LG Philippines revives “Laundry Love” and other aid campaigns for typhoon victims

Even as the storms have passed, a lot of Filipinos are still reeling from being ravaged by typhoon Rolly and Ulysses. Communities have been displaced with people losing their home, leaving them with no shelter and no place to go. In the spirit of makabayan, government agencies, together with private individuals, groups, and corporations, have stepped up to the plate to assist fellow countrymen in their time of need.

LG Philippines has remained steadfast in their resolves to always heed the call for help. The South Korean technology innovator has partnered with groups on the ground in order to hastily offer assistance.

For the typhoon victims from Rizal and Bulacan, LG PH closely collaborated with Walang Maiiwanan PH and JCI Ortigas Inc. to provide help with the community. Donations of shampoos, cleansing foams, toothpastes, and toothbrushes were given to over a thousand indigenous Dumagat families from Sitio Kabuoan Brgy Puray Rodriguez, Rizal, Sitio Suha Brgy San Mateo, and Norzaragay, Bulacan. 

LG Also partnered with Feed Hungry Minds to give assistance to two barangays in Guinobatan, Albay. Approximately 400 families were given the same personal care kits.

LG also visited different communities and evacuation centers in Marikina to help out. They staged their widely popular Laundry Love program in order to help residents and evacuees get access to clean clothing.

Over a span of 3 weeks, LG lent washing machines to the evacuation centers in Nangka Elementary School, Parang Elementary School, Bulelak Covered Court- Brgy Malanday, Homeowners drive Brgy Sto Nino, giving over 1,000 households access to washing machines to clean and sterilize their clothes. LG also gave free repair and check-up services to the affected households.

Speaking with regard to the company’s humanitarian initiatives, LGEPH Managing Director Inkwun Heo says, “We are in awe of Filipinos’ sense of community, especially in great adversity. There is always a natural inclination to want to help. As long as we’re here, we share the same sense of community. We’re always ready to lend a hand, wherever we’re needed.”

Living the new normal at home with LG

In just a few days, the ECQ will be shifting to GCQ in most parts of the country. During this time, we will be in some sort of middle ground between how we are living now during the quarantine and how we were in before this crisis happened.

Honestly, I personally think that we won’t be going back to the the old normal anytime soon. At least not until a vaccine is finally approved for mass use. We will all have to accept that we will all be living under a “new normal” scenario, where public gatherings and contact with people outside our homes would still be either prohibited or limited to a certain degree.

As the world braces itself for the inevitability of the new normal, adaptability and inter-connectivity become more important than ever. Work versatility and efficiency amidst the crisis is paramount. Working from home affords you a lot of freedom, but the responsibility of being productive falls solely on you and you alone.

One of the best things about being able to work from home is having the ability to multitask. Even if you’re juggling a dozen online meetings during the day, small windows of opportunity opens up periodically where you can squeeze in a chore or two.

With LG Electronics’ wide array of smart home appliances, multitasking comes easy. LG’s line of ThinQ Washing Machines, for example, give you the convenience of fuss-free loads with just
a push of a button.

Aside from its simplicity and ease of use, LG’s washing machines lets you combat allergens and germs with the power of TrueSteam™. The Allergy Care cycle uses water and heat to create a super-disinfecting steam that sanitizes clothing while still being gentle on it. This reduces 99.9% allergens, such as dust mites that can cause allergy or respiratory issues.

LG’s proprietary Advanced Inverter Technology with DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ also provides you the flexibility of choosing between a higher level of energy efficiency or shorter time than ever, which is perfect if you just want to squeeze another load in between Zoom meetings.

LG’s ThinQ technology also allows you the freedom to balance daily tasks through the use of a simple smartphone app. Through LG’s SmartThinQ technology, you can even start that load while you’re in a meeting through the use of a smartphone. Not just that, you can check the remaining time, switch off the machine, and more through the convenience of one App. LG’s artificial intelligence also evolves with you.

The more you use your smart appliances, the smarter they get by remembering usage habits to better anticipate your needs.

As we slowly transition into the new normal, having home appliances that integrate seamlessly into one’s lifestyle is a godsend. LG Electronics, with all of their cutting-edge innovations, are able to tread the fine line between technology and convenience, giving consumers more flexibility in navigating their daily lives.

LG’s Women Empowerment campaign wins Silver Anvil

Consumer electronics company and top technology innovator LG Electronics reaffirms its commitment to empowering women as their “Laundry Love” campaign bags the coveted Silver Anvil at the 55th Anvil Awards’ Gabi ng Parangal.

Held at the Manila Hotel Fiesta Pavilion last February 28, the award-giving body–widely known as the “Oscars of Public Relations”–honored the campaign for exemplary concept and execution under Public Relations Tools: Exhibits and Special Events category.

