Skin Care for Hope offers alternatives for skin healing and nourishing

Skin Care for Hope, a local skincare brand founded by board-certified dermatologist and book author Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito in 2020, has reached my doorstep and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve taken a liking to natural skincare products recently, not only because of their gentler effects on the skin but also because of how they impact the environment.

Inspired by her book, “Staying Beautiful and Hopeful”, which shares the truths of self-care through skincare, Skin Care for Hope aims to bring hope and healing for those with compromised skin brought about by skin sensitivities, skin aging, or from medications such as chemotherapy and radiation.

These skin care products are all specially formulated with natural ingredients and are paraben-free.

I recently got to try Skin Care for Hope’s Mild and Gentle Handwash, an antibacterial liquid soap with a soft powder fragrance.

Especially these days when handwashing is very important, I like the fact that this handwash doesn’t strip away the moisture from my hands. It also has this nice soft smell that adds to the fresh feeling of newly cleaned hands.

I also have particularly dry skin, especially my hands and feet and I especially like Skin Care for Hope’s Hand and Foot Moisturizer because of its rich cream consistency that doesn’t feel icky.

It contains shea butter and chamomile extract, which are really soothing and healing — I’ve noticed how the rough and cracked skin on my heels softened with about a week of use.

The Scalp, Skin, & Nail Oil also made an impression on me. I’ve been using face oils lately as opposed to moisturizing creams because it absorbs much faster and leaves a matte effect on my skin in the long run.

What I love about Skin Care for Hope’s special oil is the virgin coconut base, which is great for skin hydration, and it also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it’s multi-purpose, too — you can use it on your scalp and nails — which is great for maximizing my beauty budget.

Finally, I got to try the gel Hand Sanitizer. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a fan of gel sanitizers because they tend to leave an odd, greasy residue on my hands, but this one somehow doesn’t.

It also contains 60% alcohol so it makes me feel a little secure that I’ve killed the germs on my hands.

Try Skin Care for Hope for yourselves, too! They are available on Shopee and Lazada and follow @skincareforhope on Facebook and Instagram.

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