Get updates on Taal Volcano activity with the TaALERT app

The Taal Volcano is once again on Alert Level 2 after a number of low-frequency earthquakes have been recorded.

While there is no imminent danger for now, residents of the well-loved tourist destination are on high alert, following last year’s eruption that resulted in massive emergency evacuations.

Now more than ever, it is important that we remain alert on any volcanic activity to make sure that the residents are safe, and the place remains safe from any disasters.

To keep up-to-date with the latest information and news about the Taal Volcano, Teralogix’s app TaALERT compiles news and bulletins from credible sources, making it convenient for users to know what is happening in real-time.

Scientific data and news from Phivolcs are posted without editing, ensuring that information is credible.

For LGUs, TaALERT provides a way to easily monitor residents, and to communicate with them through alert messages and evacuation advisories.

For non-residents, TaALERT will provide you with the necessary information to plan out any trips.

In the event of a disaster, you will also be able to check the safety status of your friends and relatives who live near the area through Community Groups.

You may also aid in any evacuation efforts through this feature.

“We try to keep the bayanihan spirit alive through TaALERT. During disasters, it’s important that we know what is happening, not just for our own well-being, but for our kababayans as well,” shares Ms. Drizela Sicat, CEO of Terlogix.

TaALERT is currently available for android users via the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

For more information, follow on Facebook, on Instagram and @TaALERT1 on Twitter for updates.

Eden celebrates a Mother’s Unconditional Love in new film

This Mother’s Day campaign by Eden cheese breaks boundaries as the Mondelez Philippines brand launched their bold new film entitled, Unconditional.

Directed by Carlos Palanca-awardee Antoinette Jadaone, the film sheds light on the plight of moms who may lack support, which is a topic often not discussed, but is quite familiar to us all and is important as it plays an integral role in nurturing the light of our homes.

The film emboldens how unconditional love and acceptance empowers single moms, and moms from all walks of life.

This Mother’s Day and beyond, the brand aims to unite moms and support them, so they can create many savor-worthy moments to nurture stronger family connections.

To celebrate this special day and remember all the hardships and sacrifices that moms from all walks of life had to endure through different phases of their motherhood, Eden held the virtual event Eden Speaks – A Mother’s Day Forum.

The event, hosted by Issa Litton, was graced by special guest speakers such as Bettina Carlos-Eduardo, a mompreneur, content creator, and author; Techie Dy, Consultant of RMT-Cefam, Ateneo, and is a PhD Candidate of Clinical Psychology from the University of the Philippines; and Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager.

For the past four decades, Eden has been a trusted ally of moms for providing delicious meals for her and her family. The event cements the brand’s commitment to being their ally in all aspects and facets of her life.

For Eden, this translates to empowering the diverse Filipino motherhood journeys, not just single moms, through celebrating their unique and evolving roles amidst today’s ever-changing world.

During the event, Bettina Carlos-Eduardo shared, “There were times when Gummy was growing up, that I felt it was all just me. I am to work and I am to watch after her, which is the life mindset of a typical single mom.

“The load lightened when I found my source of personal salvation and started to have a community of other parents. Of course, I still had my mom and grandmother who would look after Gummy when I had to work.

“But inevitably there were several overwhelming situations that would make me ask myself – ‘how am I going to do all these things alone?’ There are only 24hrs in a day and yet a gazillion things to do!

“Life didn’t come with a manual for parenting, especially for solo parents. And 11years ago there were no videos on YouTube or many resources available online to help navigate through this. That would have made the road an easier one to travel.”

Bettina was a single mom for a decade, but recently ‘graduated’ from the status and is married for five months now.

“Motherhood did not really change when I married. It still has its set of challenges that evolve as Gummy matures.

“My faith has seen me through all those years and it is just a blessing to have a physical partner now to share the load and the journey.

“This Mother‘s Day, I celebrate both my current season and former shaping years. I look back at 10 years of the most gratifying years of my life I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

“I appreciate how Eden is so courageous to speak up about and open this conversation acknowledging the many challenges of solo parents that people don’t often talk about.

“Just as there are many savor-worthy ways to bond with your family by cooking in the kitchen with Eden, there are also many ways to showcase support for different kinds of moms in the simplest way we know how,” she added.

“Eden cheese is a brand that has been celebrating moms from all walks of life and their role in bringing families together for the last 36 years.

“This Mother’s Day, we wanted to shed light on a silent reality in the Philippines, and how important unconditional love and parental support plays in fostering acceptance and empathy for each unique motherhood experience.

