Reduce the effects of GERD with HDI Clover Honey

We’ve all heard about the many benefits of honey. Not only is it a healthier alternative for common sweeteners like sugar, but it also has anti-bacterial properties and can be used for dressing wounds and burns to keep them sterile and promote healing.

For people with GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, honey can help reduce its effects and tame its symptoms.

Thanks to the natural anti-bacterial properties and natural acidity of honey, it can inhibit many disease-causing pathogens while enhancing the growth of good bacteria.

These good bacteria, such as the bifidobacteria can fight off bad bacteria that causes stomach upsets.

Regular consumption of recommended amounts of honey is also effective in maintaining the balance of bifidobacteria in the body.

Aside from gastro-protective properties, which can lower the effects of GERD, honey also inhibits the growth of more harmful bacteria like helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach cancer.

It is also effective in treating more common illnesses like diarrhea. Honey helps to shorten the duration of diarrhea in patients by helping in the absorption of electrolytes and uptake of water.

Honey also promotes bowel movement and can relieve constipation.

Overall, honey can help increase nutrient content in the body and boost the absorption of nutrients like calcium.

Honey is also a great antioxidant as it also contains vitamin C, organic acids, enzymes, phenols and flavonoids.

Honey is also a great source of energy-giving carbohydrate and a safe sugar substitute for diabetics.

Of course, honey is best taken when it’s pure and comes only from natural sources.

HDI Clover Honey comes from the flowers of the white clover and is regarded by beekeepers worldwide to be the best type of honey.

It is a healthy source of good nutrition, which is extremely crucial especially at this time.

Known for its great taste and smooth texture, the enzymes and nutrients found naturally in HDI Clover Honey have been shown to help the body maintain a healthy digestive tract, improving digestion and bowel movement.

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