Filipino plant-based brand Sekaya launches products for better health

Nature provides everything that humans need in order to survive. But with a little help from science, natural food can become even more effective in keeping our bodies healthy.

Banking on science to optimize human health using Earth’s natural ingredients, Filipino plant-based brand Sekaya is “prescribing nature” by making the most out of tradition and science to produce safe, high-quality natural products.

Using botanicals to improve one’s health may be an age-old practice in many parts of the world, however, not all natural solutions in the market are backed by science. Many of these products are sub-standard products and ineffective, and may even be harmful to consumers.

Sekaya, produced by Unilab’s natural products company Synnovate Pharma Corporation, creates best-in-class natural products through the convergence of nature and science.

To help educate consumers and further explain the importance of science in creating high-quality natural solutions, the brand hosted the Sekaya Prescribing Nature Virtual Conference: Revealing the Science behind Nature in Promoting Overall Well-being, featuring two respected names in both the medical and wellness fields.

Rolando “Oyie” Balburias, M.D., FPCP, IFMCP, General Internal Medicine and IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and one of the country’s pioneering doctors for functional medicine, conducted a talk on The Science of Natural Products discussing the importance of applying science in the development of natural health solutions. Dr. Balburias also touched on the indicators that make natural products effective and safe, and taught participants how to read and understand product labels and verify claims made by natural brands.

“When choosing natural products, people should look into the source of the ingredients and the processes they went through,” Dr. Balburias said.

“High-quality natural products that are effective consider the therapeutic benefits of the raw ingredients based on their science-backed capability to restore homeostasis and balance of the body systems. These products also go through a tedious process that considers the ingredients’ biochemical compatibility with our body’s physiologic and biologic systems design.”

Internationally-recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker, and artist Deanna Minich, PhD., FACN, CNS, IFMCP followed with a talk on why Healthy Food is Happy Food. Most people often associate happy food or comfort food with high caloric choices that are perceived to taste better and are more effective mood boosters.

Dr. Minich tapped into her over 20 years of experience as a nutrition educator and mind-body medicine health expert to share insights on how eating healthy positively impacts our mental and physical wellness, and have long-term benefits to our health.

“Stress can get in our way of eating healthy as increased cortisol and changes in hormones can alter our cravings. Most of the time, stress eating often leads to eating low-nutrient foods,” Dr. Minich said.

“We know this will only lead to unhealthy eating habits that will result in adverse effects on your body in the future but various studies have shown that healthier foods can actually affect our mood.”

The virtual conference underlined Sekaya’s Prescribing Nature advocacy that focuses on promoting the healing benefits of nature as validated by science. As an emerging player in the industry, Sekaya has been providing high-quality plant-based products that go through rigorous testing in pharma-grade facilities to ensure their efficacy, safety, and purity.

According to the Director and Business Unit Head of Synnovate, Abigail D. Nepomuceno, “Sekaya’s mission is to provide high-quality plant-based products that nourish the lives of our consumers, community and country. As such, our products use evidence-based ingredients that undergo several laboratory tests before they reach our consumers. We follow strict standards in every step of the process: from the sourcing of our ingredients up to the creation of the final product.”

The ingredients that Sekaya use are not only carefully sourced from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or European Union (EU)-certified and Quality Assurance International (QAI) certified organic farms all over the world, these are also tested against microbial contamination, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and molds.

Sekaya offers products that are scientifically studied and meticulously processed within pharmaceutical-grade facilities to ensure the safety and purity of each. Their products are tested against microbial contamination, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and molds.

Sekaya Botanic infusions are served in loose-leaf formats with botanical blends originating from different cultures around the world, the tradition of consuming these botanicals for healing benefits lives on, this time validated by scientific evidence.

As these organic ingredients get infused in water, all healthy plant nutrients are extracted which the body then easily absorbs when consumed.

Sekaya Raw Actives are powdered green superfoods, plant proteins, and energy optimizers aimed toward athletes and active individuals who want to up their game and improve their performance naturally.

Meanwhile, Sekaya Botanicare is a line of premium natural skin care products that is aimed to keep even the most sensitive skin healthy and smooth all over.

Aside from these three product lines, Sekaya will also be coming up with natural solutions that will highlight Philippine herbs. Staying true to its name as Sentro ng Katutubong Yaman, Sekaya’s mission is to put our local herbs and rich tradition on the spotlight, starting with Sekaya Food Supplements.

These are premium, pharma-grade supplements that are 100% sourced and manufactured in the Philippines, and provide concentrated nutrients from local herbs that are designed to address the needs of Filipinos. One of the products under this line is the Sekaya Organic Moringa, the only European Union (EU)-certified 100% organic 500mg capsule in the market.

With the influx of natural brands to address demand, and at times overwhelming, even contradictory information on these, Nepomuceno added, “Aside from products that offer functional wellness, Sekaya wants to help educate consumers to be more discerning and make well-informed decisions as these impact their health and wellbeing.”

The current times present a wake-up call and a strong reminder on the utmost importance of keeping our health in check, and nothing perhaps can be more reassuring than being able to turn to natural solutions that are not only tested by tradition but also proven by science.

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