“We want to empower and unite moms to share their personal stories about their own journey, and to showcase how we are one with them in embracing all flavors of motherhood, even in the most difficult of situations,” said Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager.

“We believe that by uniting moms from different walks of life, all flavors of mothers can be inspired by the different savor-worthy ways to bring the family together,” she adds.

To know more, visit and check out EdenSpeaksPH.

Get your complete fix of ‘The Real Housewives’ on hayu

Sass, glam, drama, laughter, and more — these are just some of the few things you can expect from the all-around amazing woman-slash-housewife power of reality series The Real Housewives. You can especially enjoy the show via hayu, the Home of the Housewives.

With lots of spin-offs resulting from the success of the very first TRH series The Real Housewives of Orange County, you surely won’t run out of Housewives content to binge-watch and keep yourself entertained with.

Know more about what the latest developments are for some TRH series:

The Real Housewives of New York City

Seasons 1-13 | Brand New Episodes every Wednesday, same Day as the U.S.

New Faces, New Drama!

With a new apartment and furry friend, Leah McSweeney is on a mission to continue elevating her life.

The Upper East Side welcomes back Luann de Lesseps, who is excited to settle in her new space, be closer to friends, and spark up a new romance.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Seasons 1-11 | Brand New Episodes every Thursday starting May 20, same Day as the U.S.

These diamonds are back and under pressure!

Erika Girardi shocks the group with news that she is filing for divorce from her husband and is entangled in a web of legal proceedings.

Kyle Richards struggles with the realization that her daughters are growing up and her impending empty-nest status.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Seasons 1-15

Dive-in headfirst into the private lives of the privileged residents of Orange County, the elite Southern California community.

Offering a fly-on-the-wall view of the day-to-day existence of the truly decadent and extravagantly casual, this is an addictive real life soap opera starring the tanned, bleached, and fabulous.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Seasons 1-5

Time to saddle up and head to the Lone Star State! Demonstrating that everything is indeed bigger in Texas, these sophisticated southern socialites flaunt over-the-top lifestyles as they jockey for position within the elite tiers of the Dallas social scene.

The series gives an exclusive look inside their massive Texas mansions and glitzy galas full of intriguing gossip and shocking scandals.

With big egos and quick tempers, these proud Texans prove that things are truly wilder out west.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Season 1

Head to the scenic mountains of Salt Lake City for a peek inside the unconventional lives of six successful women navigating an exclusive social circle in a city where religion, status, and perfection are praised to the highest degree.

Representing an array of religious beliefs; these Utah ladies have been blessed with luxurious homes, multi-million-dollar businesses, glamorous lifestyles, and families.

But the pursuit of perfection can take its toll, leading to plenty of drama within their elite group.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Seasons 1-13

Head to the southern U.S for an up-close and personal look at life in Hotlanta, as the series follows a group of glamorous Southern belles as they balance motherhood, demanding careers, and a fast-paced social calendar, and show what life is like in the most exclusive areas of Atlanta.

These driven and ambitious women prove that they’re not just “housewives,” but entrepreneurs, doting mothers and
passionate Southern women.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Seasons 1-11

Big homes, big hair, big money, and big drama. Welcome to New Jersey, home to some of the Garden State’s most affluent ladies and the families they run.

These best friends do everything over-the-top, from their decorating to their dating and their fighting.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey showcases the McMansions and lavish lifestyles of these women and all the conflict that new money can buy.

Check out the complete set of The Real Housewives franchise and get ready to join the ladies in their ups and downs as they navigate their lives through womanhood.

Access unlimited shows with a subscription plan or prepaid pass now! Sign-up via to a weekly plan for only Php49 or a monthly plan of Php149 with a FREE TRIAL of 7 days.

Or get a hayu prepaid pass and save on your weekly, monthly, or quarterly pass series on!

Be the first Home Credit Philippines Millionaire in “Loan in a Million Raffle Promo”

Home Credit Philippines is launching, for the first time ever, a raffle promo that will turn one lucky Home Credit customer into an instant millionaire!

“Loan in a Million Raffle Promo” is giving away a grand cash prize of Php 1 million to one (1) lucky Home Credit customer and a cash prize of Php 50,000 each to eight (8) other winners.

This promo is open to all Home Credit customers who have signed a new loan contract between May 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

To qualify for the promo, customers must sign a Home Credit loan or cash loan or apply for a loan via Marketplace (which can be availed via the My Home Credit App) or simply avail of a discount from our SMILE partners nationwide.

