How BTS helped me lose 7 lbs. in two months

It’s been a little over three months since I started following Korean super group BTS; and while some may think I’m wasting my time fangirling over them, I say it’s just my way of coping with the pandemic.

So far, being an ARMY has proven to be beneficial for me. Aside from giving me good vibes through their music and social media content, as well as amaze and inspire me with their hard work and dedication for their craft, they have somehow pushed me to take care of my body again.

I’ve never been the type to be overly conscious of my body. For as long as I don’t get sick, I just go and eat what I want and do what I want. One month into the quarantine, I knew I was going overboard. I was already overweight pre-pandemic, but things just turned worse as my clothes got even tighter than they already were and I just felt heavy and weak overall.

I knew that’s not going to end well for me, health-wise, if I continued living a sedentary lifestyle.

It may not be much, but 7 lbs. off is a progress worth celebrating for me. Seven months ago, I couldn’t even dare tuck this Uniqlo x Hello Kitty shirt because then all my flabs would show! Now I feel more confident in my clothes, and with BTS-like consistency and dedication in my wourkout, I know I’ll be able to reach my goal weight in no time.

Then I learned about BTS’ Suga doing intermittent fasting, so I decided to give it a try. A friend of mine, who’s also a BTS fangirl, recommended I use the Zero App so I can track my fasting schedule.

The good thing about intermittent fasting is it doesn’t deprive you from eating the food you like. It only limits your eating time to an eight-hour timeframe allowing your body to burn up excess fat while you fast. Of course, as with any diet, you still need to make a conscious effort to choose healthier options over junk food, but at least you don’t feel guilty about having a few cheat snacks from time to time.

To complement my 16:8 IF (I fast for 16 hours and eat within the eight-hour time frame, which I set between 11:15 AM to 7:15 PM), I made a commitment to start working out daily. I started small by following a 15-minute yoga routine I found on Youtube just to keep my bones and muscles from stiffening up.

As days passed, I gradually increased my physical activity to include more yoga routines, some basic toning exercises, and simple dance cardio routines using BTS songs. Eventually, I was able to develop my own workout plan, which goes for almost two hours including warm up and cool down, which I now diligently do every day.

In case you’re interested to see what my yoga workout routine looks like, you can follow my workout playlist on Youtube:

To see all the videos in this playlist, tap the menu button on the upper right corner of the player screen.

I initially warm up to the song “Seoul,” which I included on my Spotify playlist (see below). I just do some typical warm up exercises like neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arm stretch, side body stretch, fold forward stretch, ankle rolls, and quadricep stretch, then the rest of the song I spend doing child’s pose — exercises to stretch the spine and loosen up the joints.

The first three yoga tutorial videos on my Youtube playlist are what I used to create my own beginner’s yoga flow routine. I used to follow all three videos to a tee when I was starting out, but I found it more enjoyable to do them with BTS songs playing in the background.

I simply picked out some of the moves and poses that I liked to create a seven-part routine. I used the songs “Dimple,” “Pied Piper,” “Paradise,” “Trivia: Seesaw,” Euphoria,” “Respect,” and “134340” as breathing and counting guide for these exercises.

I finish off each song with different varieties of planking for extra core workout and full body strengthening. To transition from yoga flow to toning workouts, I do sun salutations using the song “Filter” as my backdrop.

For toning, I’ve combined a variety of exercises such as donkey kicks, fire hydrants, leg raises, bicycle crunches, abdominal crunches, flutter kicks, frog press, side lying leg lifts, cobra stretches, in-and-outs, Russian twists, plie squats, and wall push ups.

To this set of exercises, I use the songs “Airplane Pt. 2,” “Dionysus,” “ON,” UGH!”, “Daechwita, “No More Dream,” and “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” to get me pumped. Here’s the Spotify playlist I use for this workout:

After this, I move on to my dance set, where I simply follow the steps in the videos in my Youtube workout playlist. Since I can’t dance like BTS (duh), I picked out simple Zumba and dance cardio workouts that use their songs instead. I’m currently following Live Love Party’s version of “Anpanman,” Sunny Funny Fitness’ “Fire” and Dope,” Mylee Dance’s “Chicken Noodle Soup,” and Kkardio Dance’s “Go Go” and “Idol.”

The only actual BTS choreography that I can dance so far is “Baepsae,” which I think is the easiest one out of all their routines. I was able to memorize this in just four days and I’m currently trying to learn the choreography to “MIC Drop” (crossing my fingers!). I end this segment of my workout routine by dancing freestyle to “Ego.”

BTS’ “Baepsae” is the easiest choreo to learn… and it’s quite fun, too!

Finally, I finish off with a 15-minute cool down routine, which is a modified version of the last video in my Youtube playlist. To this part, I use some of BTS’s slow ballads “Serendipity,” “Singularity,” “Stigma,” and “My Time.”

So far, I have lost seven pounds doing intermittent fasting and the two-hour yoga and dance workout daily for the past two months. From 149 lbs., I am now down to 142 lbs., which is still a far cry from the ideal body weight for my height and age, which is only 125-135 lbs., but at least I know that I’m making progress.

And this is all thanks to BTS!

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