Manzano

Crispy Fry, the leading brand of ready-to-use breading mixes by Ajinomoto, hosted its third #CrispyFryPlayDay last week to officially introduce its newest brand endorser.

TV host Luis “Kuya Lucky” Manzano led the game show-themed event held via Zoom. “Kuya Lucky,” as he is known in the Crispy Fry family, invited select media Frymates for a special task.

Together, they celebrated #CrispyFryPlayDay by partnering with their kids and family members to virtually cook meals perfect for families and friends. The virtual game had three exciting rounds, where participants had to guess the ingredients, and the price of special ulams made better with Crispy Fry products.

Special awards and prizes were also given to select Frymates and winning participants. 

“The pandemic may have changed a lot of things, but one that we hope stays the same is the strong bond of families. Our new stay-at-home lifestyle creates opportunities for new bonding moments between loved ones. We encourage everyone to make cooking a shared activity because it’s fun, easy, and rewarding,” says Roann Co, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.

Cooking with Crispy Fry

Crispy Fry makes cooking better and more special as the #1 breading mix brand in the market. Perfect for Filipino families, Crispy Fry is made from choice flours and starches perfectly blended with seasonings, concocted to make fried chicken and fish crispy-delicious.

The brand has an extensive line available on the market. This includes Crispy Fry Chicken Breading Mix, which comes in Original, Garlic, and Spicy so families can enjoy fried chicken in different ways.

Crispy Fry also has a variant with Gravy Mix and another with Japanese bread crumbs, seasonings, and spices. Meanwhile, the new Crispy Fry Fish Breading Mix reduces oil spills while cooking so families can enjoy fried fish without the hassle.

“Crispy Fry is now a staple in my kitchen because it makes cooking so much easier. When I don’t have a lot of time, I fry chicken or fish using the easy-to-prepare breading mix. Each meal is made more special because Crispy Fry guarantees crispanalo and isda-licious fried dishes, every time,” reveals Manzano

Crispy Fry and #CrispyFryPlayDay are part of Ajinomoto’s Eat Well, Live Well promise for Filipino families – to create high-quality products for delicious, healthy, and enjoyable mealtimes.

To know more about Crispy Fry®, visit the Ajinomoto website at and the Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines at

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