For more chances of winning, customers can earn one (1) additional raffle entry for every fulfilled transaction of the following:

  • Availment of Home Credit Device Protection
  • Enrollment to Home Credit Auto-Debit Payment Arrangement (ADA)
  • Withdrawal of Home Credit Cash Loan offer
  • E-Load purchase with a minimum amount of P100.00 via My Home Credit App*
  • E-Bills payment via My Home Credit App* (for Home Credit Card customers only)

The six (6) winners of Php 50,000 will be drawn on the following dates on May 28, June 14, 28 and 29, 2021.

Meanwhile, the sole winner of the Php 1 million grand cash prize and two (2) winners of Php 50,000 will be drawn on July 14, 2021 and will be announced via Home Credit Live.

As the go-to financial partner of every hardworking Filipino, Home Credit provides easy and affordable products and services to assist customers with their financial needs.

“Through the Loan in a Million Raffle Promo, we want to express our gratitude to our customers for trusting us with their financial needs, especially during these trying times,” says Home Credit Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer Sheila Paul.

Mega Prime and Prime Mom Club host fun Relaxation Workshops

To thank all moms for their tireless efforts day-in and day-out, Mega Prime and its mommy community Prime Mom Club have organized a one-of-a-kind virtual glamping event that allowed moms to relax and bond with fellow moms.

Dubbed All About Mom, the event pampered moms by giving them some me-time to relax while learning alongside their peers who share their cares and interests.

Unlike previous Prime Mom Club workshops, a virtual glamping session–the perfect relaxation hotspot–for Prime Moms was created.

As a way to connect with one another while also reminding our moms that it’s important to care for themselves, guests were encouraged to interact with all that was in store for them.

Leading the event was the Prime Mom Club’s honorary member and Mega Prime’s brand ambassador, Marian Rivera-Dantes, who spoke about the importance of bonding with fellow moms through shared passions such as cooking, which are good for one’s well being especially during this pandemic.

Chef Rosebud Benitez also unveiled special recipes using Mega Prime Choices Oyster Sauce.

She also whipped up scrumptious desserts using Mega Prime’s Canned Fruits. Together with Mommy Connh Cruz, the winner of The Search for the Next Prime Mom, both of them participated in an online cook-off and shared some practical cooking tips and ideas.

We sure had a blast with all the activities, including trivia games and other interactive game booths, as well as learning home tablescape styling hosted by Pinky Tobiano topped off with a cooking segment using Mega Prime Oyster Sauce and Canned Fruits.

The online event was attended by members of the Prime Mom Club, Mega Prime’s exclusive club for moms who want to continuously elevate their homemaking skills.

“Mega Prime deeply appreciates the efforts that all moms extend for their families and loved ones. We wanted to celebrate them and thank them for everything that they tirelessly do through Prime Mom Club. This shows our commitment to empower moms, not just through cooking workshops but also through events that focus on their overall well-being. We hope to have more of these events for Prime Mom Club members in the near future,” said Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Global Chief Growth and Development Officer.

The Prime Mom Club has been an avenue for moms to improve their skills as homemakers.

Combining information and education with interactive and engaging events, Prime Moms are given exclusive access to enriching activities featuring experts and celebrities to guide them.

Sign up for the Prime Mom Club at to join the growing community of modern home-makers and receive exclusive information on future events and perks.

For more information, follow @megaprimequality on Facebook and Instagram.

#SagotKitaMa: a Mother’s Day weekend treat from Globe At Home

Mother’s Day weekend is here and while we still have to strip down our celebrations into just family members at home, and extended families and friends attending only via video conferencing, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this special day.

Globe At Home helps with fun ideas and activities that the entire family can enjoy this Mother’s Day weekend.

For all the hard-working moms and mother figures in our lives, Globe At Home says #SagotKitaMa and calls on the rest of the family members to band together and give mom the rest and relaxation she deserves this Mother’s Day weekend!

Starting today, May 7, the World At Home portal will open its doors for select Globe At Home customers and reveal different rooms that will house exclusive content and all sorts of fun ideas and activities that the entire family can do together.

Give mom a break from the kitchen this weekend and take some tips from Globe At Home as they’ll be providing a variety of restaurant-inspired recipes you can prepare and cook for mom from the Learn Room.

Since all moms are lovingly unique, it may be heard to get her a gift that fits her personality best.

Is she a certified plantita? Maybe she’s a certified foodie? Or perhaps she’s into crafts? Globe At Home helps you pick out a gift for your mom just by answering a few questions at the Earn Room!

Completing the short quiz reveals a selection of gift ideas from local online shops run by mompreneurs selected by Globe At Home as a way to show support, promote, and celebrate today’s wais moms.

