My four must-haves from the SM Malls Online App

Being a mom and working at home at the same time has both its pros and cons. Not having to spend hours dressing up and commuting to the office are just two of the many pros.

But on the other side of the coin, it has become harder for us to balance and set ample time for work, family, and self-care because everything that needs to be done in a day happens in the same place and that could lead to one jumbled up chaotic schedule.

When this happens, we need to be efficient, and efficiency means knowing when to use technology to make our work and life easier, more comfortable, and much more productive.

Thankfully, there are now a variety of gadgets we can use to help us become more efficient at work and at home.

Here are the Four things on my list of must-haves for a “work at home mom.”

1. Portable handheld vacuum cleaner

I must admit that one of the chores I dislike doing is dusting, mainly because it triggers my allergies.

Then again, it is something that I simply cannot go without doing because it not only affects how our home looks, it also affects my and my family’s health.

So to keep the house clean without triggering my dust allergies, I got myself this handy iConcepts Portable Vacuum Cleaner (Php799.00) from the SM Megamall Surplus shop to take care of daily dusting duties.

Sure, we have a much larger, heavy-duty vacuum cleaner at home, one with attachments for every type of surface you want to clean, but who wants to haul that out from the closet every day to do simple dusting work, right?

The portable handheld vacuum cleaner is good enough to go over tabletops, shelves, and counters for daily upkeep.

It’s also small enough to pass in between appliances, display items, or those tucked away corners that you won’t be able to reach with a larger vacuum cleaner.

Most importantly, it conveniently traps all the dust it collects so you don’t have to worry about tracking them back, which usually happens when you use a wipe cloth, or worse, inhaling all those dust particles as you move along.

2. Robot vacuum cleaner

Do I have an obsession with vacuum cleaners? Maybe I do.

But I just couldn’t help myself from getting this iConcept 5-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaners also from the Surplus Shop because of its multiple functions and its ultra-low sale price of only Php824.45 (down from its original price of Php1,499.00) during the 8.8 sale event.

I must say that the robot vacuum cleaner is now a must-have for homes, especially if you have no helper to take on the daily task of cleaning all around the house.

By having the 5-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner take on the task of sweeping and mopping the floor daily, you get to save some more time to either do other important tasks or take a much-needed rest.

It also comes with a UV disinfection lamp and humidifier to help rid your floors of harmful elements.

When fully charged, the robot vacuum cleaner can run for 1 hour without using the humidifier, or 30 to 45 minutes with the humidifier turned on.

I am quite the hands-on mom when it comes to cleaning our home, but with my workload also piling up, I just love having this robot vacuum cleaner around to help me tick off at least one task from my long list of to-do’s every day.

3. Wi-Fi repeater

Speaking of efficiency, since my work requires me to be connected to the internet all the time, I gotta have a good connection at home.

But did you know that even if you subscribe to the best network connection plan that offers the highest broadband speeds, you still won’t get to enjoy the best service if you don’t have a proper router setup?

That’s right. Next to the number of Mbps that you can get from your service provider, you also have to think about how you’re going to set up your router at home.

In case you didn’t know, Wi-Fi signals can be blocked by walls and even large furniture, causing you to experience lag when you are far away from the main router so it’s best to put it in the most optimal area of the house.

In our home, we have our router placed in the living room area where we’ve set up the kids’ computers for their online classes and where we all get together to watch TV at night and on weekends.

But because I prefer to have my own workspace in the bedroom so I can take Zoom calls and host the weekly livecast sessions of on the Calamansi App in a more quiet area of the house, it’s best to have a Wi-Fi repeater nearby.

What the Wi-Fi repeater does is basically extend the reach and coverage of your Wi-Fi connection. As I said, walls and big furniture can block signals inside your home despite having a high Mbps connection.

I got the Mi Wi-Fi Repeater Pro last year from SM Cyberzone and I must say I haven’t had any problems with a bad internet connection, except only when the weather is unpleasant or when our service provider is having issues from their end.

Since getting the Wi-Fi repeater, I have been able to work more efficiently and complete more tasks because my internet connection is just as fast as when I am working in the living room.

4. Desk fan with lamp

Finally, my fourth must-have is a desk fan, which I’m sure everyone already has at home.

While we have an aircon in our room and stand fans around the house as well, I still like to have my own portable desk fan with me.

Not only does it help me cool down and keep me comfortable on hot days, but it also helps me with my skincare because cold air is said to help tighten the pores and rejuvenate the skin.

It’s also good for the health as cool air promotes blood circulation in your body and reduces inflammation.

My Firefly 7-inch Rechargeable Table Fan with Night Light (only Php499.75) is very convenient to use as I can easily move it around to direct to my face when I’m doing my skincare routine or to my laptop when I feel like it’s heating up a bit due to long hours of use.

The fan speed has three variations so I can adjust it to suit my needs and the fan can also tilt up or down for better concentration.

I also love that it has a built-in night light that has two brightness settings so I can use it when I need to work late at night without disturbing the kids’ sleep.

Shop with the SM Malls Online App

So where can you get all these must-haves for yourself? The SM Malls Online App!

Yes, SM Malls now has their own online shopping platform where you can get the products you want and need from your favorite SM shops and brands.

On the SM Malls Online App, you’re guaranteed that the products you’ll be getting are all from trusted and legit brands–from home appliances to clothing, hardware, gadgets, school and office supplies, even food!

It’s just like you’re shopping from your nearby SM Mall branch, only you’re doing it from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home.

Just choose which SM branch you’d like to shop from, checkout your products, and they’ll be delivered to your home the next day.

They have a 10-kilometer delivery range for non-perishable products (next-day delivery) and a 5-kilometer delivery range for food items from various restaurants (same-day delivery).

I got my vacuum cleaners and fan from the Surplus Shop, while the Wi-Fi repeater is something I bought physically from SM Cyberzone but it’s also available now on the SM Malls Online App.

Download the SM Malls Online App for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To know more, visit

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