Shoe game on at home with CLN and Shopee

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but our true partner in crime is shoes.

One of my go-to brand when it comes to footwear is CLN. I just love how their selection ranges from simple to classic and chic to street. They have almost everything from sandals to ballet flats, strappy heels and pumps, even boots and sneakers!

Sadly, with the pandemic still ongoing, we can’t go out to enjoy shoe shopping the way we used to. (Don’t we all just miss walking about inside a shoe store, smelling the leather, and trying on all the shoes we want in every style and color?)

Luckily, there’s Shopee and the official CLN store to keep us up to date with the latest shoe styles — and have them shipped to us at home!

Since I only go out for essential errands like grocery shopping these days, I prefer to wear something comfortable and easy to maintain, like this classic pair of faux leather slip-on sneakers.

Even though we’re stuck at home, thatt doesn’t mean we have to crimp out on style.

On some days, I like to still put on some makeup just to get me energized for another busy day of working from home. Sometimes, I slip on my favorite work clothes, too, and pair them with dainty sandals.

In a way it’s a form of self-care, too. By wearing makeup or nice clothes and shoes even though you don’t need to go out, it encourages you to be more productive and have that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

How about you? What’s your shoe story this quarantine season?

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