Register through this link to gain exclusive access to the World At Home platform starting May 7:

More surprises are in store from Globe At Home to the first 200 Globe At Home customers who will stay and participate throughout the 3-day celebration such as vouchers for GInsure and KonsultaMD because the best gift ever that we can give to mom is the security and care she needs.

Globe At Home offers 3 months coverage for COVID-19 and Dengue worth up to P140,500 via GInsure, plus access to medical consultations via KonsultaMD when they complete the tasks at the World At Home portal.

Stay updated on #SagotKitaMa: A Mother’s Day Special At Home by bookmarking this page:

PLDT Home celebrates different parenting styles with #NoMomLikeYou

A perfect home is a place where families feel safe, can build relationships, and make meaningful memories with each other.

It is not defined by how big your house is or even if it’s as spic-and-span as those we see in magazines or on TV.

Still, many parents face the constant challenge of being judged and shamed for the way they raise their families, which may be a little out-of-the-box from what many Filipinos have been accustomed to.

As Mother’s Day approaches, PLDT Home tackles the topic of unique parenting styles and real stories of parents who continue to overcome parent-shaming, the struggles of parent guilt, and the challenges of raising young children in this pandemic in its new #NoMomLikeYou video series featuring Andi Manzano-Reyes, Camille Co, and Marie Lozano. 

For Andi Manzano-Reyes, a mother of two girls (Olivia and Amelia), while pandemic parenting has been tough, the solid support system of her loved ones helped her get through and overcome parent guilt.

“Stop second-guessing yourself, go by it daily, and be focused. I’m thankful for the support system I have at home: the whole pandemic has made me realize the core people I need in my life,” she said.

Media personality Marie Lozano shares, “Pre-pandemic, I was out a lot for work and I missed out on a lot of things with my son. This situation where we are now has made me realize what really matters. We have such high expectations for ourselves in how we parent but what matters most is we show or remind our children that we love them.”

As a new mom, Camille Co reveals that there’s a whole lot more about parenting that people don’t see on social media.

She says, “Being able to grow a human inside you and sustain the baby once you give birth is the most special thing that a mother can experience. But it’s not all peaches and cream. Sometimes you get so sad and frustrated and it’s okay. We need to trust the process and enjoy this experience as parents.”

Indeed, there is no one-size-fits-all in parenting. And to honor parents for their relentless efforts and unique ways to raise their children the best way they can, PLDT Home fosters a movement that inspires them to embrace their own parenting styles and support one another to do the same.

As the country’s fastest fixed network, PLDT Home enables families to enjoy the strongest connections that allow them to do all things better and together at home.

PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of Home Business Butch G. Jimenez shares, “Digital connectivity has always been at the core of every home. PLDT continues to innovate and provide the most reliable digital services so that families can stay strongly connected and do better at home with our fastest home broadband.” 

In the new video series, PLDT Home emphasizes that “there’s no time like this and there’s no parent like you.”

Watch the latest heartwarming digital video series in this link: PLDT HOME and join the movement by posting online with the hashtag #NoMomLikeYou.

Treat yourself to a heartwarming Savoy HotBox Meal on Mother’s Day

One of the things I miss most nowadays is the freedom to go out and eat at whatever restaurant I fancy.

Not that I dine regularly at expensive restaurants, but the feeling of having a gourmet meal in a luxurious setting is something that can easily make special days extra special.

Especially this coming Mother’s Day, I couldn’t help but crave fancy dishes from the city’s best restaurants and hotel kitchens.

I got really excited when I found out about Savoy Hotel Manila’s new HotBox Meal, a set meal that’s well-packaged in a self-heating and portable food box.

With Savoy’s HotBox, one can enjoy hotel-quality food–steaming hot and delicious, not cold and soggy after being transported to you–without needing to go outside your home.

For Mother’s Day, they are offering a special set menu composed of the following:

  • BAHN MI | Charsui grilled chicken, picked vegetables served with pomme frites
  • SHRIMP & CRAB ROLLS | Fusion of maki roll with crab stick and shrimp, wasabi dressing, tobiko and mango coulis
  • RIBEYE CHIMICHURRI | USDA prime rib eye, chimichurri and buttered carrots, haricot verts, cherry tomato
  • FISH & CHIPS | Mahi-mahi with fries
  • ORGANIC BASIL PESTO FETUCCINE | Fettuccine pasta with pork pancetta, white wine, and basil leaves in pesto sauce
  • CHEESECAKE IN CAN | Blueberry Cheesecake served in a can

The Savoy HotBox is available to order through Savoy Cafe, Savoy Hotel Manila’s fine dining restaurant offering a wide variety of international menu.