Recognizing the need to address gender and cultural dynamics, LG, together with M360 PR and Activations Agency, launched the “Laundry Love” campaign on National Women’s Month, which aimed to encourage men to do their fair share of housework using innovative technologies found in LG Home Appliances.

Especially featured in the campaign are LG’s line of powerful, environment-friendly, and feature-packed washing machines.

The ANVIL is the symbol of Excellence in Public Relations. It is awarded to outstanding public relations programs, tools, and practitioners after careful screening by select PR professionals and judged by a distinguished multi-sectoral jury.

LG Philippines launches latest air-conditioning products

Air-conditioning is integral to everyday life in the Philippines given our tropical climate. However, not everyone can afford to install one in their home or business establishment as the costs involved, particularly electricity, can be very high. Recognizing this issue, LG, by applying innovative technology, has achieved a high-efficiency and cost-effective solution in the brand-new line up for single commercial air-conditioners (CAC).

LG’s brand-new line up for single CAC are perfect for restaurants, small and medium-sized stores, and small and medium-sized offices. The line includes Floor Standing, Ceiling Mounted Cassette, 4-Way Ceiling Cassette, Ceiling Suspended, and Ceiling Concealed Duct models. To attain high-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the products are rigged with LG’s revolutionary R1 Compressor and Smart Inverter.

The LG-exclusive R1 Compressor features a shaft-through bottom compression structure. With its innovative technology, the R1 Compressor has resolved the endemic problem of a relatively low efficiency in the widely used rotary compressor and improves the tiling motion of scroll. By virtue of the compressor, it lowers the noise to 4dB and reduces its weight by 20%.

In comparison to other companies’ line up for single CAC, which is operated with a non-inverter compressor, all of LG’s CACs are operated with the Smart Inverters. With the LG Smart Inverter, the annual price of electricity is expected to decline by 25% compared to an on/off model. Likewise, users can receive quick return on investment within 20 months by virtue of energy savings.

Moreover, it enables air flow to cool in a long distance. Since the Floor Standing unit can reach up to 20 meters, it makes it possible to cool a room even though it is far from the unit. Furthermore, a five-step air cleaning feature reduces maintenance costs and makes upkeep simple and fuss-free. In terms of performance, it has a wide operation range as low as 45°C and as high as 48°C outdoor temperature.

After announcing the brand-new line up for single CAC, LG also introduced the Dual Vane Cassette, an upgraded version of the 4 Way Ceiling Cassette, and the Round Cassette which raised expectations and set the bar high. These products will be launched in the second quarter of 2020 after launching single CAC.

The conventional 4-Way Ceiling Cassette is equipped with four vanes, so it used to offer air how in Four wave However, LG also introduced the Dual Vane Cassette which is equipped with innovative dual vane technology. Since the Dual Vane Cassette has eight vanes, it manages air How more precisely and provides optimized air flow for users. Also, the Dual Vane Cassette allows users to choose six different modes, including three patented ones. Thus, it offers the best air flow over various spaces.

With a premium round design, the Round Cassette provides perfect circular air flow without any blind spot by minimizing junctions whereas a conventional round cassette has three outlets to provide three-way air flow with blind spots. In addition to that, unlike other brands’ round cassettes which controls wind direction in three steps, LG’s Round Cassette is equipped with crystal vanes, enabling the user to control the direction in six steps. Moreover, the 3D fan increases air flow rate by 5% while lowering noise. With a larger air flow rate, cooling rate becomes 30% faster.

“Last year, sales of LG Electronics in the Philippines have grown significantly and HVAC business was an important part of it,” said Inkwun Heo, Managing Director of LG Electronics in the Philippines. “LG’s HVAC Division will continue to develop the world’s best HVAC for contributing to conserve the environment as well as creating better living conditions for everyone.”

Photos courtesy of dotdailydose.net

LG and Netflix bring joy to Christmas

Aiming to give everyone a “bigger and better” Christmas, LG is showing love to its loyal Filipino fans by giving back to the community. At a recent event held at One Canvas Events Place in Pasong Tamo, Makati, LG Philippines outlined the various initiatives they have lined up for the holiday season.

The event started off with LGEPH Product Marketing Manager Angelica Dumlao discussing the Evolution of Picture Quality and how LG has taken great strides in pushing for technological innovation. From early analog to the HDTVs and plasma TVs of the 1990s, to affordable 40-inch LCDs outselling traditional CRT TVs in the mid-2000s, newer technologies have cropped up in the last decade alone and LG was always at the forefront of it all. Curved screens, high dynamic range (HDR), smart TVs, OLED TVs, and 4K, you name it, LG has done it.

Now with the hyper realistic detail and picture quality of 8K available to consumers, Dumlao says, “For us in LG, life’s about more than having the latest technology. It’s about the experiences technology creates. We are a pacesetter in the industry and we will continue to deliver consumer electronics that let you embrace life and prepare you for its greatest moments.”

