Enjoy 70% off on Skechers shoes at Shopee’s 8.8 Fashion Sale

Complete your OOTDs with the stylish comfort of shoes from Skechers!

On July 29, shoppers can enjoy up to 70% off on selected Skechers items from Shopee’s 8.8 Fashion Sale.

Check out some of the stylish footwear you can cop for less:

Skechers Women’s Footwear You Ambiance 

Make walks comfier with Skechers Women’s You Ambiance. It’s lightweight and has a high-rebound cushioning feature that’s ideal for casual walks. 

Skechers Women Moda Perswayed 

Rock the suede look with Skechers Women Moda Perswayed. It’s designed with a stitching accent and memory foam cushion, perfectly mixing style and comfort. 

Skechers Women Double Up – Duvet 

Strut the streets in retro style with Skechers Women Double-up Duvet. It’s a classic platform-soled sneaker that matches with every look. 

Skechers Women You Footwear 

Make every step count with Skechers Women You. It is a slip-on-footwear with a soft woven mesh providing breathability and comfort. 

Skechers Women You – Transcend  

Combine lifestyle and wellness with Skechers You Transcend. Its soft-woven mesh fabric is stretchable making it easier and comfier for walking. 

Skechers Women Hi-Lites Medal Toes 

Style meets comfort with Skechers Women Hi-Lites. It’s designed with air-cooled memory foam inside for a more comfortable and leisurely walk. 

Skechers Men Go Run 600 

Make morning jogs fun and comfier with Skechers Men Go Run 600. It’s well-cushioned and lightweight that’s ideal for easy to mid-level workouts. 

Skechers Men Go Walk Revolution 

Shape up with Skechers Men Go Walk Revolution. It’s made with comfortable and breathable materials making afternoon strolls and jogs more enjoyable. 

Shopee 8.8 Fashion Sale

The Shopee 8.8 Fashion Sale is happening from July 23 to August 8. Shoppers can look forward to free shipping for selected stores, deals as low as ₱8, mix-and-match bundle deals, and ShopeePay fashion vouchers. Users can also enjoy exclusive offers from leading brands such as Silver Kingdom, Hanford, Maybelline, Primer Group, Penshoppe, and iTrends. 

Visit the Skechers’ official Shopee page via this link https://shopee.ph/skechersph. For more information about the Shopee 8.8 Fashion Sale, visit https://shopee.ph/m/double-double

Download the Shopee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

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