Savoy Cafe offers to relish meals that will surely satisfy your cravings and ensures to bring the authentic dine-in experience even at home.

Savoy Cafe also has its own Grab & Go service, ‘Out Of The Box,’ which has its famous pastries and other delicacies on its menu.

To order and experience hotel-quality food in your home, visit or contact Savoy Café at (02) 5317-2817 or email

Win a Spark 6 Air or over 150 other prizes in the TECNO Mobile Livestream Talent Show

This April 24, global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile will hold its second Livestream event this month titled “Spark Up Your Energy,” which will showcase Filipino talent through song and dance numbers from top celebrities.

Catch Julie Anne San Jose, Darren Espanto, and Jillian Ward, together with hosts Dianne Medina and Sam YG, in an online talent show featuring fans who wish to fulfill their dreams of performing just like their celebrity idols.

Along with the performances and celebrity games, fans can look forward to an exclusive Lazada deal, as well as an exciting live raffle during the online event.

Over 150 amazing prizes will be given away, including cash, TECNO Mobile smartphones, and gift sets. This is your chance to win a Spark 6 Air! All you need to do to join the live raffle is root for your celebrity idol and enjoy the show.

TECNO Mobile’s recently launched Spark 6 Air is a brand new smartphone offering for Filipino consumers. Perfect for work, learning, and leisure, this mobile device is equipped with a huge HD+ screen, with extra-long battery life and superior image capture abilities.

Here are the features of the new Spark 6 Air that you need to know about:

● 6.95” Dot Notch Display with 90.6% screen to body ratio, and 720×1640 HD+ resolution that allows you to fully enjoy viewing media and playing games, while still remaining convenient and portable.
● 6,000 mAh battery capacity capable of 35 days of standby time, 34 hours of calling, 14 hours of gaming, 159 hours of music, 21 hours of web browsing, or 19 hours of video playback on a single charge.
● Triple AI Camera with Quad Flash Setup that creates stellar images through its 13MP main camera lens, AI lens, and 2MP depth sensor, plus quad flash feature, along with built-in HDR, bokeh effects, and AI detection scenes.
● 120fps Slow Motion Capture, which can highlight every important detail of fast-paced events recorded on your smartphone.

Get the TECNO Spark 6 Air with 3GB+32GB memory online at the TECNO Mobile Flagship Store in Lazada for only PHP 4,690. This phone comes in 3 vibrant colors – Comet Black, Ocean Blue, and Cloud White.

Another smartphone to check out is TECNO Mobile’s CAMON 16, available exclusively at TECNO Mobile’s partner retail stores for only P7,990. CAMON 16 comes with a 48MP Ultra Quad Camera, with a four-camera lens combination for comprehensive smartphone photography.

It is equipped with a Bokeh Depth of Field Lens, an AI Lens, a Macro Lens, and a 48MP Main Lens with a 79-degree wide-angle view. It also has an Ultra Night Lens with 1-second image processing for higher quality night images, with convenient anti-over exposure and AI portrait segment features.

CAMON 16 also has a huge RAM and ROM capacity of 128GB+6GB, allowing users to save thousands of songs and photos, or several HD movies and apps for offline entertainment on the go. This smartphone is capable of 18W fast charging, with advanced protection technology that ensures automatic regulation of charging inputs that helps to prolong the hardware and software of the device.

Be sure to catch TECNO Mobile’s upcoming Livestream event on April 24 for your chance to win a TECNO Mobile smartphone! For updates, follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook, and visit

Celebrate Earth Day with Herbal Essences on Shopee

Having an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t stop at just recycling or conserving your resources at home. You can also have a less harmful hair care regimen by choosing the right products.

Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner is made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients, unlike common brands that use toxic chemicals that can not only harm your hair and scalp but also the environment in the long run.

I tried using Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner and I instantly noticed the difference. My hair became much more manageable and I felt lighter.

I used the Herbal Essences bio-renew Argan Oil of Morocco variant for repair and noticed that my hair became much smoother even without combing!

The shampoo contains 0% parabens and colourants shampoo and has naturally sourced bio:renew active antioxidant, aloe, sea kelp ingredients.

I also love its scent that is a mix of fizzy citrus and creamy vanilla with hints of exotic spices.

This coming Earth Day, get 25% off on selected Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner products when you shop via Shopee’s Shop Green campaign!

From April 19 to 25, P&G is offering up to 25% off on its selected Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner Kit.