A gift of art

Pushing forward with the holiday theme, LG delivered its first “gift” to the community comes in the form of a partnership with Netflix. During the event, Netflix unveiled the streaming service’s holiday film headliner, Klaus. The trailer for the destined Christmas classic, together with its behind the scenes footage, were all screened with the use of LG’s award-winning OLED TVs, the purchase of which comes with an accompanying gift of 6 months of Netflix.

Klaus is an entirely 2D animated movie, a Netflix first, that harkens to the old Christmas shows we’ve come to know and love. Legendary actor J. K. Simmons provides the voice for the titular Klaus, a reclusive carpenter whom Jesper discovers living alone in a cabin, where he makes his own handmade toys. Members of the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) made the activity more educational by sharing their thoughts on the use of 2D animation in Klaus, how LG OLED TVs are the best platform to view it on, and discuss the state of the local animation industry as a whole.

As an early Christmas present for the organization, LG Philippines donated LG TVs to ACPI. LG Philippines Managing Director Inkwun Heo recognized the importance of the ACPI’s role in the local industry and how their influence shapes the evolution of picture quality. “With LG, we guarantee an unparalleled, memorable cinematic viewing experience. Through non-stop innovation, LG has been able to offer the best that technology, be it through our NanoCell or OLED TVs, or with the use of our ThinQ Artificial Intelligence. We want content creators such as ACPI to have access to this technology so that they can pay it forward and share it with the community through their art.”

Marlyn Montano, vice president of the ACPI, graciously accepted the TV donation from LG. “Working in the animation industry, innovations in technology are important to us. To be able to compete with other animators from around the world, we need to be at the top. LG’s AI-optimized picture quality that boasts leading clarity, sharpness, detail and brightness is as advanced as you can get. This really helps us in harnessing the best of our abilities.”

A gift of charity

The second gift from LG is the #ShareTheGoodLifewithLG campaign. As a way of giving back to the community, LG Philippines has dedicated a portion of each sale of an LG product to furnishing Shelter of Hope, a halfway home for young cancer patients hailing from different provinces and are getting their treatments in Manila. More than that, LG has also committed to donate home entertainment and home appliances worth more than P1 Million to the institution.

Shelter of Hope is currently building a new home for their resident children and these gifts will provide much needed Christmas cheer. During the event, LG, Netflix, and members of the media–in the spirit of Klaus–also brought gifts and toys for the children of Shelter of Hope. Just like what Klaus says, “A true selfless act, always sparks another.”

Towards the end of the event, long-time LG brand ambassador James Deakin enumerated the eight reasons why one should buy the award-winning OLED TVs, either as a holiday gift or even for oneself:

  1. As the World’s Best Selling OLED TV Brand for six consecutive years, global sales and shipments prove that LG is the world’s best-selling brand for OLED TVs.
  2. LG’s ThinQ technology represents the evolution of TVs. AI-optimized picture quality that boasts leading clarity, sharpness, detail and brightness is delivered to viewers via comprehensive content and ambient light analysis.
  3. LG’s AI Picture, AI Sound, and AI Smart uses the most powerful 4K processor to optimize clarity, sharpness, sound. The second generation α7 Intelligent Processor recognizes the quality of the original content and optimizes the clarity and sharpness. The light sensor detects ambient light and the AI automatically optimizes brightness in the image to keep a bright and sharp picture regardless of illuminance. With AI Sound, Get the best sound no matter how you have arranged your room and where you are sitting. With the technology recognizing your watching spot, you can fully enjoy the optimized sound.
  4. LG TVs have an IPS Panel for wide viewing angle. Wherever you sit, the IPS 4K panel’s wide viewing angle keeps you enthralled with spectacular realism—displaying almost 100% color accuracy, even from a 60-degree angle.
  5. LG TVs are equipped with Dolby Atmos, providing 360-degree surround sound.
  6. LG TVs have a 2-year warranty which safeguards your investment.
  7. The Magic Remote that comes with your LG TV makes for easy and convenient TV navigation.
  8. Lastly, it also has an Emergency Warning Broadcast System for nationwide alerts.

Brighten up your home with a new LG TV this Christmas

Take part in LG Philippines’ efforts to give more Filipinos a Bigger & Better Christmas!

Aside from aforementioned proceeds going the Shelter of Hope, OLED and NanoCell TV purchases until December 15th will come with a raffle ticket that gives you a chance to win one of 10 LG TVS or Soundbars.

For the Grand Prize, you’ll have a chance to take home a 65-inch OLED TV. The raffle draw will be on December 16. Follow LG Philippines on social media @lgphilippines for more promo updates and the announcements of winners.